Finding good coffee spots in any city is an essential. Ask other Chowhounds where they love to get their caffeine fix, and share your favorite coffee recipes, tools, and brands.

Cutting Back on Coffee? 5 Ways to Keep Your Energy Up Without Caffeine

If you’re trying to cut back on caffeine but aren’t sure how you’ll function without it, here are five all-natural ways to boost your energy without coffee, tea, or caffeine. It often seems like we...

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coffee beans in Brooklyn

by J Sender 17 years ago

Have moved to Brooklyn and after years of shopping at Porto Rico (Vienna Sumatra) in Manhattan i'm looking for a local replacement. $7 a lb or even cheaper. I know that Sahadi's has coffee at a rea...

Good source for coffee beans?

by EllieLA 14 years ago

Hi all, Any suggestions for purchasing fresh-roasted coffee beans would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

Afterwork in San Mateo--Cocktails and coffee drinks?

by hannah 14 years ago

My last day at my current job is tomorrow and some of my co-workers would like to take me out after work. I've been a bit under the weather but think I could handle an adult coffee drink or hot tod...

Blue Mountain Coffee Beans, Raw or Very Lightly Roasted?

by coll 14 years ago

I've never had Blue Mountain coffee here in the States that tastes like it does in Jamaica. I think it may be because they get the beans direct from the plantation and roast it themselves at home. ...

Does Whole Foods Grind other coffee beans?

by bk 14 years ago

I know WF will grind the house brands they sell in bulk BUT if I buy a bag of beans from another brand they sell (let's say Gorilla)will they also grind those? thanks

Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans in LA

by Mrs N 14 years ago

Looking for a place to purchase fresh roasted coffee beans? Suggestions? Thanks, Mrs N

Coffee Beans

by kate@50 14 years ago

Continuing the topic of the best cup of coffee, where do you get the best beans in the Boston area? I usually get my beans at Marty's Liquors when I'm in the area, but I live on the North Shore a...

Where to buy coffee beans in Phoenix

by Sarah C 16 years ago

I'm new to the Phoenix area. Where is the best place to buy freshly roasted good quality coffee beans? I like very dark roasts. I have some Trader Joe's Ultra Dark Roast blend to tide me over; i...

Green coffee beans in San Francisco?

by nooodles 14 years ago

Is there somewhere in the city I can buy unroasted coffee beans? I know there are fantastic places to buy roasted cofee, and I think I've tried and enjoyed a good number of them. I want to try ro...

ISO coffee beans to brew at home

by Mary 14 years ago

Also am looking for a coffee shop with good beans to make esperesso at home. Starbucks is fine, but would prefer to give my money to a smaller shop.

Coffee Beans?

by coffeelover 15 years ago

Any good suggestions for a place to buy good coffee beans in Toronto? I like quite a variety of coffee, including espresso and flavoured and I am always up for trying new blends. Thanks! On a sid...

Good meeting place in Canton for lunch/coffee or cocktails

by CoffeeBabe 15 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good place to meet for lunch and/or cocktails in Canton or nearby? Something a little bit groovy w/ personality?

Coffee Beans

by Cecilia 15 years ago

I'm looking for recommendations on good places to get coffee (beans, not brewed). A search on Toronto Life returns the follwing: - I Deal Coffee - Moonbean Café & Roasting Co. Any comment on t...

Coffee beans in San Diego

by Brian Saunders 15 years ago

Does anybody have any suggestions where one can buy decent coffee (in bean form) for home use? I'm not that picky; even the beans in grocery stores are OK for me. I've also tried the Coffee Merch...

green coffee beans in a popcorn popper

by javajunkie 15 years ago

I just got an espresso maker for my birthday and wanted to try roasting my own beans in a popcorn popper. My experience is that the difference in taste between truly fresh roasted and coffee even ...

Blue Bottle Coffee Beans

by HJ 15 years ago

Does anyone know where to purchase these beans? I purchased 1/2 lb for $7 at the Cow Hollow at Ferry Building and would like to purchase more for daily usage at home. Thanks for the help.

Is it wrong to freeze coffee beans?

by Hershey Bomar 15 years ago

Is it wrong to freeze coffee beans? I read somewhere it was, why? I go through a batch of espresso beans quickly. Should I refridgerate them or just keep them in my cabinet?

Decent decaf espresso coffee beans - Orange Co near South Coast Plaza

by Steven H. 15 years ago

Okay, here's the deal. I love coffee, but now have to drink decaf. Long story, life is sometimes hard. I have also just found a used laPavoni espresso machine after all these years. I'm so happ...

do coffee beans go stale?

by SpongeBobSquarePegs 15 years ago

About two years ago we were given two large bags of whole roasted coffee beans and have never opened the bags. Is it likely they would be stale by now?

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