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Chicken is the perfect blank-canvas food, a versatile protein ready to take on any flavor you like. Get expert tips from Chowhounds on the best chicken recipes, cooking techniques, and more, plus join the conversation to share your own chicken insights.

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Pesto chicken pasta disaster

by orlybabe 1 day ago

Hi, I like making chicken pesto pasta, but major disaster today - for the first time, I wanted to cook together the c...


Ttrockwood commented 13 hours ago

Slightly stinky chicken... Am I crazy or is it okay?

by SocksManly 9 years ago

I have to admit, I'm a procrastinator of the highest degree. I end up letting stuff sit in the refrigerator for a few...


scstlh commented 11 days ago

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Hainan Chicken Rice @ Cluck2Go | Pasadena

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 14 days ago

Today I've been binge-watching Anthony Bourdain's "Parts Unknown", including the Singapore episode. Thought I'd post ...

Shelf life of a cooked chicken?

by TroyTempest 9 years ago

My wife and I had an umm disagreement the other day. I had a 6 day old roasted chicken in the fridge that I was goin...


hotoynoodle commented 14 days ago

"Faltche fish" - gefilte fish made from ground chicken

by helou 7 years ago

My mother used to make something we called "faltche fish" - literally fake fish. It was made like gefilte fish but o...


Momofalana commented 16 days ago

Problems with Kroger meat department? Anyone else?

by NonnieMuss 5 years ago

Has anyone else noticed a rapid decrease in the quality of meat you get at Krogers? Over the last 5 years or so the ...


MayoMcNasty commented 17 days ago

Rubbery Chicken Texture?

by cellefso 3 years ago

Tonight I marinated a pack of chicken breasts before grilling them. Two of the three breasts turned out perfectly coo...


jasonhartell commented 18 days ago

Adapting Chicken Braise for Sous Vide

by michaeljc70 1 year ago

Has anyone experimented with using sous vide rather than a braise for chicken? I didn't find many recipes online. I...


Dlgoldstein commented 21 days ago

Why are chicken breasts so HUGE?

by TwirlyGirly 6 years ago

Am I the only person that thinks the size of chicken breast halves have gotten to be ridiculously huge? My family con...


jeahgloria commented 24 days ago

Is it okay to keep meat in the original store packaging?

by newbiefor1 6 months ago

Some people repackage it or put it a separate container... I just put it in the freezer in the store bought packagin...


melpy commented 25 days ago


by HannahBanana 10 years ago

Okay, my free range happy chickens are "a-layin" and I am not a scrambled eggs for breakfast person. Quiches and cus...


Ttrockwood commented 28 days ago


by pistachio peas 1 year ago

Use this thread to post reports on the following chapters from DINNER: CHICKEN (p. 22-61) and MEAT: PORK, BEEF, VE...

Caitlin McGrath

Caitlin McGrath commented 1 month ago

Store Bought Raw Chicken = semi cooked

by mobiledynamics 1 month ago

Family with kiddos and all. We rotate between buying while chicken @ the local warehouse club stores and use the bone...


mobiledynamics commented 1 month ago

fried chicken/sonoma

by pinotho 6 years ago

are there any "fried chicken places" in Sonoma? All I can find is KFC. Would prefer Santa Rosa area, but I am certa...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 1 month ago

What Goes Well with a Chicken Pot Pie?

by Perilagu Khan 5 years ago

A CPP is pretty much a self-contained and complete meal, is it not? It's got meat, vegetables, and with the crust, gr...


seefoo commented 1 month ago

Chinese Deboned Chicken Stuffed with Sticky Rice?

by SoCal Cal 8 years ago

I googled this and came up with a post from the SF area boards, but nothing in LA. I just had this dish again in Sac...


eddiebrannan commented 1 month ago

Do Italians put chicken on pasta?

by Chowpatty 11 years ago

I haven't been to Italy for several years, so I can't remember -- in Italy, do you ever see those dishes that are so ...


OliveYou2 commented 2 months ago

Cause for chicken/sausage gumbo turning "sour" after 24 hours

by lrhodge 6 years ago

I have a huge problem. I have been making chicken/sausage gumbo for a few years. The past few times I have made it ...


hotoynoodle commented 2 months ago

Jewish Penicillin: How do you cook the onions in your chicken soup?

by teezeetoo 5 years ago

My husband and I have different childhood chicken soup experiences: my mom always left the skin on the onions and co...


msorgen3 commented 2 months ago

Chicken and dumplings

by artlee 10 years ago

As a kid growing up my mother used to make C and D with just milk, butter, water, and most importantly FLUFFY Bisquic...


diane_harris71 commented 2 months ago

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