Chino and Ontario

by slew 9 years ago

Will be attending an air show in May in Chino... Any recommendations for the Chino, and I guess, the Ontario areas?

In search of good Greek or Mediterranian east of 57 fwy. Pomona, Chino or IE

by Ollie 9 years ago

Calling all hounds, need a little help. Ive been to Zaky Grill in Rancho & Upland. I know there are more Greek/ Mediterranean places out here, just don't know which others to try, or stay away f...

Owen's Bistro in Chino - Fine Dining in Inland Empire

by coconutz 10 years ago

I'm not sure I can do it justice now. But I had a great birthday dinner tonight at Owen's Bistro in downtown Chino. I realy appreciate that Chino Wayne has mentioned this place over a coulple of y...

Tamaleria, Pomona, Ontario, Chino???

by DWB 11 years ago

Need tamales in Eastern Inland Empire. We have the population here that must have great tamales! I just don't know where. I asked before and got NO replies. Please help a gringo out! I used to buy ...

Phillips BBQ, Chino: An Enticing Sampling

by ChinoWayne 11 years ago

Despite the fact that we both began a Weight Watchers regimen this past weekend, after spending an entire afternoon cleaning out two storage lockers, the Mrs. had a powerful hunger and gave in to t...

Owen’s Bistro: The Hidden Gem Of Chino

by ChinoWayne 15 years ago

It was a typical Saturday, one of those Saturdays where good intentions seem to lose their significance in the greater scheme of things, that greater scheme being a result of the deliberate, tempor...

I am trying to find any place in Chino/Pomona area that has a Breaded Pork Tenderloin sandwich.

by Bobz1x 10 years ago

I am trying to find any place in Chino/Pomona area that has a Breaded Pork Tenderloin sandwich.

Blue Fire Grill-Chino

by reality check 10 years ago

Maybe Chino Wayne has been here? This used to be Blake's and Mr. Berry's BBQ. Maybe the third time is the charm? BBQ meats on the menu, pulled pork, ribs, brisket. How is it?

El Rey Taqueria, Chino

by DWB 11 years ago

Went to taqueria El Rey today, on Riverside Dr. in Chino. Very similar in concept as Tijauana's tacos in Pomona, with a pot of free communal frijoles at the salsa bar. I pretty much liked everythin...

Good Mexican Restaurants in Chino Area?

by SoCal Foodie 13 years ago

Anyone know where I can find some good Mexican restaurants in Chino and neighboring areas. Thanks!

Centro Basco Restaurant in Chino

by mikester 13 years ago

This place sounds intriguing, I was wondering if anyone here has been, and how it was ?

Diner near Chino Airshow

by ozbuc 13 years ago

The wife and I will be attending the Planes of Fame airshow this weekend. Because of the heat we will be arriving early and plan on leaving early afternoon. Hopefully some one on this board can...

Chino or environs for lunch

by Griller141 15 years ago

Ending up in Chino Friday afternoon. Any lunch suggestions? Chino Wayne???

Joey's Bar-B-Q, Chino - A Quickie

by Chino Wayne 19 years ago

Since it was Memorial Day the Mrs. expected BBQ, and since it was Memorial Day, I did not relish doing all the work to organize BBQ in our backyard. So instead I obligingly made a run to Joey’s Ba...

Chino--Riverside Grill and Owen's--Inland Empire Growing Up!

by High Maintenance 15 years ago

My friends rave about Riverside Grill. Seems like great American food (good steaks) at solid prices. Can anyone elaborate on this restaurant and what the best item to get is? I love the steaks a...

Flo’s Airport Cafe -- Chino Airport

by Like-Go-Eat? 16 years ago

I have been thinking about Pork Chops and eggs and Flo’s Airport Café came to mind. I have not been there is years but they use to serve great chops and eggs, steak and eggs, pancakes. I only stopp...

Dinner between Chino and Weho?

by Hondo773 16 years ago

Hello all- I need some help from the knowledgeable East side chowhounds. Some friends from the Midwest are coming to visit, and are staying with their in-laws in Chino. I'm in Weho, and don't ev...

Review - Centro Basco in Chino

by Michelle 16 years ago

We went with a group of people to Centro Basco in Chino last Saturday night to celebrate Mom's birthday. None of us had been there before, but were intrigued by a positive review in a recent Westw...

Centro Basco in Chino

by Michelle 16 years ago

Hello, Has anyone ever been to Centro Basco in Chino? They had a positive review in a recent Westways magazine. What is good there? Thinking of going there with a group to celebrate mom's birth...