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Cast-iron cooking requires some expertise, from learning to season your pan to finding the best recipes. Chowhounds discuss it all here, plus favorite brands and places to buy cast-iron cookware.

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Dutch oven ID

by gbischoff3 6 days ago

I need help identifying this heat ring, no other identifying info besides an 8 on the bottom.


gbischoff3 commented 6 days ago

Strange Black Ash from Cast Iron Dutch Oven Pot

by lisaleira 23 days ago

Hello! I was excited to start doing some meat cooking in a cast iron dutch oven. I bought a Lodge cast iron dutch ...


lisaleira commented 9 days ago

Seasoning with rancid flaxseed oil

by balikian 4 months ago

So I have a number of cast iron pieces. A friend just reseasoned his with flaxseed oil, so I thought I would give it...

ninrn commented 14 days ago

Highest oven temp that's safe for cast iron skillet?

by ipsedixit 8 years ago

What's the highest oven temp that a cast iron skillet can be used at without damage? I read somewhere that the max...


zackly commented 16 days ago

Cast iron dutch oven spots!

by taryn_09 26 days ago

I just bought a brand new dutch oven. I properly washed, dried instantly, and seasoned it with crisco. Used it one ti...

rasputina commented 21 days ago

E. Dehillerin---what to buy?

by Pirendeus 1 month ago

I'm taking a trip to Paris (possibly once in a life time) and plan to visit E. Dehillerin. Any suggestions on somethi...


AGM_Cape_Cod commented 25 days ago

Carbon steel seasoning keeps coming off

by avenka 1 year ago

My carbon steel pan seasoning keeps coming off like cheap paint. I've tried the method at the Vollrath video at this ...


MucousMembrane commented 28 days ago

Can't get my Le Creuset interior clean

by krystinamarie 3 years ago

Hey there, Hoping that one of you lovely people can help me out! I have a 7.25 quart enameled Le Creuset Dutch oven....


jounipesonen commented 29 days ago

Seasoning Cast Iron Skillet without an oven?

by Andy P. 14 years ago

Hey y'all, Sorry to post another cast-iron question, but I've got myself a bonafide dilemma: I was gifted two bra...


GH1618 commented 1 month ago

Oil-seasoning copper cookware

by Computta 1 month ago

Has anyone ever tried coating the outside of a copper (tin lined) pot with some kind of oil to prevent it form formin...

kaleokahu commented 1 month ago

tramontina enameled cast iron?

by Hungry Celeste 10 years ago

On the shelves of my local WalMart: nifty-looking dark green enameled cast iron skillets, buffet casseroles, etc. T...

Thymus commented 1 month ago

Baking Bread with Minimal Cookware for a Small Living Space

by weldlove 1 month ago

Hi everyone! I live in a very small apartment and I'm not able to have a ton of cookware if I want some organization ...

DuffyH commented 1 month ago

Getting rid of (most) cast iron

by athanasius 7 years ago

As a longtime user of cast iron, I recently found myself storing most of it away in the basement. I still occasional...


nelsonjw commented 1 month ago

What is the best way to clean cast iron?

by GeorgiaBloom 2 months ago

I recently purchased a couple of cast iron skillets and have read that cleaning cast iron requires no soap and water....

rasputina commented 1 month ago

Achilles heel of frying pans made in different materials - name them here

by CHSeifert 2 months ago

What do you feel is the achilles heel of the different materials frying pans are made of these days ? My take. ...

chickentender commented 2 months ago

Blu Skillet Ironware?

by eight_inch_pestle 3 years ago

Anyone tried this line yet? Saw them at the farmers' market the other day. Beautiful stuff, but don't see many review...


wabi commented 2 months ago

Cleaning/caring for cast iron WITHOUT using paper towels?

by happy_c 8 years ago

Sorry for starting yet another cast iron thread, but my search didn't turn up an answer to my particular question. I'...


tiffystation commented 2 months ago

How old is my cast iron skillet?

by FScarrie 6 years ago

Got this 10 inch skillet at an antique store in Leavenworth, KS about 5 years ago. It was pretty rusty when I got it,...


goldhuntermike commented 2 months ago

Seasoning Cast Iron in May 2011

by cowboyardee 6 years ago

I usually look for previous posts on a topic and then only make a new thread if there aren't any answering my questio...


jsp73 commented 2 months ago

Griddle Temperature for Cooking Pancakes

by jljohn 4 years ago

I use a cast iron griddle for making pancakes on the weekends, and I have been heating it slowly over two burners for...


KansasBartender commented 2 months ago