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Chicken is the perfect blank-canvas food, a versatile protein ready to take on any flavor you like. Get expert tips from Chowhounds on the best chicken recipes, cooking techniques, and more, plus join the conversation to share your own chicken insights.

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Open-faced chicken sandwiches with mashed potatoes and gravy

by mrjones15 1 day ago

I've been searching for a recipe for this and cant seem to find anything I seen one or two recipes on google and noth...


mrjones15 commented 11 hours ago

Chicken Croquettes a forgotten food from my youth........??????

by jrvedivici 4 years ago

I've been meaning to post about this but keep forgetting. When I was a kid one of my mothers staple "frozen" dinners ...


Querencia commented 2 days ago

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Chicken Gruyere Recipe?

by Neurofabulous 3 days ago

Hello my friends, In the process of moving, I seem to have misplaced my notebook which contained my old "tried a...

What to do with a small chicken?

by ginnboonmiller 5 days ago

This whole post is a bit of a humblebrag, I admit... we're a CSA household, and we get a free range organic healthy f...


BigG commented 3 days ago

How long should shredded chicken and chicken noodle soup last in the fridge?

by Crankyrobot 3 years ago

I ALWAYS do this. UGH. I froze about half of it, the rest, I had planned on eating, but didn't. We made it late on We...


jeffspezia commented 4 days ago

January 2017 COTM -- SIMPLE: Fish; Roasts; Chops & Sausages; Chicken 122-233

by blue room 9 months ago

Use this thread to post your reports on recipes from SIMPLE. Please include the page number and put the recipe name...

mebby commented 5 days ago

Taking the heat out of my too spicy chili

by foodrocks 11 years ago

So last night I decided to make this great sounding chili recipe I got off of the Craigslist message board for Chicke...


Rockin commented 6 days ago

Homemade Chicken Soup

by jules1267 10 days ago

I have a whole chicken, I am wondering if it's better to roast or boil it to make chicken soup. If I boil it, how lo...

rasputina commented 9 days ago

how long can you marinate chicken?

by foxy fairy 10 years ago

I have a chicken marinating. It has been marinating for more than 24 hours. Ummm, how long would be the longest it ...

hill food commented 9 days ago

Fried Chicken ... to soak or not?

by ipsedixit 9 years ago

I've been tasked to make fried chicken for a Memorial Day gathering. I'd like to get some guidance and advice abou...


marilyn80s commented 10 days ago

best way to cook a whole chicken for soup?

by lafarrell 5 years ago

Hi everyone. I'm making chicken soup and bought a whole chicken because it was on sale. What is the best/easiest way ...


Indy 67 commented 10 days ago

Freezing chicken curry / stews

by rapscalli 9 months ago

Hi all, Cooked a few chicken dishes (chicken curries and chicken chasseur) and froze them. The chicken breast was ...


chilliesnspice commented 13 days ago

Rubbery Chicken Texture?

by cellefso 2 years ago

Tonight I marinated a pack of chicken breasts before grilling them. Two of the three breasts turned out perfectly coo...


BobRebNC commented 14 days ago

Chicken Fat Rice

by Pei 11 years ago

Does anyone else have a fantastic chicken fat rice recipe? For me, chicken fat rice is just white rice spiffed up ...


tauntonlake commented 14 days ago

Slightly stinky chicken... Am I crazy or is it okay?

by SocksManly 9 years ago

I have to admit, I'm a procrastinator of the highest degree. I end up letting stuff sit in the refrigerator for a few...


jimzplace3546 commented 17 days ago

Oven-poached chicken

by MilVanil 19 days ago

I'll be making chicken salad for 50 shortly and I'd like to poach the chicken in the oven. I assume skinless boneless...

MidwesternerTT commented 18 days ago


by pistachio peas 6 months ago

Use this thread to post reports on the following chapters from DINNER: CHICKEN (p. 22-61) and MEAT: PORK, BEEF, VE...


hirsheys commented 18 days ago

Got shorted on chicken at Kroger

by pissy17 25 days ago

I bought 12 pounds of chicken breast at Kroger. After trimming the fat out I weighed my meat and got 8 pounds. I thou...

thegforceny commented 19 days ago

Bon Chon Chicken- Disgusting!!

by Torolover 6 years ago

Went to Bon Chon Chicken in Allston last night and it was easily the worst meal I've had in years. The new Bon Chon ...


usedtobebored commented 24 days ago

Place to get War Su Gai / Almond Fried Chicken?

by jillian_wong 9 years ago

War Su Gai / Almond fried chicken is my all time favorite chinese dish, one which I have enjoyed many times at Tai Tu...


mojoesue commented 26 days ago

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