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Elderly wealthy father shops at the 99cent store

Freq Band
by Freq Band 5 years ago

(this a bit of a rant, so please understand) My father (82, widower) was in need of help living, so I moved-in. At 52yo, I am a proud self-taught (male) home chef, and I cook him excellent meal...

If you could never eat again...

by nothingswrong 8 years ago

Nope, this isn't a "What would your last meal be?" thread. This is a more serious discussion; the topic is a likely prospect for my very near future due to medical issues which have progressed s...

Sharing recipes with friends?

by josephnl 7 years ago

I can't help myself, but whenever a guest enjoys something I serve and asks for the recipe I gladly give it out...but now I'm starting to wonder... OK, what's making me have second thoughts? It's...

"Unconventional" Holiday Dinners

by munchkin1 5 years ago

Hi, fellow Chowhounders! I am interested in reading your stories. My family was traditional and never deviated. . .Thanksgiving turkey at. al. Christmas Eve ham, and. . .Christmas Day Dinner Turke...

Your Fondest Cooking Memories .. Successes/Disasters

by walker 5 years ago

The thread of Favorites Birthday Recipes, brought to my mind cooking new recipes when I was a teen. My mother and grandmothers were good cooks but never cooked from written recipes, never cooked an...

Sage Sayings

by imanewbie 6 years ago

What are your favorite sayings that you've picked up along the way? My favorites: Don't crowd the mushrooms. - JC, of course Treat your rice like a princess. - my mom. We eat a lot of ri...

Your Very Own Chowhound Discovery

by Steve 6 years ago

In the true spirit of Chowhound, what is your favorite experience of food exploration that nobody had to tell you about. You just went out and discovered your own great food find based on you own ...

What can you do, when you like to "chef it up" (but are not a real chef)

by thekidtjp 6 years ago

So, I thought that I would share a pic or two of what a friend, a brother, and I do when we get in the mood... This is a typical New Years day feast, centered around a Japanese theme.

Best Chinese Entree Ever?

by JolindaM 6 years ago

Just joined/co founded a new Gourmet Dinner Group and the next dinner is themed "Chinese New Year" and we are hosting. I am familiar with Asian cusine, am a pretty experienced cook with good kitch...

Yoru Best Meal, Courtesy of Chowhound

by Steve 6 years ago

What is the best meal you've eaten that, if not for Chowhound, you wouldn't have discovered on your own? I think the question lets out a Michelin starred restaurant or anything that garnered m...

How do you define trashy?

by Quine 13 years ago

A post here made me wonder: how do you define trashy? As in White trash cooking? Or do you have another definition? Do you think it is a good thing, a bad thing, or sometimes sorta fun? A s...

Say what?? Cooking comments that baffle you

by Spice_zing 9 years ago

Ever had someone make a comment about cooking that had you scratching your head? Here’s one that happened recently. SIL stopped by as I was cooking and admired the chef’s knife I was using. I ...

Dislike following tags?

by ...tm... 6 years ago

I'm curious, of all the objections to the new format, "I really don't want to follow or click on tags" comes up a lot. I still have some problems with the current site, but this isn't one of them. ...

Sketchy Stuff We Resort To In Kitchens

by kaleokahu 6 years ago

OK, so I had a crux moment today cooking, where I needed something that I couldn't find, and resorted to a workaround that some might find unhygenic, maybe even disgusting. Before I tell you wha...

Garden porn

by gourmanda 6 years ago

I have no idea why this didn't post earlier. I want nothingswrong to know she isn't alone ;)

Wouldn't it be fun if the Pope on his NYC vist

by UES Mayor 6 years ago

popped into Katz's ? Where else would you suggest he visit. I'm sure he visits this site from time to time so let's give him ideas.

So did you just wear the stain ?

by emglow101 6 years ago

I was so tired eating lunch yesterday . Sore back , I had trouble eating my fries . I would lose grip on a couple of them and they would fall onto my T shirt . Ketchup and mustard . Kind of embarr...

Do you post your purchasing decisions based on Rep Knowledge

by chefwong 6 years ago

In lieu of my other recent posting.....I'm curious how many of ya'll are affected/swayed by how Knowledgable the manuf. rep you speak with is.\ Oftentimes, CH and GW are good benchmarks/guidelin...

Need help navigating diner menu (LONG STORY WARNING)

by Gastronomos 8 years ago

I do not want to offend anybody who may disagree with me, or start a side discussion if I don't write eloquently enough or if I am wrong, which may be the case. I am not celebrating Palm Sunday ...

Eating out with people who don't enjoy food

by Mike C 20 years ago

What do you do when you are eating with someone who doesn't enjoy food? You know who I'm talking about...the person who eats to live not live to eat. I know that I am on one end of the spectrum w...

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