Rabbit food, maybe, but carrots are tasty for humans too: raw, roasted, glazed, and more. Chat with Chowhounds about recipes, your favorite varieties, creative carrot dishes, and more.

Fall Recipes Perfect for Those Sick of Pumpkin-Flavored Everything

Many of us have had it with the pumpkin madness. Enough already with these pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin cheesecakes, ad nauseam! But that doesn't mean we're anti-autumn. Oh, no. We love the warming...

Carrot Dish

by VegetarianHomeCook 11 months ago

Where I live in Washington, local baby carrots are in season and delicious. We have an overload of them from our csa box. Does anyone have recipes or suggestions for what to do with them? I have ma...

Slow Cooking Carrots Advice

by econe 2 years ago

Hello everyone! New poster, so I hope it’s okay to ask for advice here. My grandma makes the most AMAZING slow roasted carrots, so when she asked if I had any special requests for Thanksgiving, ...

Can I use slimy carrots for stock?

by lisaleira 2 years ago

I bought baby carrots and literally the next day they are slimy!!! Can I use them for stock? I don’t know what the slime means. Is it fungus or bacteria or just some physical issue like condensa...

Carrots with zig-zag edges?

by alignment 2 years ago

Wondering how to make sliced carrots with zig-zag edges, like what I often see in Thai restaurants (in curries, noodle dishes, and steamed). Linked to a pic that includes carrots with these edges. ...

Slimy mini carrots

by Weiszguy 15 years ago

I just started Weight Watchers and invested in a big bag of the Earthbound Farm baby carrots from Costco. When I opened them up this morning (bought them on Sunday) they had that slimy feel to the...

Accidentally froze carrots... can I still use them in Boeuf Bourguignon?

by vanessa7 3 years ago

Wasn't thinking this morning and put my carrots in the freezer. Can I still use them in Boeuf Bourguignon or should I buy some fresh ones in the morning? We have company coming over for dinner tomo...

A great mandoline, especially for carrots?

by Cicely 13 years ago

I've read a bunch of reviews on mandolines, but none address my chief need: one that juliennes carrots well. I've tried the Japanese kind (Benriner), but I really didn't like how unstable it seemed...

Carrot greens

by Allenkii 7 years ago

I need to pick my carrots and there are all these beautiful green lush tops! Any suggestions what I can make with them? Thank you

Carrot Juice Reduction

by Michelle724 15 years ago

Does anyone have any experience with making a carrot juice reduction? Is there a certain kind of carrot juice that works better than others?

What can I bake with shredded carrots

by phelana 13 years ago

I found a bag of pre shredded carrots my house sitter left behind. What can I make with them please?

Bamix immersion blender for smoothies. Will pureeing harder veg like kale, carrots, etc., in a food processor first, then transferring to a container and using Bamix with liquid, fruit etc., make a healthy smooth smoothie.

by blustery 7 years ago

Ihave recently purchased a Bamix immersion blender and like it for pureeing soup and making smoothies with cut up frozen fruit, finely chopped cucumber (soft), liquids, and superfood powder such as...

Carrot tops

by E_M 4 years ago

I am making beef burgundy. After sautéing the carrot/onion mixture, I like to wrap it in cheesecloth with the herbs for easy removal. Would it be stupid to add the leafy carrot tops to the mixture...

How to save salty carrots and potatoes?

by butterup1 4 years ago

I made corned beef and cabbage in my slow cooker and the carrots and potatoes came out so salty you can't even eat them. Was thinking I could make a soup with them but they are already very soft f...

Carrot squash cumin and allspice sauce

by nigelle 5 years ago

I made the recipe below tonight (just felt like winging it), and even though it was on the hob for ages, the squash and carrot didn't really seem to absorb the flavour of the spices, even though th...

Tamarind Braised Short Ribs with Vanilla Glazed Carrots Report - Long

by Tracy L. 15 years ago

Yesterday morning I woke up to much cooler weather than I was expecting and thought it would be a perfect day to try the Braised Short Ribs with Vanilla Glazed Carrots from Ana Sortun’s Spice: Flav...

Dizengoff Carrot Salad?

by lemons 5 years ago

Just tried the Chelsea Market outpost and was blown away, particularly by that carrot-pistachio salad. It's not in Solomonov's Zahav Cookbook, and Googling was nonproductive. Anyone have a similar ...

Need Recipe: Chinese Pickled Carrots

by ThePontificator 5 years ago

Decades ago I had a recipe for "Chinese Pickled Carrots" (refrigerator pickles). I only made it once and unfortunately lost the recipe. It called for cutting into matchsticks a vast quantity of...

Help with carrots!

by munchkin1 5 years ago

I have 5 lbs. of organic carrots that froze in the fridge (as did other things that had to be trashed; setting too cold, obviously.) Turned the ffridge down and they are still in the fridge, but no...