Cheese Knife

Chowhound Christmas Gift Guide 2019: Best Gifts for Your Cheesy Friend

Sometimes a cheesy Christmas gift is a good thing—take these, for example: some of the best Christmas presents for cheese lovers. We all have that friend—the turophile who raves about the nutty, creamy...

Cheese slicer - need a recommendation

by josephnl 9 years ago

We enjoy raclette every month or so. Cutting the raclette cheese into even slices always seems a chore. We have an inexpensive wire cutter that doesn't work very well (the wire has stretched and ...

Best cheese knives?

by Westy 13 years ago

Hello - doing a little christmas shopping early (or research, I suppose). My wife loves coming home and cutting up some cheese and having it on crackers. I think a great gift would be a set of ...

cheese knife recomendation?

by qwerty78 12 years ago

What knife do you all use for a very soft cheese? I have the standard kitchen knives but the cheese sticks so much that my fingers are dangerously close to the blade trying to remove it... any sugg...

Choosing a Cheese Knife

by mordacity 13 years ago

Father's Day is coming up, and after pestering Dad for days and only getting "love and affection" by way of gift ideas we finally got him to admit to wanting a cheese knife. A quick Google has reve...

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