Cast Iron

Cast-iron cooking requires some expertise, from learning to season your pan to finding the best recipes. Chowhounds discuss it all here, plus favorite brands and places to buy cast-iron cookware.

How to Clean Cast Iron Without Ruining the Seasoning

Caring for cast iron means cleaning it, but it's not as simple as popping your pan in the dishwasher. So how do you safely clean cast iron skillets, Dutch ovens, or fryers? People rave about the benefits...

Your Best Thrift/Estate/Yard Find?

by kaleokahu 10 days ago

Prompted by tcamp, the joys of stealing a great piece of cookware at junk store prices is had to beat. For me, it's like finding that long-lost Whistler painting. So what was it? Aloha, Kaleo

Mauviel Copper with cast iron handles [Split from Falk Copper Cookware sale thread]

by alexrander 2 months ago

On a somewhat similar note, I just found out that Mauviel has started to make real cast iron handles again. At least for the time being Williams Sonoma here in the USA is introducing them on a new ...

Any ideas where I can sell an AGA stove?!

by gobybee 2 years ago

I'm looking for guidance/suggestions/recommendations - we bought a house that has an AGA cast iron 4-burner gas cooker and we're trying to find an appropriate avenue to sell it to someone who would...

Does Anyone Make Domed Covers for Lodge Cast Iron Frying Pans?

by westes 4 months ago

Lodge has cast iron skillets in 8", 10.25" and 12" diameters. The domes for these are relatively flat, as shown in the photo attached. Does anyone make a domed cover for these skillets that woul...

All-clad Fusiontec - Made in Germany carbon steel enameled cookware

by ceasar2k6 1 month ago

I got these as a gift and just opened them up and have not used, but my initial impressions is well built, relatively heavy (similar to D5, but actually it's carbon steel, I believe), and have nice...

Claus - What Other Kitchen Appliances Do You Own?

by rei17 6 months ago

Hi Claus, we know you have an amazing array of top notch pots and pans. Also, knives ! What other kitchen appliances and brands do you have? Coffee/Expresso Maker ? Induction Top Cooking ? ...

Tomahawk: Cast iron skillet or griddle

by winzee 2 months ago

Hey guys! It's my first time cooking a Tomahawk at home. I have both a Le Creuset Cast iron Skillet and Rectangular griddle. Question, should I use the Flat Skillet then transfer to oven or should ...

Best Technique for Cleaning Cast Iron

by westes 2 months ago

Once you have a good seasoning on a cast iron pan - which is not so trivial to do well - what is the best way to get it clean between seasonings? I have been using salt and oil as a light abrasi...

Best Stainless Steel Dutch Ovens?

by westes 3 months ago

I am looking for a stainless steel dutch oven to use in the oven for roasting meats, mostly chicken. What are the characteristics such a dutch oven should have? I am guessing the stainless side...

What cookware is on your want list that is not available?

by ceasar2k6 5 months ago

This is more of a wish list of what cookware you want, and can't have as it's simply either not made or available. Feel free to also rant when a manufacturer discontinued something and you want it ...

Cast Iron Dutch oven for Smoking?

by soyena 2 months ago

Hi, I want to smoke really simple and not too much food, like 2pcs chicken legs or a piece of tofu. I have seen some stovetop smoker and I wonder if I can simply use my Dutch oven instead. If I do,...

The best smooth bottom RAW cast iron steak frying pan out there?

by CHSeifert 3 months ago

In my never ending quest to try out different cookware, I'm now looking for the best raw cast iron smotth bottom frying pan for searing steaks available ? Skeppshult and Lodge cast iron pans are...

For frying pans, aluminum-free pure stainless steel pans may be a better choice

by AlexBen 3 months ago

I have always had an intuition that I think aluminum with better thermal conductivity is a disaster for a frying pan This video on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5m2bfZ8AVs Comparing sta...

Has anyone tried a 10mm,20mm stainless steel pot? No aluminum

by AlexBen 3 months ago

I am looking for a frying pan with a very large heat capacity. I saw paderno and fissler. They are good, but they are not perfect. The aluminum of paderno is exposed, and the thickness of fissler i...

My Henckels non-stick fry pan... after sandblasting

by ChillaxDude 4 years ago

This pan is the workhorse of my kitchen and my favorite thing ever, so when the non-stick coating started to flake off I knew I couldn't cook without it. The newer models from Henckels are either s...

Uneven searing in overpriced ECI pans from Staub & Le Creuset - show us examples

by CHSeifert 6 months ago

I would like to hear your experiences with uneven heating and searing using your overpriced garbage ECI pans from Staub & Le Creuset. I’m not a huge fan of ECI vessels, in fact I prefer stainle...

Highest Quality Induction Adapter/Plate for Non-Induction Cookware

by 7nkWAR9lAPnmzKRlhYAD 5 months ago

I'm looking for an induction adapter/plate of the highest quality (e.g. clad/3+-ply), price is no object. If this is the only way to use my existing French copper pans, so be it. It seems most p...

Testing Heat Capacity - NOOBIE

by mobiledynamics 5 months ago

I'm a simple person with a gas hob and some tools on hand. Instant read thermometer as well as a IR Gun with a port that I can connect my surface probe on it as well. I believe the surface contact ...

Seasoning Cast Iron - Noob Failures

by mobiledynamics 5 months ago

For whatever reason, the forum would not let me in...but finally I'm in... I feel like it's 15+ years ago when I was seasoning my CS pans and it was a total failure. Back them I was younger. Pro...

What are you using your Cast Iron for?

by mobiledynamics 9 months ago

There was a recent CI thread....which sorta revisits the age ole poll. For those with CI, what are you using it for. The only CI I have is two ECI, one 9qt oval and 7qt round . It probably sees les...