Carl's Jr.

Get a Free Beyond Meat Burger or Taco Today, Plus an In-Store Coupon

Have you tried the plant-based Beyond Burger yet? If not, today's your chance to do it for free. Several restaurants from coast to coast, including Carl's Jr. and Del Taco, will be giving away free...

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Carl's Jr...founder passed away

by justagthing 13 years ago

Just heard that the founder passed away today. I met him once and he gave me his business card which was good for a free burger. I don't eat fast food too often, but I do like those Portabello Six-...

Differing prices at Carl's Jr

by Midlife 13 years ago

In order to even ask this question I have to fess up to the fact that I sometimes stop at a Carl's Jr in the morning on the way to work for a drive-thru Breakfast Club Sandwich. I do it when I don'...

Carl's Jr. New Patty Melt?

by malibumike 13 years ago

Anybody try Carl's Jr. new patty melt, how is it and how much is it? their web site has a dollar off coupon also.

Grilled Pineapple at Carl's Jr.

by mojoeater 13 years ago

They are launching a new teriyaki burger w/grilled pineapple. This article is interesting, in that the CEO of the parent company says that he has no plans to introduce more salads and healthier ite...

Carl's Jr Philly Cheesesteak burger

by calabasas_trafalgar 14 years ago

I don't know what it is, but I'm always a sucker to try these - ONCE. Think the pastrami burger was bad? This one's even worse. Just a plain vanilla burger with some mystery meat and cheese thrown...

Carl's Jr. Breakfast Sandwich - Nah, it's just not that good

by rworange 14 years ago

Burger, egg, bacon, cheese, home fries all between two sesame seed buns. You would think that had potential. It tasted like nothing. All I remember was there was too much catsup on top of the h...

Carl's Jr. One-Pound SIx Dollar Burger (continued from LA Board)

by PayOrPlay 16 years ago

An energetic thread has sprouted on the LA Board about a current Carl's Jr. promotion for a ONE-POUND version of their so-called "Six Dollar Burger." "...two 1/2-pound charbroiled, 100-percent ...

Carl's Jr. 1 lb Six Dollar Burger

by Le Petomane 16 years ago

Anybody tried this yet? ..two 1/2-pound charbroiled, 100-percent Angus beef patties topped with three slices of American cheese, bread-and-butter pickles, red onions, lettuce, tomatoes, ketchu...

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