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Cast Iron

Cast-iron cooking requires some expertise, from learning to season your pan to finding the best recipes. Chowhounds discuss it all here, plus favorite brands and places to buy cast-iron cookware.

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2017 Summer Cookware Deals

by Libranflight 17 days ago

It's summertime, yay!!! Starting off the new Summer post for cookware deals, put your deals here and happy cooking!

kaleokahu commented 24 minutes ago

Le Creuset or Staub?

by JennyJenkins 5 hours ago

Just renovated our kitchen as a 30th anniversary present to ourselves and now it's time to say goodbye to the Calphal...

kaleokahu commented 39 minutes ago

Help seasoning cast iron skillet

by jweinberger 6 days ago

Thank you for any help or advice. I have a cast iron skillet (no idea how old) - Lodge, and it says "CS2" on the bott...


jweinberger commented 20 hours ago

The Field Skillet Reviews?

by BobChow 10 months ago

I am looking at the Field Cast Iron Skillet by the Field Company as seen on Kickstarter. Does anyone have experience...


BobChow commented 5 days ago

Questions on Demeyere plancha

by damiano 21 days ago

I'm considering buying a Demeyere plancha. I currently have a Le Creuset cast iron griddle pan, which I don't use eno...

DuffyH commented 17 days ago

The Good Folks at Crisco and the Art of Cast-iron Seasoning.

by Joe_Abbadabba 6 years ago

Hello everyone! I have purchased my first piece of cast-iron cookware. It's a 12" skillet I paid 3 dollars for...


GregThePianoTuner commented 18 days ago

How to use a souse or head cheese mold?

by Modemac 24 days ago

I recently acquired a vintage cast iron head cheese mold: a scary looking bust of a pig's head, about eight inches ac...


joonjoon commented 22 days ago

Best Cast Iron Griddle for Glass Cooktop?

by SewRusty 29 days ago

I'm hunting for a cast iron flat bottom griddle for making pancakes and such on my glass cooktop. Right now it's just...

kaleokahu commented 27 days ago

Season to Sear

by DTats0311 5 months ago

I made a beautiful Fillet Mignon last night. Seasoned with salt and pepper and once seared, I threw In Garlic, butter...


MolonLabe762 commented 28 days ago

Yard Sale Find

by adamscookingwithcast 28 days ago

I found a large pile of cast-iron at a yard sale today was wondering if I found any good pans did not need them but c...


alexrander commented 28 days ago

Do you save empty cookware boxes?

by nikkib99 1 month ago

I think I'm looking for a sanity check from you guys, but I wanted to know if you all saved your empty product boxes....

hill food commented 29 days ago

Must I trade my cast iron wok for carbon steel?

by CathleenH 4 years ago

Hello all, I have a cast iron wok. It is not a light Chinese model, but a huge, heavy flat-bottomed model. I ch...


BStat commented 1 month ago

getting cornbread out of cast-iron skillet?

by JessicaSophia 13 years ago

I made cornbread for the first time in my cast-iron skillet, and took some earlier 'hound advice about heating the sk...


virtualguthrie commented 1 month ago

Dutch oven ID

by gbischoff3 2 months ago

I need help identifying this heat ring, no other identifying info besides an 8 on the bottom.


gbischoff3 commented 2 months ago

Strange Black Ash from Cast Iron Dutch Oven Pot

by lisaleira 3 months ago

Hello! I was excited to start doing some meat cooking in a cast iron dutch oven. I bought a Lodge cast iron dutch ...


lisaleira commented 2 months ago

Seasoning with rancid flaxseed oil

by balikian 5 months ago

So I have a number of cast iron pieces. A friend just reseasoned his with flaxseed oil, so I thought I would give it...

ninrn commented 2 months ago

Highest oven temp that's safe for cast iron skillet?

by ipsedixit 8 years ago

What's the highest oven temp that a cast iron skillet can be used at without damage? I read somewhere that the max...


zackly commented 2 months ago

Cast iron dutch oven spots!

by taryn_09 3 months ago

I just bought a brand new dutch oven. I properly washed, dried instantly, and seasoned it with crisco. Used it one ti...

rasputina commented 2 months ago

E. Dehillerin---what to buy?

by Pirendeus 3 months ago

I'm taking a trip to Paris (possibly once in a life time) and plan to visit E. Dehillerin. Any suggestions on somethi...


AGM_Cape_Cod commented 3 months ago

Carbon steel seasoning keeps coming off

by avenka 1 year ago

My carbon steel pan seasoning keeps coming off like cheap paint. I've tried the method at the Vollrath video at this ...


MucousMembrane commented 3 months ago