Veuve Clicquot Champagne: A History Lesson in Female Empowerment

While you're probably aware of Veuve Clicquot as a high-end Champagne brand, do you know the story of the woman behind its success? [related_content align=left title=Because You're Worth It][related_content_data...

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Wine book

by anndillman 4 years ago

Looking for a general beautiful coffee table book as a gift. Any suggestions?

How much food for pre- and post-concert cocktails?

by Isolda 4 years ago

So my husband built a harpsichord and we have invited a professional musician to play it at our home. We're having 30-35 people. The cocktail hour begins at 7, and the concert around 7:45. After th...

What champagne works for cocktails?

by lupaglupa 12 years ago

Last year for a party I did different champagne cocktails and the liquor store owner convinced me to buy a cheaper champagne than I would have since he said the dryness doesn't work in mixing. I di...

"Second-hand" Champagne?

by Lady Grey 4 years ago

This may seem odd, but I'll give it a try. I have a bottle of Champagne I received as a gift that's just been sitting in my fridge for years. I don't like Champagne, as it happens, and finally fi...

Do Different Types of Alcohol Cause you to Act Differently?

by invinotheresverde 9 years ago

In a recent thread, linguafood mentioned that gin makes her melodramatic. Is this in her head or is there a legit, physiological reason this could happen? I've never noticed it personally, so I'm...

Favorite Boston-area wine shops for Champagne?

MC Slim JB
by MC Slim JB 4 years ago

I need to buy a special bottle of bubbly or two, so I'm wondering what retail outlets local Hounds favor for their breadth of selection, staff quality and prices. Anywhere in Greater Boston (say, a...

Best Wine Pairing For Christmas Eve

by AvanthikaReddy 4 years ago

Hi all, What are the best wine pairings along with the food for Christmas eve ? Looking for your answers..

Costco champagne, which location?

by Monica 5 years ago

http://www.costco.com/Kirkland-Signature%E2%84%A2-Champagne-Brut.product.100041209.html I'd like to try the Kirkland brand wines, especially the champagne but my local one in Northern NJ doesn't s...

Champagne Day Trip: Ruinart and Le Parc at Les Crayères (aka Heaven!!!)

by GreyFloors 4 years ago

I have been writing up our Paris experiences in a separate thread (http://www.chowhound.com/post/paris-trip-report-dining-galore-1027125) but I thought that it made more sense to write about our ma...

Champagne: Le Parc at Les Crayères (Our Best Meal Ever)

by GreyFloors 4 years ago

Here we go — BEST MEAL EVER. Lots of photos here - http://www.pearlsandoysters.com/2015/11/13/champagne-part-two-le-parc-at-les-crayeres/ After a wonderful tour and tasting at Ruinart we made t...

Too High-Brow For Beer Chugging? Try The Chambong At Your Next Dinner Party

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

" . . . Seriously though, the team confessed on their site that they originally conceived the Champong to be the bong to defy all bongs, which they will use to smoke copious amounts of weed during...

La Fête Du Champagne, Nov 5-7

by sbp 4 years ago

I'm one of the event producers of La Fête (and longtime Hound). There is still some availability for the Grand Tasting in the afternoon and a few seats left at the Gala Dinner (the other tastings a...

Diff between Methode Champenoise vs Methode Traditionale?

by rosielucchesini 13 years ago

Is there a difference between the two methods? I was at BevMo last night wanting to stock up for the week and celebrations ahead and in the French champagne section, I saw two that looked interesti...

New Moët & Chandon Champagne that took 15 years to create

by zin1953 5 years ago

I guess it's for when Dom Pérignon is not enough . . . (article continues)

Where to open a bottle of Champagne (legal or not) ?

by walkoffdinner 5 years ago

Taking my sister out to BIX for dinner to thank her for taking care of things for us while we vacationed. Need suggestions where can we open a nice bottle of champagne that we already have (and don...

Reims Champagne houses

by doc04 6 years ago

We are headed to Reims in early April. We have an afternoon visit booked at Ruinart but wanted to hit one other house in the morning. Suggestions? We were debating between Veuve Cliquot and Tait...

The Best Place to Sample Champagne in Paris Is...The Airport?

by zin1953 5 years ago

"A rare selection of the world’s finest champagnes and cognacs can be found in a surprising place—an airport. "For travelers passing through Air France’s terminal 2E at Paris's Charles de Gaulle...

Best Cheap Champagne for Kir Royale

by cg123 5 years ago

I'd like to make Kir Royales, but I am looking for the best, but also generally cheapest options for ingredients. I've heard that Gabriel Boudier is a good option for the Cassis, but I am looking f...

Champagne Krug Clos d'Ambonnay 2000 - Decanter

by zin1953 5 years ago

That's approx. $2500 per 750ml bottle. (article continues)

Champagne 2015 crop enters 'crucial' period - Decanter

by zin1953 5 years ago

"Champagne grape growers will be allowed to pick 10,000kg of grapes per hectare of vines in this year’s wine harvest, with another 500kg/ha to be released from reserve stocks – the same figure as i...