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Chicken is the perfect blank-canvas food, a versatile protein ready to take on any flavor you like. Get expert tips from Chowhounds on the best chicken recipes, cooking techniques, and more, plus join the conversation to share your own chicken insights.

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by pistachio peas 25 days ago

Use this thread to post reports on the following chapters from DINNER: CHICKEN (p. 22-61) and MEAT: PORK, BEEF, VE...


qianning commented 9 hours ago

Food to bring over to a BF house when you stay for a few days

by The_Libster 8 days ago

Quick scenario: BF lives 45-50 mins away, in a house with his best friend, I want to also provide food for his roomma...


Nyleve commented 3 days ago

Parboiling chicken wings to make them extra crispy?

by sweet100s 9 years ago

What do you think of the parboiling technique described here: http://houseoffaulkner.com/wings.html The recipe...


acgold7 commented 4 days ago

Trader Joe's Breaded Chicken Tenderloin Breasts

by cloudship 1 year ago

Does any one know who actually makes the Trader Joe's Frozen Chicken strips? I know they have a bunch of frozen chick...


svoboda2017 commented 7 days ago

Side dish ideas for fried chicken and waffles as the main

by momoftwo 2 years ago

For the AFC championship tomorrow, we are hosting about a dozen people. Hubby got a new professional waffle maker for...

LaLa commented 8 days ago

Cook's Country Ricotta Baked Chicken Apr/May 2017 issue

by DebitNM 17 days ago

This recipe was on Facebook, but before I could get the recipe; they locked it. Does anyone have the recipe and if ...

DebitNM commented 9 days ago

Chicken Pot Pie At Costco?

by Tujunga Mike 14 years ago

okay, I admit it... I love chicken pot pie. Recently on a Costco run I noticed in the meat department, an enormous c...


CostcoRick commented 10 days ago

Best Way to Transport Breaded Cutlets?

by zackly 11 days ago

I’m bringing spinach & ricotta manicotti and breaded chicken cutlets to a relatives pre-Easter dinner tomorrow, Satur...


masha commented 11 days ago

The secret to great fried chicken wings?

by carophil11 15 days ago

I have a mild obsession with chicken wings. Ok, maybe it's not so mild. There's not one moment of any day ever wher...


Felliott commented 12 days ago

My Side Dish Made My Food Bland

by wavebeast 15 days ago

Hey, new poster here and I need help (please). I combined a few recipes and slow cooker techniques to make a sout...

dave_c commented 14 days ago

Any tips for keeping chicken moist when grilling

by dwkayak 1 month ago

I am trying to recreate the moist succulent tasty chicken I would get decades ago on the eastern shore of MD from wee...


MGParker commented 15 days ago

Newbie needs help converting recipe

by Bradley2815 20 days ago

I'm interested in making Ina Garten's Skillet Roasted Lemon Chicken - see link below - for a dinner party in a few da...


mike0989 commented 18 days ago

Chows Caribbean Chicken, Ossining

by vinouspleasure 2 years ago

In the old pon di riva space by the ossinning train stating, the owner did a nice renovation, it's clean and bright, ...


vinouspleasure commented 18 days ago

What Goes Well with a Chicken Pot Pie?

by Perilagu Khan 4 years ago

A CPP is pretty much a self-contained and complete meal, is it not? It's got meat, vegetables, and with the crust, gr...


tonifi commented 19 days ago

Adapting Chicken Braise for Sous Vide

by michaeljc70 23 days ago

Has anyone experimented with using sous vide rather than a braise for chicken? I didn't find many recipes online. I...


michaeljc70 commented 23 days ago

What to serve with Adobo Chicken?

by margaret 13 years ago

I am making dinner for 4 this weekend and I think I have decided on making Adobo Chicken (which I have made once befo...


durhamgal commented 23 days ago

Chicken Wings in the Oven - Best Method?

by mcrowleymiano 7 years ago

Hey all. I'll be making some chicken wings tomorrow night, without access to a grill. I've heard low and slow in th...


wade_mack commented 29 days ago

January 2017 COTM -- SIMPLE: Fish; Roasts; Chops & Sausages; Chicken 122-233

by blue room 4 months ago

Use this thread to post your reports on recipes from SIMPLE. Please include the page number and put the recipe name...


pavlova commented 30 days ago

What do you do with the chicken after making stock?

by Miss Needle 9 years ago

Reading the thread on chicken stock, I'm curious as to how many of you make use of your chicken after stock. I do hav...


elixa commented 30 days ago

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