Straining ramen broths with a cheesecloth?

by Chili_Junkie 4 years ago

Dear Chowhound community. I am wondering about straining ramen broths with a cheesecloth. I regularly use one to strain my dashi, works wonders. But my proper ramen broths are rich, lots of gel...

ISO cheap and plentiful cheesecloth

by twinkienic 4 years ago

Any recommendations for where to buy cheesecloth? I am, admittedly, using it as part of Halloween decorations, so the focus is more on getting as much as possible for as cheap as possible, and qual...

fruitcake question- cheesecloth?

by cakewhole 11 years ago

Hello All, I have a question about storing fruitcake. Can anyone tell me why most fruitcake recipes call for wrapping the cake in liquor-soaked cheesecloth before wrapping in plastic wrap/tin...

Is cheesecloth reusable?

by oaklandfoodie 14 years ago

I strain yogurt fairly often, and find myself going through a lot of cheesecloth. I just throw it away. Is it reusable? OR is there something else I could use to strain yogurt that I wouldn't feel ...

Cleaning cheesecloth?

by BettyJoBaker 8 years ago

I just started using cheesecloth for various things (squeezing excess moisture from vegetables, straining chicken broth, etc). Do you have to wash it before use? I noticed that, out of the pack...

cheese cloth?

by sdffa11 10 years ago

where do i buy cheese cloth? preferably in UES. thanks

Bulk cheesecloth?

by illfreezeit 10 years ago

Cheesecloth is ridiculously expensive in the grocery store. Anyone know where I can buy It cheap in bulk? Thanks!

ISO : Cheesecloth

by uberathlete 10 years ago

Hi everyone. Does anyone know a cheap source for cheesecloth in the GTA? I use it for straining sauces and soups, etc. but it's getting quite expensive. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

chinois or cheesecloth?

by gavlist 15 years ago

I've been trying to make some recipes from the French Laundry cookbook, and many of them call for filtering through a chinois. I'm not terribly excited about paying $50-$100 (I'd rather save the m...

Cheesecloth in Jerusalem

by tichyek 11 years ago

Where can I find cheesecloth in Jerusalem? Regular everyday supermarkets don't seem to carry. I assume I can find it somewhere in Machne Yehuda, but that place is such a maze- it would help to know...

Buying a cheesecloth

by Bottomless_Pit 11 years ago

I was thinking of buying a cheesecloth, and I was wondering what to look for in a cheesecloth, and what type of store would have cheesecloth? I don't know how often I'm going be using the cheeseclo...

Bulk Cheesecloth?

by spicemistress 11 years ago

I was surprised to see how much cheesecloth cost at the grocery store. Does anyone know where I can find bulk cheesecloth at a good price. Thanks!

Cheesecloth (not gauze)

by ZenSojourner 11 years ago

WalMart used to carry packages of like 6 REAL cheesecloths, hemmed, good sized, which I have used for years for all my needs, such as making paneer, draining yoghurt, draining deep fried items, etc...

ISO: Cheese cloth

by loodle 11 years ago

I've been trying to find cheese cloth (or it's alternative) but haven't had much luck. I'm attempting to make paneer tomorrow. Does anybody know where I would be able to find some without strayin...

Nut Bag rather than Cheesecloth?

Tom P
by Tom P 12 years ago

I was thinking of using a nut milk bag in lieu of cheese cloth for a stew I am making... it would be so easy! I just wondered if anyone has ever used one for the same purpose, in the oven. I would ...

cheese cloth

by angelo04 14 years ago

Is it reusable and if so how do you clean it? Thanks in advance


by lel 12 years ago

Where can I find fine cheesecloth in the Boston area? Thanks in advance.

Cheesecloth in NYC

by trickdos 12 years ago

I need cheesecloth for a dinner that I am cooking tonight in NYC. I forgot about it until now. I am in midtown east, are there any stores around here that would carry it? Thanks for the help!


by riboflavinjoe 13 years ago

Where can I go to become the proud owner of new cheesecloth in Montreal?

Silverton Sourdough Starter - Cheesecloth Sub?

by oakjoan 12 years ago

I'm about to make some sourdough starter from Nancy Silverton's recipe. I've done this many times before, but I've always had cheesecloth on hand. Not this time. My organic grapes are getting ne...