Think Cilantro Tastes Like Soap? Thank Genetics

Frankly, President Donald Trump has nothing on the world's most polarizing food: cilantro. If you're not one of those who thinks cilantro has a soapy taste, then you've probably wondered: Why do some...

Cilantro and Stinkbugs

by CindyJ 11 years ago

Is it just my imagination, or do they really have a similar smell? (For the record, I LOVE cilantro, but I hate, hate, HATE these stinkbugs that have invaded PA.)

Keeping cilantro fresh

by lacoet55 4 years ago

Hi, I just can't find a way to keep cilantro or parsley for more than 2-3 days after I bring it home. I've tried the Ziplock bag in the vegetable drawer, putting them in a jar with little water, c...

Odd flavors - i.e. Cilantro tastes like soap or some foods taste like mold.....(?)

by prio girl 6 years ago

I love cilantro but I know that not everyone does. Many of those who don't like it say that it tastes like soap to them. I wouldn't know. It tastes great to me. However, there are some things t...


by schultz2078 3 years ago

I am a experienced canner. But love the taste of fresh cilantro in my salsa. I hot pack my Salsa, can I add the cilantro to the hot salsa as I put it in my hot jars with the hot lids, and then hot ...

Is cilantro the same as coriander

by babymole_bob123 3 years ago

I’m British and I’ve found that many American recipes call for ‘cilantro’. Is this the same as coriander and if not will coriander still work?

substitute for cilantro

by HBGigi 10 years ago

DH hates cilantro, says it tastes like soap. I've read that you can substitute Italian flat leaf parsley for cilantro but I'm seeing more and more recipes that call for cilantro where the cilantro...

Cilantro With Roots Attached Spotted @ GIM!

Sam Salmon
by Sam Salmon 5 years ago

Once the rarest of Herb options hereabouts Cilantro w/roots still attached has been spotted @ GIM. Any home cook who makes Thai food knows the roots are essential for so much even if they are ...

Cilantro in Milan?

by natalienitz1 5 years ago

I've been living in Milan for a year but CANNOT find cilantro anywhere! It's now summertime and I'm just dying without fresh salsa. I can't even find chipotle peppers either and since I love love l...

Cilantro Flakes

by DoctorChow 5 years ago

Does anyone know where I might be able to find or order dehydrated cilantro (flakes) that actually tastes something like fresh cilantro? I know this is similar to the problem with dried parsley, a...

Dried Coriander root?

by Howard-2 16 years ago

I have a recipe that calls for (fresh) coriander root. Is there any form of dried coriander root available in the supermarket? I know about dried coriander leaves, and seeds, and I assume that ...

cilantro chutney

by jefpen2 7 years ago

I have been over run with cilantro this year. Any ideas for a, not to hot, Indian cilantro chutney I can heat up to can? Thanks

A Mountain of Cilantro

by Allegra_K 6 years ago

It was a golden opportunity not to be missed. The very rare occurance of cilantro with roots still attached was discovered at the grocer, and my root supply was dwindling.... Which is how I find m...

Our perception of "authenticity"

by joonjoon 6 years ago

I had an interesting experience watching some Korean food programming last night. Over the years I would occasionally see recipes posted by various people for Korean food. Being and having grown...

Fresh Cilantro/Coriander seed

by Chris VR 18 years ago

I planted some cilantro and neglected it for a while. Next time I saw it, it had flowered and gone to seed. Now I have these little green berries on the plant. I know that coriander is dried cil...

Substitute for cilantro?

by Spikeygrrl 6 years ago

Could I substitute watercress or flat-leaf parsley or ANYTHING else for cilantro? Now that I live in the Southwest it seems like every recipe requires it, but to me it just tastes like detergent. B...

Growing Cilantro

by CindyJ 10 years ago

I've never grown cilantro before, so I don't know if this is "normal." I started with a small plant, which had leaves that looked just like the cilantro I buy in the market. I planted it in a lar...

What to cook with a bounty of Asian herbs

by MmeFleiss 6 years ago

I got a great variety of Asian herbs to plant a few weeks ago that I bought on a whim, but now that they're growing like crazy I've realized that the few dishes I had in mind are not going to be en...

Cilantro...to use the stems or not?

by kpaxonite 10 years ago

I use them when I make tacos or burritos but on TV everyone trims it off...any thoughts?

Round-leafed cilantro for my garden

by Redbone 14 years ago

I have seen--but only a few times--once in Vietnam--a small, round leafed herb that must be a type of coriander (cilantro). In fact, when I first started gardening 15 years ago, I accidentally bou...

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