Cast Iron

Cast-iron cooking requires some expertise, from learning to season your pan to finding the best recipes. Chowhounds discuss it all here, plus favorite brands and places to buy cast-iron cookware.

How to Clean Cast Iron

People rave about the benefits of their cast iron skillet: Oh, the heat retention! The stovetop and oven flexibility! The dietary iron! The nonstick surface (after seasoning)! But then there's the cleaning...

Staub Cast Iron

by GTJ 15 days ago

Hello. I hope to get some first-hand clues about the proper way to season these Staub pots when they arrive. I have used Lodge for years and though I never seasoned them properly at the start, over...

Cast Iron Oyster Pan - Alternate Use Ideas & Suggestions

by JosephInOhio 10 days ago

Typical of my addictions and compunctions… I scored this here roaster pan for $2.50... I can’t tell that it was ever used for anything. It occurred to me that I really don’t grill oysters enough t...

Questions on Demeyere plancha

by damiano 2 years ago

I'm considering buying a Demeyere plancha. I currently have a Le Creuset cast iron griddle pan, which I don't use enough because I'm not 100% happy with the results. Before buying though I just hav...

Your thoughts on specialised cookware!

by CHSeifert 6 months ago

I have watched my mother cook A LOT in the kitchen since I was a child and continued to do so as I grew older. I never really thought much about cooking techniques and specialised cookware (spe...

Butterpat Cast Iron Skillet

by ReeseLee 19 days ago

Anyone have reviews, comments regarding the "crème de la crème" of cast iron skillets. I do have Lodge cast iron, I discovered these when I was on Food52.com, actually they were selling Smithey ca...

Nickel Pans, Nickel plating, Nickel linings

by alexrander 21 days ago

Nickel is a good thermal conductor, better than tin and much harder. Many old cast iron pans were plated with nickel to prevent rust, and many people confuse it with chrome when it’s highly polishe...

Any ideas where I can sell an AGA stove?!

by gobybee 29 days ago

I'm looking for guidance/suggestions/recommendations - we bought a house that has an AGA cast iron 4-burner gas cooker and we're trying to find an appropriate avenue to sell it to someone who would...

Pre-seasoned Cast Iron for broiler

by borisabrams 1 month ago

Hi there! So my new oven has a broiler and i am super excited to use it. I have never had one before and almost had an accident with a pyrex dish under the broiler! I was wondering if somet...

Is my Le Creuset skillet damaged?

by notBader 2 months ago

I bought a new Le Creuset black signature skillet and after 2 uses it has developed this brown stain on top and the bottom looks chipped. I don't have much experience so could someone please let me...

Thoughts on buying a wok?

by lisaleira 3 months ago

Hey y’all! I’m thinking of buying my first wok, to stir fry vegetables. I’m afraid of toxic stuff so definitely prefer a pan that doesn’t have non stick covering. And maybe most important, I hav...

Poor Pizza Crust with SolidTeknic AUS-ion Compared to Cast-Iron

by W8lkinUSA 4 months ago

I presumed similar results, but it is far worse when using the AUS-ion (wrought-iron). Why is this? I've already gifted the Lodge cast-iron griddle. I typically preheat the pan 25°F above dire...

Need help identifying hammered copper pots with brass rooster finial and turned molded cast iron handles

by roosterfinial 9 years ago

I just purchased some rather unique hammered copper pots on Ebay. The largest is a 1.25" high and 8" wide with a turned cast iron handle (at first glance it appeared to be the traditional wood...

Carbon steel seasoning keeps coming off

by avenka 4 years ago

My carbon steel pan seasoning keeps coming off like cheap paint. I've tried the method at the Vollrath video at this link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xoIO8YOpyN4 The first picture of a 7....

How old is my cast iron Dutch oven?

by greygarious 10 years ago

I bought it around 40 yrs ago at a flea market - obviously used. The interior was well-seasoned but there was a little rust on the exterior. It's 4 qts, with a loop handle like a bucket, and a li...

Brandani Cast Iron Pan

by Libranflight 2 years ago

Found at TJ Maxx, wondering if anyone has any input on use, performance and care. Thanks!

Solidteknics AusFonte

by shoplife2019 3 months ago

I purchased a Solidteknics AusFonte Bigga Skillet (33cm) over a year ago and only used it for the first time today. It is my first cast iron pan ever and I didn’t anticipate how heavy it would be w...


by kaleokahu 4 months ago

Just think! Le Creuset is coming out with NEW COLORS!