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Cooking with Coconut Milk

by Padeen 8 months ago

When a recipe calls for coconut milk, is there a specific kind you should be using? The selection is so vast nowadays...


Padeen commented 8 months ago

Help me find coconut bundt cake recipe!

by NYchowcook 10 months ago

I have a tried and true recipe -- somewhere in the house!! -- for a coconut cake I can't find. It is a plain cake whi...


Ttrockwood commented 10 months ago

Slow Cooker & Thai Curry Paste

by JLHPROF 1 year ago

I have tried slow cooking pork and chicken with stock, coconut milk and curry past in the past. By the time the meat...


JLHPROF commented 1 year ago

How long does cooked coconut milk last?

by cherylchua 1 year ago

Hi all! I understand that coconut milk in cartons (like Ayam brand) doesn’t need to be cooked for consumption. But if...


cherylchua commented 1 year ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Homemade dairy free yogurt fizzing/carbonated?

by Nikimcarter 1 year ago

Ive made dairy free yogurt twice now. Once with almond milk yogurt starter, once with coconut milk yogurt starter (st...

Found in the pantry... still good?

by hungry_pangolin 2 years ago

Cleaning out the pantry today, I found a 400mL tin of coconut milk, expiry date on the bottom is 2010/07/06. (How the...


dvdt23 commented 2 years ago

Best way to store curry paste and coconut milk?

by NShewmaker 2 years ago

Hey Guys, I had a hankering to make some curry this dreary Chicago day (something I've never made at home before)....


Missmarisa commented 2 years ago

Coconut milk- spoiled?

by carolinaryan 2 years ago

I bought a can of coconut milk (cream, they call it) from trader Joe's a few days ago. Well within its "best by" date...


maccrogenoff commented 2 years ago

Cod en pappiote with coconut milk and Thai red curry

by nosey 2 years ago

I want to try this tonight. Thought I would also add lime juice. I found some "ground cherries" at the market today ...


Ttrockwood commented 2 years ago

Packaged Foods Be the first to comment

Nature's Charm Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Saw this at the market today in food service size tubs . . . has anyone tried this?

Curdled Coconut Milk? Help!!! Please.

by lafarrell 6 years ago

I am having people over for lunch in a half hour. I am making a soup that I have made many times before and it usuall...


Stackrat commented 2 years ago

Warning About Canned Coconut Milk !

by opinionatedchef 3 years ago

I know that the majority of you who cook with canned coconut milk- are not the people who need this warning. This is ...


Stackrat commented 2 years ago

coconut milk substituted with regular milk

by sylvan 7 years ago

when making chicken curry and the recipe calls for coconut milk, can I substitute regular milk? I'm not concerned wi...


rld_dg commented 3 years ago

Coconut beverage vs. coconut milk

by bxgirl 3 years ago

I am looking at a recipe for a vegetable curry which calls for coconut milk. Trader Joe's has something called "coco...


bxgirl commented 3 years ago

What to do with A LOT of coconut milk?

by Nyleve 3 years ago

Our soup kitchen has come into possession of several large cans of coconut milk and I'm looking for a way to use it. ...


Nyleve commented 3 years ago

Coconut Milk - high price and higher quality?

by pumpkinspice 3 years ago

I am new to the world of cooking with coconut milk. Yesterday, I was at the store and noticed there was a huge price ...


pitterpatter commented 3 years ago

Best Coconut Milk Substitute?

by jay27 9 years ago

Our local Whole foods is sold out and I have been planning to make a beautiful coconut-based curry for a special occa...


tklow commented 3 years ago

Unsweetened coconut milk question

by Marya 12 years ago

I love cooking Thai, but I'm never able to find unsweetened coconut milk and just about every Thai recipe seems to ca...


ninrn commented 4 years ago

coconut milk substitute?

by happygoluckyinoregon 6 years ago

I love to use coconut milk for curries and other things but it is way too FATTY for me. Is there a way of substituti...


wendysan commented 4 years ago