Chicken Breast

How to Make the Best Seared Chicken Breast

Boneless chicken breasts are easy to find, low in fat, high in protein, and consistently tender, all factors that contribute to them being the most popular cut of poultry in the country. Yet despite...

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Freezing cooked chicken

by Kari 13 years ago

We cooked some extra chicken breasts Monday night and no one ate them today, so I though about putting them in the freezer to add to a pasta dish down the road, how well does it freeze? Re heats g...

Bake times for skinless boneless chicken breasts

by lothlorien 11 years ago

I'm going to be marinading them in some store bought marinade, and then bake them. I've been seeing bake times as varied as 10 minutes and 1 hour on the internet, and I'm not sure what to believe. ...

Baking Bone In Chicken Breasts

by Philly Ray 12 years ago

I have 4 rather large (total weight approx. 7 lbs) bone in chicken breasts that I want to bake. Should I go with 350 degrees for about 45 min-1 hour or a higher heat for less time? Which meth...

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