8 Easy Cobbler Recipes for All Your Summer Fruit

Looking for a cobbler recipe to showcase summer fruit before it's gone? Here are eight delicious ideas, all perfect for Labor Day dessert. Summer is the perfect time to celebrate the abundance of fruit...

How to Fix Apple Crumble That's Too Jammy? (I added too much flour)

by cgxy96 3 months ago

I followed this recipe but while making the filling, there was too much liquid from my apples. I added way too much potato starch flour to thicken it and then baked it as instructed. This is in add...

Jeffrey's Grill & Catering | Carmel Valley

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

On that rainy Sunday in April that was my shelter in place birthday spent alone, I slogged through the Carmel Valley farmers market because I wanted to treat myself to Ad Astra bread. But there was...

CI's master fruit cobbler recipes

by greygarious 12 years ago

I just got out the July/Aug '96 Cooks Illustrated issue to make a cobbler from rhubarb and strawberries that have been hibernating in the freezer since last summer. The article featured 4 differen...

Blackberry Cobbler

by devaro 2 years ago

I am making aq blackberry cobbler for my wife. The recipe calls for an 11x7 baking dish. I have an 11x7 baking pan, but no glass dish. Can I utilize the pan for this recipe? Thanks!

Using stainless instead of cast iron for a cobbler?

by AmyH 8 years ago

I don't own a cast iron skillet and really don't want to buy one. I'm running out of storage space and I'm really trying not to buy any new cookware. Occasionally I see recipes that call specifical...

Peach crisp with frozen slices?

by nofunlatte 4 years ago

This summer's peach crop in central Indiana was superb, a marked change from the past few years (including one where a devastating series of frosts followed an unusual March warming). Of course, I ...

Authentic Cobbler

by Kane_TO 13 years ago

Hi there, I'm having a Pulled Pork BBQ in a couple of weeks and I thought cobbler would be a good idea for a southern style dessert. Most recipes I've read have the dough portion on top of the ...

Crowd size dessert

by Jocote 4 years ago

I volunteer for the Meals on Wheels program and next week I have to make the dessert for approximately 45 elderly people. It can't have any type of nuts. I was thinking of an apple cobbler or cri...

Cobbler or Crisp with frozen fruit- which frozen fruit works best?

by hungryinmanhattan 5 years ago

What are your opinions on using frozen fruit for fruit desserts? Also, do some frozen fruits work better than others?

"Sandy" cobbler

by coolpiscesgirl 6 years ago

Back in the 1990s, I worked with a caterer that made what I considered a unique cobbler. Instead of having a doughy or cakey topping, it was a very dry, sandy sugary topping over fruit. I don't kno...

Crispy Peach Cobbler?

by ForeverBirds 5 years ago

There was a restaurant near me that recently closed, and they made the best peach cobbler! Now I'm on a mission to find the recipe but every one I try doesn't turn out right. The recipe I'm loo...

Wanted: Dutch oven apple cobbler recipe

by HabaneroLady 6 years ago

Greetings from India. I'm an American living here and I'm putting together an American style Thanksgiving dinner for the family that graciously hosted me on Diwali. Id like to serve an Apple cobbl...

Looking for the perfect cobbler crust

by cstout 6 years ago

Peaches are everywhere & so are a dozen other wonderful berries & fruits. I am going nuts searching for that special crust. Let me see if I can describe it to you. First of all, it is NOT cakey...

Would blueberries pair well with an almond flavored crust/topping? I'm making blueberry cobbler...

by butternut634 6 years ago

I've had a hankering for a blueberry cobbler these past few days but finding a recipe that suits my tastes has proven to be difficult. I've read a lot of blueberry dessert recipes from pies to shor...

Gluten Free Apple Cobbler Question

by janie 7 years ago

Usually I make my apple cobbler, with 2 tablespoons flour in the apple filling and for the topping 1/2 cup flour, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1/4 tsp salt, 1 egg, sugar, butter,====what I would like to ...

Cobbler - batter on top or below the fruits?

by flzhang 10 years ago

I noticed that cook's illustrated lists two types of "cobbler" recipes--batter style and cookie dough style. One where you melt butter in a pan and put batter on top, with the fruits on top of that...

Mouthwatering Fresh Cherry Cobbler recipe

by DeborahL 7 years ago

From our own CHOW.com. Looks simple enough for even me to make!

Seeking recommendations for pot for baking cobblers

by claycarlton 7 years ago

Hi, I am living in So Leyte, rural island here in the Philippines. I am trying to assist the Children's Feeding Centers, here begining with the 15 in Padre Burgos, So Leyte. Since powdered mi...

Cobbler/Crisp combination recipe...

by Maya 9 years ago

I'm looking for an apparently elusive combination recipe. My favorite type of "cobbler" topping is more substantial or "cakey" than just a fruit crisp, but has to include the delicious buttery, cin...