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Try This Easy Trick to Cut a Winter Squash without Risking Your Fingers

Wondering how to cut squash like butternut, acorn, and other hard winter squash varieties (without muttering expletives, making a mess, and possibly slicing off a finger)? Here's an easy way to prepare...

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Project: Fixing a Vintage Carbon Chef Knife by Hand

by cowboyardee 10 years ago

It started off with one of those rare and surprising acts of online thoughtfulness where you are reminded that the internet consists not only of anonymous jerkwads arguing virulently and browsing f...

Henckels Miyabi Kaizen 8" Chef's knife on sale

by Chemicalkinetics 10 years ago

If you like the recent Damascus pattern hard steel Japanese style knives, but wish you can have the big name recognition without spending a lot, then Henckels Miyabi Kaizen 8" Chef's knife maybe is...

Chef knife recommendations?

by rhumphrey205 10 years ago

I am considering buying my fiance a chef knife for our "wedding gift" to each other, but I'm not sure which one to buy. He isn't a professional chef, but we cook a lot and I think he would real...

Starter Chef Knife for my daughter---loves Damascus

by strangemd 10 years ago

My daughter is going off to med school and getting her own apartment. She's a very decent cook, but has no equipment. Rather than getting a silly knife block with tons of things she doesn't much us...

Shun "Elite" 8in Chef's Knife - $99

by cutipie721 10 years ago

http://www.ruelala.com/event/product/33201/3010535696/1/DEFAULT Also... "Elite" 6.5in Santoku Knife - $99

Shun Chefs Knife!!!

by girloftheworld 10 years ago

SO EXCITED! For all my hard work on my science fair project and winning regional I finallllllllly got my Shun! I had been saving up to get it. But I came home and there it was!! It is amazing!!! ...

Wanted: specific carbon chef's knife, any ideas?

by motownbrowne 11 years ago

I am interested in a new chef's knife. I would like a ten inch or greater carbon steel knife. I have looked at the Sabatiers that are available and I would prefer a german style knife. I have big...

Chef's Knife Recommendation

by NYEpicuriosity 15 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm a recent culinary school grad, and have just started working in the industry at an NYC catering company. I was given a set of Wusthof-Trident Classic knives by the school, and ...

First Chef's Knife Purchase: A Post-Holiday Quandary

by ericabakescakes 11 years ago

Hello! I'm a full-time college student as well as an avid cook and baker--so much so that I am strongly considering a couple years of pastry school after I graduate. At home, we have ancient, in...

Rec wanted: 1 great chef's knife

by redgirl 11 years ago

new kitchen getting close to completion and i'm replacing a few items and buying a few new. my ancient chef's knife is damaged and i'd like to get a new one. any recommendations? this one should...

Upgrading chef's knife, where to start?

by nasv 12 years ago

I know that finding the right knife is highly subjective as it becomes a function of fit and personal handle, but I thought I'd ask the forum for a few tips. I currently have a Wusthof Classic 8...

Queston about Shun chef knife

John E.
by John E. 11 years ago

I recently saw a want ad that had for sale a Shun chef knife for $40. The ad says that it needed sharpening and that the small nicks on the edge would come out with a good sharpening. If I look at ...

Did butternut squash dull my new Global chef knife?

by CarNut 11 years ago

I bought a new Global chef knife about a week ago, and then used it a few days later to cut up butternut squash. The next time I went to use the knife, it was so dull, that it was a struggle to ge...

is a 10" chef knife really necessary?

by CACook 12 years ago

OK guys I am off to a good start with a wusthof set and it comes with a 8" chef knife.. which seems to handle well,... but seems like concensus is saying 10" is better etc. Is it really necess...

What I bought to replace my old 8" chef's knife

by Eiron 12 years ago

When I started looking for a new chef’s knife, all I knew about knives was that better ones were more expensive. Then I learned about steel type, edge angle, blade profile, balance, weight, bolste...

Best 8" chef knife for foodie brother as gift?

by pinkbabymouse 13 years ago

I would love to get my bro a kick ass basic 8" chef knife as a gift; I know knives are highly personal but any recommendations? Thanks in advance

CIA chef's knife

by foodies1 12 years ago

Does anyone have experience with the CIA chef's knife? I have an 8-inch, and I like a lot of things about it, though I do have a problem with it. It's a forged knife with a bolster that doesn't go ...

Reprofile Dexter-Russell Chinese chef's knife

by Chemicalkinetics 12 years ago

To friends (you know who you are), Here is my report (not a question). I have ordered two Chan Chi Kee (CCK) KF1303 small slicers: one for myself and one for a friend. I am looking forward. ...

Need recommendation for knife sharpener - I love my new Forschner Fibrox chef's knife!

by koigirl 12 years ago

Hi - I received my two Forschner Victorinox 8" chef's knives on Friday and am totally impressed with them. In fact, I like chopping with them far better than my Wusthof Grand Prix or Henckels Four...

Where can I find Japanese Chef's Knife in GTA?

by pcavaliere 13 years ago

Does anyone know of a brick and mortar store that sells Japanese Chef's knives in the GTA? I currently own an 8" Henckles Chef knife and am ready to upgrade. I have read reviews about different k...