Stay Cheese: 6 U.S. Road Trips for Adventures in Dairy

Europe is hardly the only place on earth anymore where you can’t swing a baguette without hitting a cheesemaker. France, The Netherlands, and Switzerland have long since been destinations for curd aficionados...

Cheese in China has a long history – made with buffalo, yak, goat’s, cow’s and sheep’s milk, and everywhere from Taiwan to Tibet and 16th century Shan

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 days ago

Cheesemaking is not something I've associated with China's culinary or medicine traditions. So this article was fascinating to me.

12/3 Cheese Chat with Reggie Jones of Central Coast Creamery (Zoom)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 11 months ago

" Join us for a fun and informative discussion with Reggie Jones of Central Coast Creamery. We will discuss their award-winning products, seasonal offerings, and more! Bring any questions you may h...

why didn't my ricotta set up?

by sparkareno 6 years ago

I tried making ricotta tonight for the first time & it is a disaster. I used a quart of milk, 2 cups of cream (not ultra pasteurized), 1 tsp salt. I brought it to 190 and then added 3 tbs of lemon ...

Making Mozzarella at home... what went wrong?

by SpareRib 13 years ago

My first attempt at making cheese just failed miserably. Followed the directions to the “T” on a standard Mozzarella recipe and it just didn’t firm up after adding the rennet. The recipe called f...

A Tasty Talk with Zingerman's Ari Weinzweig, June 3, San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

From San Francisco's The Cheese School: "Thirty years ago Zingerman's Deli started as a neighborhood deli, today it's a family of nine businesses with over 500 employees. Join us for a talk wit...

Any recipes for making hard chhurpi (rock hard Himalayan cheese)?

by countersurfer 9 years ago

Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a recipe or tips for making hard chhurpi. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chhurpi It's often sold here as Himalayan dog chews, and I want to try making m...

how can i make mozzarella cheese using lemon juice

by billy198621 6 years ago

I need to find a recipe to use lemon juice to make mozzarella curd without using rennet or acids as I'm allergic (long story) Anyway I's this possible? ? If so after i make the curd can it b...

Drying/Dehydrating Paneer

by rw71457 5 years ago

Does anyone know if Paneer can be dried or dehydrated for longer storage?

What to do with an abundance of organic milk?

by ChervilGeorge 4 years ago

When my awesome corner store guy heard I was experimenting with beginner cheese making, he sent me home with a gigantic amount of organic whole milk and half and half because the sell by date is fo...

Why cant americans make cheese ?

by stevenjf 15 years ago

I am a brit and i have just returned from Manhattan on what was a really wonderful trip with super food. One thing i have never understood about america is why your cheese is so very processed a...


by taras1949a 4 years ago

Does a finer cheese cloth or straining bag make for a creamier ricotta?

Troubleshooting Homemade Ricotta

by foodandscience 7 years ago

The other day I was making the ultimate lasagna bolognese. Bolognese simmered for 6 hours, homemade pasta, besciamella etc. The only thing I didn't make by hand was the mozzarella. I also made m...

My first try at fresh mozzarella

by terasec 5 years ago

Finally found a place that sells rennet, credit out to thebrooklynkitchen I followed instructions in epicurious only change i made was used 1/2 the salt they listed and my first lb of mozzarella ...

On heating milk for ricotta making

by lacoet 5 years ago

Hi, Does anybody use the MW to heat the milk to make ricotta cheese? I've been doing it this way because no matter how careful I am when I do it on the stove it always scorch the bottom of the po...

Fresh Mozzarella Recipe? Need sure fire recipe!

by grieftrip 7 years ago

I have been experimenting with cheese this year and have had a couple successes with Mozzarella, but sometimes I end up with a bad batch that doesn't set. I have rennet liquid, citric acid, and ...

do you need to hang fresh mozzarella to drain

by billy198621 6 years ago

I've made cheese curd plenty of time but when it comes to stretching fresh mozzarella it keeps falling apart to a really fine piece like rice and i wanted to know if i need to put the fresh curd in...

Cheesemaking supplies in the close-in VA 'burbs?

by tcamp 6 years ago

There is brewing supply place in Manassas that has what I need but I'm looking for somewhere closer to Alexandria. Haven't searched archives as this is also an attempt to master posts under the new...

Raw Milk / Home Cheesemaking in AZ?

by Starka 14 years ago

I've gone through about 6 gallons of various milk brands, searching for the elusive non-ultra pasteurized kind, resulting in 6 gallons worth of curdled cheese-making heartbreak. Does anyone know w...

cheese making

by AkinoHunter 6 years ago

i have just made chese but it didnt turn out i could use some advise to see if i can salvage it. if anyone has advise please contact me so i can fugure out what to do.