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Try This Easy Trick to Cut a Winter Squash without Risking Your Fingers

Wondering how to cut squash like butternut, acorn, and other hard winter squash varieties (without muttering expletives, making a mess, and possibly slicing off a finger)? Here's an easy way to prepare...

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Chefs Knife

by HamOnMyBones 12 years ago

I'm going to embarass myself with my lack of knowledge, but I need a chef's knife and was wondering which brand to buy? I already have the large chef knife, I just need a small one that's a little ...

Chef's knife and Slicer - hollow ground or no?

by spmc 12 years ago

What are the advantages/disadvantages of hollow-ground blades on chef's knives or slicers?

Cutting board for my Forschner 8" Chef's Knife?

by paulmc 12 years ago

Now that I have purhcased my first legitimate knife, I want to buy a decent cutting board. But $100 for a Boos seems insane. Is there a less expensive but quality alternative? Thanks.

What to use different chef's knife lengths for?

by SailingChef 12 years ago

I have had an 8" Wushof knife for a couple of years now and love it! Today, I scored a set of Forschner knives (http://www.amazon.com/Victorinox-Cutlery-3-Piece-Fibrox-Handles/dp/B0000CF99O/) at a...

Huge Chef Knife from Spain

by bkhuna 12 years ago

I was watching an episode of Made in Spain and there was a scene in which one of the cooks was using a HUGE chef knife. This thing looked like it was 5 or 6 inches wide. Anybody know anything a...

who makes an extra wide chef's knife?

by qwerty78 12 years ago

I'd like to check out an extra wide chef's knife but before I go hunting I thought I'd check in here. - who, aside from wusthof makes these? how much wider are the wide chef's knives than the r...

Chef Knife size considerations?

by VACluny 13 years ago

I have a wonderful 8" Chefs knife that I absolutely adore and want to get another one so that my husband will quit using mine! (it's a Kramer, had it three years now. It's wonderful, but took this...

Help Choose New Japanese Chef's Knife

by uvahustla 13 years ago

I'm a line cook and just recently started at a Japanese Restaurant. My 8" Global is too short and also just isn't good enough to get the job done, even after being sharpened. Here is what I'm c...

Where to buy a Chef's Knife in LA or SGV?

by njr 15 years ago

Hi all, I searched for this topic and found some good info but was hoping for a little more. I already checked out Surfas but would like to try a few more Japanese knives before I settle on one...

Brands to check out for a heavier chef's knife with a wide blade?

by sugarcanejane 15 years ago

My stepfather has a great chef's knife that bought at Jewel (a grocery store) some years back. On a recent visit home, I used this knife and I was very impressed with it. It was about 10" long an...

Misono Molybdenum Steel Series No.512 chefs knife

Anthony D
by Anthony D 13 years ago

I'm looking to buy an 8 inch chefs knife for use in the home and have approx $70 (£35 ish UK) to spend, how good is the Misono Molybdenum Steel Series No.512 Gyuto 210mm(http://www.japanesechefskni...

Ceramic steel for Global Chef's Knife

by mliew 14 years ago

I apologize if this question has been asked before, I searched but couldn't find anything specifically about this. I just bought a Global 8" Chef's Knife and according to them I should only use ...

Switching from Santoku to Chef knife?

by nonnon 14 years ago

Ok, I currently own a Mighty Mac Santoku knife wich is really nice. My problem with it is that it seems to be too light, fragile and brittle for my taste (the 2nd day after I got it, I dropped it a...

Need recommendation for professional chef knife

by ziggy123 14 years ago

I want to buy a gift for my chef friend. He is a professional chef. Budget up to $300 if that is possible thank you

Help...Chef's knife bit the dust...

by Terri C 14 years ago

So, my hubby pointed out while doing the dishes, that my Chef's knife had a big chip out of it. It wasn't an expensive one, Faberware I think. I'm ready to invest in a good one. I use it mainly f...

Henckels Professional S 8-Inch Multi Edge Chef's Knife

by elainew 14 years ago

Does anyone have an opinion on this knife? Is the serrated section useful or just gets in the way of slicing? It's priced a lot cheaper than the regular Pro S Chef's knife, at $59.99 at cooking.com...

Wustoff Classic Chef's Knife Problem

by Davwud 14 years ago

Hey Hounds So after a few sharpenings of my knife, I've noticed that a part of the blade near the hilt no longer touches my cutting board when I chop. This means that sometime when chopping thin...


by jono37 15 years ago

Yes, I finally junked my 15-year old no-name chef's knife that recently produced a one-inch slice to my right index finger. My local cutlery purveyor was trying very hard to sell me a Santoku, but...

Forschner Chefs Knife Edge Guard

by mliew 15 years ago

I recently purchased a 10" Forschner chefs knife and unfortunately, the Messermeister edge guard that I bought to use with it doesn't quite fit due to the angle of the handle where it attaches to t...

First Chef's Knife?

by ubermasonfan 15 years ago

Hi all. I've recently started cooking more since my SO and I have graduated college. I think its time for me to get a real chef's knife rather than the flimsy one that my parents gave me as a "ki...

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