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Chicken is the perfect blank-canvas food, a versatile protein ready to take on any flavor you like. Get expert tips from Chowhounds on the best chicken recipes, cooking techniques, and more, plus join the conversation to share your own chicken insights.

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Whole Chicken Stuffed with Sticky Rice - SF Dish of the Month (Oct 2012)

by Dave MP 5 years ago

Announcing the October 2012 San Francisco Bay Area Dish of the Month: Whole Chicken Stuffed with Sticky Rice Link ...

heidipie commented 1 day ago

Left Chicken in Sealed Plastic Out Overnight – Can I Cook It?

by cobbljock 3 years ago

I had about 4lbs of chicken breasts that I had bought from the store and frozen and moved to the fridge to thaw on Su...

BeeRich commented 4 days ago

Hot Dogs vs. Fried Chicken

by Perilagu Khan 7 years ago

I don't to refight the Civil War, but let us pit two American favs against one another here: crisp, juicy fried chick...


ricepad commented 4 days ago

Fried Chicken Help Needed

by zackly 10 months ago

So I've never been good at frying chicken. It tastes OK but never seems spicy and crispy enough, like the Colonel's. ...


acgold7 commented 7 days ago

Chicken Marsala

by Wtg2Retire 12 days ago

It has been many years since I made Chicken Marsala. I can't recall what brand of Marsala or sweet or dry. Would yo...


MikeG commented 7 days ago

experiments in fried chicken breading

by lumpynose 2 years ago

I got a new carbon steel frying pan that I'm in love with and have been trying out frying different things, chicken o...

JayPFrancis commented 8 days ago

Taking the heat out of my too spicy chili

by foodrocks 11 years ago

So last night I decided to make this great sounding chili recipe I got off of the Craigslist message board for Chicke...

DavidA06488 commented 10 days ago

Turkey vs. Chicken Broth -- Is Turkey weaker?

by CuriousCat 7 years ago

(Bit of a long post, TLDR at bottom) Last night, I made some turkey stock/broth for the first time, ahead of our C...


btnfood commented 11 days ago

Using pork instead of beef or chicken in chili??

by worktime 6 years ago

Does anyone use pork instead of beef or chicken in chili? I want to make some chili this weekend but thought about us...


Bohica61 commented 14 days ago

My chicken broth is dark and flavorless

by Pate 11 years ago

I've made 2 batches of chicken broth lately using the Joy of Cooking (mid-70's version) recipe. The first batch smell...


Tony_123 commented 19 days ago

Kraft Mac and cheese

by plude19 21 days ago

Okay so I have some craft Mac and cheese cheese packets left over and I was wondering if I could use that powder to m...


acgold7 commented 19 days ago

in the chicken cavity - kidney? liver?

by sloped 11 years ago

I made Marcella's roast chicken with lemon for the 4th or 5th time this weekend. I noticed that one of the other tim...


sisterfunkhaus commented 19 days ago

What do you put in your chicken stock to make the most flavorful soup?

by nycguy20011 3 years ago

What do you put in your chicken stock to make the most flavorful soup? Besides chicken backs/necks/legs, I add apple ...


sisterfunkhaus commented 20 days ago

How long thawed meat stays good?

by camille 12 years ago

I tend to buy a bunch of meat in one shopping trip (mostly chicken and turkey cutlets, and ground lean beef and turk...


acgold7 commented 25 days ago

Why does cooked chicken smell bad after being refrigerated?

by Bidnezz 10 years ago

I cook chicken breast at home and then take the leftovers to work. I usually put it on a salad, and often when I open...


Cgee commented 25 days ago

Rotisserie Chicken--like Boston Market?

by DeborahLuby 13 years ago

I've finally rec'd the rotisserie attachment for my Weber grill, and I'm anxious to try my first whole chicken. I ha...


ozzietrd commented 26 days ago

Best General Tso's Chicken in Manhattan or Brooklyn- HELP?

by twan55 9 years ago

I know this topic has been covered before, but I haven't found really good info on it: where, pray tell, is the best...


sappidus commented 26 days ago

POULTRY SOUP! Home Cooking Dish of the Month (January 2015)

by Sandwich_Sister 3 years ago

Welcome to the reporting thread for the January Dish of the Month. This month we'll all be preparing Poultry Soup. Wh...


sallyt commented 1 month ago

Reheating a whole chicken

by Zorra 13 years ago

I won't have time to cook tonight, so I bought a rotisserie chicken. Of course it is in the refrigerator now. What's ...


snowkis commented 1 month ago

Need Help Baking Chicken Thigh with Thermometer (bone in, skin on)

by robertbobb 4 years ago

I have tried baking these several times and always turns out raw in the middle. Tell me where I'm going wrong! I s...

Thymus commented 1 month ago

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