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Try This Easy Trick to Cut a Winter Squash without Risking Your Fingers

Wondering how to cut squash like butternut, acorn, and other hard winter squash varieties (without muttering expletives, making a mess, and possibly slicing off a finger)? Here's an easy way to prepare...

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Knife block recommendation

by imanewbie 4 years ago

Looking for a knife block that can AT LEAST House 2 chef knives (one of them 9.25 inches, a couple shorter santukos, a bread knife and 6-8 steak knives Do not want magnetic wall mounts All th...

What is your favorite chef's knife, and where to buy in NYC?

by brownrice 4 years ago

I'm looking for an 8" chef's knife to replace one that won't hold an edge. I don't want to purchase online — I want to be able to hold it before I purchase. I'm looking for recommendations and a go...

What is the best Chef Knife for the Professional?

by djdarroch 9 years ago

So this thread is designed to act as a knife buying-guide for professional Chefs and line cooks. Those of us who have worked in kitchens at a professional level know that most restaurants provide t...

Who made this Japanese knife?

by hetzalwelso 4 years ago

Hey when I was in Japan I bought a Japanese chefs knife. The knife is really great and the seller told me who made it. But i forgot the name and cant really read the signs haha so I hope someone ca...

Sharpening / Stropping to Make a Chef's Knife Razor Sharp

by hellskitchen6 4 years ago

Happy (almost) New Year, and greetings from a very freezing Midwest. I've been researching and (hope to) get into knife sharpening a bit more that I already have. Just have a 1000 grit stone tha...

Messermeister Meridian Elité vs. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pro?

by itsmekarak 4 years ago

Hello all, I am trying to decide between the Messermeister Meridian Elité 16-Piece Knife Block Set and the Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pro 12-Piece Knife Block Sets. Both are the same price, around $645...

What knife sharpener do you use?

by CHSeifert 4 years ago

I wonder what knife sharpener you use. I own the Global 220 and the 440 and also own the Yaxell combo 1000/600 grit stone. My knives get a ride on the Yaxell stones once every 2-3 months time...

What's your favourite knife brands in your home collection ?

by CHSeifert 4 years ago

I wonder that your favourite knife brands are in your home kitchen collection ? Do you personally feel you get better knife performance and shaprness from the more expensive brands or do you hon...

Wusthof Classic Knife and Sharpening Stones

by Calfedon 5 years ago

While I've been cooking for many years, I haven't really invested in any good cookware until now. Recently, I purchased the tri-ply Tramontina 8 piece set, which I absolutely love. I already have a...

Best Chef's Knife?

by AprilLove 7 years ago

I'm looking to invest in a good chef's knife and am daunted by the choices out there. Hoping some of you foodies have suggestions? Something versatile works best for me because once I start food p...

Shun Classic 8" chefs knife.

by Ross101 10 years ago

I've been looking to purchase a chefs knife and Chem made some suggestions of reasonable Japanese knives. And he also mentioned, in another thread, a very expensive Shun designer knife. And, it ma...

Japanese Gyuto Chef's Knife Advice: Tojiro DP or Tojiro DP Pro?

by PhotoMike 6 years ago

I'm trying to decide which knife to ask my GF to get me for Christmas. I've narrowed it town to the Tojiro DP or the Tojiro DP Pro. I'm looking at the 9" model. Tojiro says that the blades are the ...

Should OXO Good Grips extend their product line?

by echao 5 years ago

I'm currently working on a design project revisiting the OXO brand and I hope those of you who are familiar with OXO products can provide some insight! OXO products are generally durable, ergonomic...

Need help identifying my Japanese knife

by chef1jeremy 6 years ago

I have this Yaganiba and I have no idea who made it, anyone have any ideas?

Are there different honing rods?

by cocktailsauced 6 years ago

I've had my first "real" knife for almost a year now. It's an 8" classic wusthof chef's knife. I've gotten fairly handy with it, and I'm fairly certain I'm good at honing it and am doing so correct...

Knife sharpening - DIY vs Service

by imanewbie 6 years ago

I've got a few knives I need sharpened. I've heard that knife sharpening is really an art and that u should just have them serviced by a professional 1-3 times per year. What are your thoughts? If ...

Sharp knife for striploin

by Vinnie Vidimangi 6 years ago

I want a reasonably cheap, reasonably practical , sharp knife to cut Cryovac sized cuts of meat into smaller portions. Say say steaks from striploin. Any suggestions?

LamsonSharp Vintage Premiere??

by LucDanckwart 6 years ago

About a year ago a purchased a LamsonSharp Vintage Premiere Santoku. I love the knife and recently I was looking to purchase another knife in this line. To my dismay I can't find them...guessing ...

Can one of you knife experts give this a look?

by BouquiGarnet 6 years ago

What do you think? http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/app/5250317148.html

A knife like this?

by BouquiGarnet 6 years ago

I bought the serrated version of this knife a few months ago and absolutely love it! The size and shape are perfect. I'm interested in a non-serrated version but I wanted to see if there was a simi...