Phillips Crab Cakes made for a good light meal...

by gutreactions 4 months ago

Picked up a pack of Phillips frozen Maryland crab cakes at Costco and they turned out delish. Could not make it to Faidley's at the Lexington Market in Baltimore this past year, so Phillips satiate...

Who Would Have Thought? The Best Tacos in Norfolk are not Mexican!

by gderenoncourt 5 years ago

The best Taco in Norfolk, hiding right under our noses! Granby Social Club brings Casba Cuzina the warmth and flavor of the Mediterranean to a uniquely urban area known more for shops and services ...

Tidewater Taste Buds - reforming

by foodjack 6 years ago

We had a foodie group a few years back in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia (Norfolk, Va Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton, etc.) called the "Tidewater Taste Buds." Our goal was to meet and try out resta...

Rehearsal Dinner in Chesapeake, VA

by foodjack 7 years ago

Looking for a restaurant in or near Chesapeake, VA to host a rehearsal dinner for an upcoming wedding. Send me some recs please.

Looking for a good place in Chesapeake Va

by ADMoul 10 years ago

A group of us (all adults) make an overnight stop in Chesapeake VA on our way to OBX vacation. Looking for a nice, preferably non-chain restaurant for Sat. night dinner. We stay near Greenbrier Par...

Favorite Restaurants In Virginia Hampton roads - Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk.

by verodreams 11 years ago

Here is a list of favorite places and restaurant that i enjoy a lot. Favorite restaurants in Virginia (Hampton roads) 219 Bistro, 219 Granby Street, Norfolk 757-627-2896. This is an amazing bis...

New Orleans hound hits Chesapeake, VA

by mikey 11 years ago

I have to be in Chesapeake for work. I have never been to the Norfolk area. If I wanted to have a nice meal in an unscale part of town, where would I go. What would be three not to miss dinner pla...

Baltimore Hound in Chesapeake

by ohbilly 11 years ago

Hi folks - heading into Chesapeake for the upcoming holiday weekend via Amtrak into Newport News and staying in Chesapeake. Not too familiar with the area, but looks like Chesapeake gets bypassed w...

Any Asian Markets/Grocery Stores in Chesapeake/VA Beach Area?

by Cherylptw 11 years ago

I've recently made my own wontons and a few other Asian inspired dishes; I'd like to do more but I'm lacking many ingredients as there are no asian markets in my area. I live in NC, about 30 miles...

Chesapeake, Va

by beltline 12 years ago

looking for a good resturant for lunch dinner in chespake, va area. moderate price any type of food will be there this weekend

chesapeake VA restaurant reco?

by foreignex 12 years ago

My husband and I will be in Chesapeake VA area for a few days and would like to go out for dinner to a restaurant that is midpriced and where it would be acceptable to go in casual attire (we will ...

Cracked Egg Bistro-Chesapeake, VA

Chesapeake, VA--nice restaurant to take elderly lady

by DCDeb 13 years ago

Hi VA Hounds. I am coming to Tidewater for a visit in August. Part of the visit is meeting my BF's mother for the first time. We need a nice restaurant to take an elderly (86) lady with pret...

Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake?

by Magic Pig 13 years ago

May have a job offer there - curious as to what's really good if I go to evaluate the area.

Pasha - Turkish in Chesapeake, VA

by jjb75 14 years ago

I finally tried Pasha, the Turkish place in Chesapeake. It was VERY good. Amazingly high quality ingredients, very fresh salads. A root vegetable soup on the day I was there. Great vegetarian o...

any good bakeries for birthday cake in va norfolk/va beach/chesapeake area?

by withalonge 15 years ago

looking for good cake! moist cake, interesting fillings... non-waxy frosting from good, local bakery. thanks in advance!

Chesapeake/VA Beach - Best NY Pizza option????

by PJ 17 years ago

i'm running out of options here....I have recently relocated to chesapeake and have struck out trying to find a place that can come close to a pizza that would remind me of the pizza i had in NYC a...

ISO good eats around hampton roads/chesapeake... VA

by carrie_oki 16 years ago

hi there.. new to board & area. been searching on the board, but not finding much in my area. I'm Looking for good, cheap or not so cheap eats in hampton roads/chesapeake area. especially in...