What Does Clean Eating Actually Mean?

Though “clean eating” sounds kind of self-explanatory, the actual meaning of the phrase has become somewhat lost as posts of avocado toast and paleo pancakes and someone doing squats in the gym all...

Juicers! Whatcha got?

by Eiron 8 months ago

Several years ago I looked into getting a juicer and decided that a slow juicer was the thing to get. Then I abandoned the idea of juicing and never bought one. Fast-forward those years and my part...

Can I freeze small batches of raw veggies to later use to make juices?

by yippee1999 1 year ago

I've realized that so many times, I never use up all my celery stalks, or head of kale, etc, before it starts to go bad. I mainly use all this to make juices in my high-speed blender. I read th...

Best way to reset?

by vanessa7 4 years ago

Now that Christmas is over, I’m ready to get serious about my diet and goal of losing 30lbs this year (baby weight, holidays....) and I’m thinking about the best way to reset. I did a Whole 30 last...

The Taco Cleanse

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

Hearing from too many friends who are starting the year with a juice purge, master cleanse, or some other bogus detoxing. Then I read about this, something I could get behind... "The four Austin...

my family has a strange tradition when we are sick.

by vixenchild333 6 years ago

Since I was a little girl, every time I got sick my mom would either poach or soft boil eggs, put them in a mug, and pour in some cider vinegar, this would be served with some buttered or dry toast...

3 Day Liquid Diet

by blest1iam 14 years ago

Hi! Anyone have a good regimine for a 3 day liquid diet? I am wanting to combine a good day's full of nutrition using easy (no time to prepare) stuff such as V8 for the Veggie Drink, maybe some E...

Juice Cleanse or Juice Delivery

by mcristy 10 years ago

I'm not sure if this is totally ill-suited to this board or if the detoxifying nature of juice cleanses make them perfectly suited to new orleans. Either way I was wondering if anyone knows a place...

Juice cleanse

by Lotus7 10 years ago

Has anyone tried a 3 day juice cleanse on this board? If so, any recommended prepared juices to purchase in Austin? If you have thoughts on taste of juices and program specifications pls share! Thx!!

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