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Chicken is the perfect blank-canvas food, a versatile protein ready to take on any flavor you like. Get expert tips from Chowhounds on the best chicken recipes, cooking techniques, and more, plus join the conversation to share your own chicken insights.

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Crack chicken

by pumpkinspice 10 hours ago

My bff mentioned she saw a recipe for crack chicken, basically it is chicken breast, dry ranch seasoning, cream chees...


ratgirlagogo commented 9 hours ago

Taking the heat out of my too spicy chili

by foodrocks 11 years ago

So last night I decided to make this great sounding chili recipe I got off of the Craigslist message board for Chicke...


bhhaynes commented 9 hours ago

How much chicken salad per person

by jackfrost 10 years ago

I need help, I need to know how much chicken salad to prepare for 30 adults. This is not a main meal, it is a mid af...


clw7 commented 24 hours ago

Blood running out of properly cooked chicken?

by Lixer 7 years ago

I just got some seasoned chicken leg quarters from the grocery store to cook for dinner. I baked them at 375 for 30 m...

Scoffier commented 2 days ago


by pistachio peas 7 months ago

Use this thread to post reports on the following chapters from DINNER: CHICKEN (p. 22-61) and MEAT: PORK, BEEF, VE...

delys77 commented 3 days ago

How long thawed meat stays good?

by camille 12 years ago

I tend to buy a bunch of meat in one shopping trip (mostly chicken and turkey cutlets, and ground lean beef and turk...


ookami commented 5 days ago

zacksby's - wings & chicken fingers

by xman887 11 years ago

i was in atlanta recently and saw a bunch of these. didn't get a chance to go. are they any good? where do they st...


brusu82 commented 6 days ago

Canned Chicken

by Kelly 13 years ago

Ok - So I know this isn't very chowhoundish of me, but I bought a couple cans (6 to be procise) of canned chicken chu...


1titantyler commented 6 days ago

Roast Chicken - Undercooked Spots

by panoz 10 days ago

I've made several attempts at roasting a chicken. I have a convection oven. I always truss, and I rotate the pan a ...


Linda431 commented 7 days ago

To Crunch or Not to Crunch -- Edible Cartilage

by S U 11 years ago

The topic on eating skins got me thinking... friends/family that I chow with on a frequent basis know I LOVE to munch...


Swedenhorse commented 10 days ago

Why Is My Raw Chicken Discolored At The Bottom End?

by larhonda 3 years ago

Last week, I purchased a whole, brined organic chicken, and put it in the freezer when I got home. Thursday mornin...


berkeleybecca commented 10 days ago

Chicken Pot Pie At Costco?

by Tujunga Mike 14 years ago

okay, I admit it... I love chicken pot pie. Recently on a Costco run I noticed in the meat department, an enormous c...


Jquinn commented 13 days ago

Cashew Chicken in Springfield, Missouri

by Jim Leff 17 years ago

Just got off the phone with a talkative MCI operator who recommended a weird Chinese/Midwestern hybrid dish called "c...


PCockrell commented 13 days ago

Adding shredded Chicken to Curries

by tetraneutron 22 days ago

So normally when you put chicken in curries or other stews, or anything where chicken is braised, you take bone-in, s...


damiano commented 18 days ago

Perdue Air-Chilled Chickens

by zackly 22 days ago I noticed in my local supermark...


zackly commented 21 days ago

Chicken Andouille

by adrienne156 6 years ago

Hello all, Does anyone know where I might find chicken andouille sausages? I know Amylu makes them, but I can't s...


kerrycarhart commented 25 days ago

Holy Cow!! My chicken stock is like jello. I am assuming this is a good thing?

by dynastar 5 years ago

I have made chicken stock a bunch of times, but this is the thickest it has ever been. I didn't make it any different...


Querencia commented 26 days ago

Tips on how to roast a Large Chicken (8 lbs)

by Alicia 4 years ago

Does anyone have an recipes or thoughts on how to roast very large chickens? My farmer's market guy grows whoppers! T...

hotoynoodle commented 26 days ago

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