The Best Summer Soups, from Sweet Corn Chowder to Gazpacho

The words summer soup recipe may make you think immediately of gazpacho, but there are lots more options, from corn chowder to seasonal veggie minestrone. There is, of course, much to be said for chilled...

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Wonderful Clam Chowder

by Dr. Warren H. Chelline 19 years ago

Absolutely the very best clam chowder I have ever had was at Tall Barney's in Jonesport, 'way down on the coast of Maine--the fishing village where I was born, and which I have revisited occasional...

Boston clam chowder is great...blah blah blah

by Ear Talked Off 20 years ago

Someone I know from Boston took fifteen minutes off my life last night telling me how she will not try any clam chowder in Los Angeles because she's from Boston (yes, I know honey) and they have th...

Visitor seeking chowder

by TheftCulture 19 years ago

This Saturday, I will have the pleasure of visiting Boston for the first time. I realize New England cuisine has evolved far beyond fish fry and chowder, but I still would like to know where to fin...

"best" New England clam chowder in Boston revisited?

by Dax 19 years ago

Well as it's starting to get chilly in some parts around the North East, and since I only started reading chowhounds about a year ago, what is the consensus on who serves the "best" New England-sty...

Chowder Alert: W'burg!!

by Jimmy Z. 20 years ago

Stopped by a true-to-its-name 'chowder shack' in Williamsburg the other day. It's called "Hurricane Hopeful," a tiny hole-in-the-wall at 218 N.7th (just off of Driggs and steps from the L on Bedfo...

Hey Whitney--Corn Chowder

by sskwire 19 years ago

Whitney-- This is too late, really. But for the next time the craving hits.... 2 cans creamed corn 1 canful of milk 1 canful of half and half 5 small potatoes--peeled and diced 1 onion--chopped...

pregnant in mpls; want corn chowder NOW!

by whitney 19 years ago

Any suggestions for places to eat tasty, "bacony" corn chowder in the Twin Cities? :-)

Ecola Seafoods in Cannon Beach, Oregon - Great Chowder!

by DougM 19 years ago

This is a seafood market with a take-away menu a block off of Cannon Beach's main drag. Most of the menu is seafood plates with fries and slaw with many specials depending on the day's catch. The...

best chowder in CT?

by Dave Smith 20 years ago

I'm new to CT and was wondering where could i get the best bowl of new england clam chowder in CT.

Chowder, steamers and lobster on Cape Cod

by RIgirl 19 years ago

We're heading to Cape Cod this weekend and will be staying in Brewster. Any recommendations on the best places to go for chowder, steamers and lobster?

Chowder, steamers and lobster on Cape Cod

by RIgirl 19 years ago

We're heading to Cape Cod this weekend and will be staying in Brewster. Any recommendations on the best places to go for chowder, steamers and lobster?

lobster, clams, chowder : roadtrip!

by Liz 19 years ago

Hi all, My husband and I will be driving from Atlanta to Maine in a few weeks. I have looked at quite a few posts and have read the Camden/Rockland thread so I know about Reds, Captain Newick's, S...

Clam chowder at the Public Market

by Can 20 years ago

There is a Boston clam chowder debate going on over at the LA boards, which brought me to reminisce about the best clam chowders I've ever had. Last year, while passing through Seattle to get to V...

Best Wharf Chowder?

by chowderhead 20 years ago

Have some friends coming to town who want chowder -- the real thing with the bread bowl and everything. After rolling my eyes, I promised I would hunt down the best spot in town...presumably somew...

New England Clam Chowder in London

by Ken Lambourne 20 years ago

I live in West Yorkshire, but will be spending a few days in London next week, I used to love a brand of New England Clam Chowder called "Snows" (In a can!) when I was in the merchant navy (yonks a...

Mussel Chowder @ Rex

by chowhoundX 20 years ago

I had a bowl of mussel chowder at Rex the other night that was truly awesome. Plump mussels in a saffron-cream broth, with shrimp and other shelfish murking around in the yellow depths. Plus they h...

Clam Chowders--thick or thin??

by e.d. 20 years ago

Having grown up on the West Coast, my idea of clam chowder is that it is a very thick, creamy soup--definitely thicker than a standard cream soup. Some varieties can be so thick I have have jokingl...

Chowder Bowls

by Dave Dawson 20 years ago

I ate Chowder on Monterey Fishermans Wharf served in a Clam Shell shaped bowl. How and where can I buy some? I live in England; will pay shipping, etc. These bowls also featured in "Leaving Las Veg...

Clam Chowder

by Sherry 20 years ago

Any recommendation for best clam chowder in Orange County or Inland Empire?

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