Cinnamon toast, cinnamon apple pie, cinnamon streusel: It's a baker's favorite spice and an essential cooking ingredient. Chat with our community to get ideas for how to use cinnamon, where to buy it, and more.

This Spiced Mulled Cider Will Get You Fired Up for Fall

You might think it’s too early to discuss the holidays, but we’re in the large majority of people who’d beg to differ. After all, the temperatures are already dropping, dusty slippers are being yanked...

Healthy Meals in Minutes Recipe cards - cinnamon rolls

by Rprief45 12 years ago

I' m looking for a cinnamon roll recipe from the Healthy Meals in Minutes cards. It doesn't seem to be the cinnamon rolls that are in the Breakfast or muffin section. I think it may have been one o...

Different Flavours of Cinnamon?

by Seitan 4 years ago

I recently bought some cinnamon at my local supermarket. It's sold in bulk there, so I usually buy maybe half a pound a couple of times per year. I've been buying my cinnamon there for the past s...

dissolving cinnamon?

by ozbuc 14 years ago

I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and through a little research I have been reading about some positive effects that cinnamon has on type 2 diabetes. I have been adding cinnamon to my d...

Ceylon Cinnamon: where in City of Toronto?

by Dean Tudor 12 years ago

I'm looking for Ceylon Cinnamon sticks to grind. I know about Spice Trader, but they are out of my price range at $100 or more a pound (because they are organic sticks). Any thoughts? Thanks...

Alternate Fillings for "Cinnamon Rolls/Buns" ?

by mymeowzer 12 years ago

Hi, Can anyone suggest some alternate fillings for a traditional cinnamon buns/rolls. I'm tired of the same old cinnamon flavor and would love to hear your ideas for flavors and recipes. Ma...

Grinding cinnamon

by sue 16 years ago

I recently bought cinnamon sticks, and have been using my microplane grater to grind it. This seems fairly labor-intensive. I've heard that people use a coffee grinder to grind spices, but I don't ...

McCormick Gourmet Collection - Roasted Saigon Cinnamon

by HillJ 8 years ago

I just saw an ad and recipe for using this new spice under their gourmet collection in BH&G magazine. I really love cinnamon but I am not familiar with roasted cinnamon. Has anyone bought this,...

Jazzing up refrigerated cinnamon buns

Covert Ops
by Covert Ops 15 years ago

Hi gang, Last night DH was craving something sweet, so I tried the new Grands Cinnabon cinnamon buns (I know they're not new, but there was something new-and-improved about these, extra flaky ma...

Spaghetti with meat sauce...and cinnamon sticks

by tatamagouche 10 years ago

http://www.downwindrestaurant.com/PDR-64.jpg I know a lot about Italian and Italian-American cuisine, but this came as a total shocker. Googling it, I found some recipes that used sticks in the ...

How many times can I re-use a single cinnamon stick?

by liu 16 years ago

I place a cinnamon stick in my tea before pouring in the boiling water. How many times can I re-use this same stick before it loses its maximum flavor (and perhaps health benefits?)? Since the s...

Kanelbullar - Swedish Cinnamon Rolls

by tc2012 5 years ago

Has anyone made these before? I've seen a few videos on Youtube, and there's some variation with the method. Donal Skehan has a good video on it, but he doesn't let the buns rise after being shaped...

Where can I find REAL CINNAMON -- It doesn't exist in the US - PLEASE READ

by upstarter 15 years ago

Where can i find real cinnamon in the LA area, preferably from Sri Lanka? Unfortunately, many people don't know that the cinnamon sold in the USA is actually not cinnamon, but is actually a cous...

Saigon Cinnamon vs. "regular" (Ceylon) Cinnamon?

by melval 10 years ago

We just ran out of cinnamon (we use it for everything!) and bought Saigon Cinnamon in a huge pack. I didn't realize until we got home to refill the spice jar that this stuff smells WAY stronger tha...

Your favourite and least favourite cinnamon buns

by kwass 8 years ago

Just thought it would be nice to compile a list of best places to go for cinnamon buns. I love the cinnamon buns @ Hey! On Roncy, although I hear they don't make baked goods anymore. They have m...

Cinnamon sticks in Indian cooking

by blustery 6 years ago

I love to cook Indian food, though no expert. I was watching Alamelu (love her) on utube and saw that she was using slivers of cinnamon stick. When I have used cinammon sticks I always kept them ...

West Indian cinnamon--or is it?

by Sarah W-R 17 years ago

While in Grenada in summer '02, we bought (as the tourist industry really wants you to, but we were willing) a lot of whole spices: nutmegs, star anise, cloves, and cinnamon sticks. (Incidentally, ...

Cinnamon, Oregano and Black Pepper

by timmeesue 6 years ago

I picked up these 3 spices at the store the other day: Vietnamese cinnamon, dried oregano and coarse ground black pepper. They were in their little plastic bags in the front seat of my car. It was ...

Cinnamon does not smell/taste like the mall pretzels. Help please.

by tiramisu23 6 years ago

Hi first of all I'm fairly new to cooking and baking and recently purchased a bag of Ceylon Cinnamon for the first time. I've never really had cinnamon in my kitchen cause I never really spend any ...

Doctoring cinnamon muffin mix

by DebinD 8 years ago

I'm not usually a cake or muffin mix person, but I have an event to cook for and we have been sick - so I'm looking for a bit easier. I'm making cinnamon streusel muffin mix from Betty Crocker. I...