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Can-Do Attitude: A Beginner's Guide to Canning Fruits & Vegetables

Interested in canning but not sure where to start? This overview of how to can and preserve fruits and vegetables will help get you started. Whether you’re a gardener with a bumper crop of cucumbers...

Gopher Chow Chow?

by kenchaa 1 month ago

I have no idea why it was labeled as such, but as a child I had my Grandmothers "Gopher ChowChow". It was a pickled/canned sweet/sour vegetable mixture from the middle of Nebraska. Beans, onions, c...

What am I doing WRONG?

by Stephcat 2 months ago

In these crazy times I thought it would be a good idea to start canning meals. I have the time, why not. I have followed all the protocols. I have boiled the jars and rings. I got 75% pops. I ...

Does anyone add salt in their jams?

by N_Little 1 year ago

I'm looking to make a raspberry lemonade jam, focusing on the flavor of the lemons, but I'm afraid it will be too tart to be used as a convetional spread. I heard of and have tried salt on lemons b...

Pectin recommendations

by wvetrone 7 months ago

I would like to make some high quality jams. I want to buy the top of the line pectin but I am very new to this area. Does anyone have any recommendations? And/or vendors to buy it from?

BPA - canned fish

by borisabrams 8 months ago

Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew any stores/brands selling BPA-canned fish. I can only see Wild Planet, which seems to only be tuna. What i really want is sardines and salmon! Thanks!

Reprocessing pickles

by Danybear 9 months ago

Recently I purchased a humongous can of Maille Gherkins at COSTCO's business centre. Can't resist a bargain, but need to know if I can break down the can and re-process (can) the pickles without se...

Too late to heat process my jelly and jam?

by soccermom13 10 months ago

About 7 days ago, I made apple jelly and Italian prune plum jam. I put it into sterilized jars then screwed on plastic lids. I had hoped to clear out some freezer space for these jars, but I now ...

Canning lid fail

by OhioLadyBug 1 year ago

I’m pretty new to canning (2 years). A couple months ago I PC’d quarts and jars of pinto beans with bacon and onions. I cooked at the right times 60/90 at 10 lbs. They all sealed with a ping, ping,...

Forgot to put salt in my canned tomatoes

by Jewelscanning 5 years ago

I just canned tomatoes an forgot to put salt in them an they boiled in a canning pot for 45 min do I need to redo them please help

Old fashioned southern treat... Pickled spiced peaches

by ggeorgio 10 months ago

When I was growing up, when preparing for guests, my mother served pickled spiced peaches with the meal which were the highlight on her southern table. I always begged at least one from my mother, ...

Using food coloring to enhance colors when pickling

by ggeorgio 10 months ago

It's peak watermelon season here in sunny South Texas. Truck farmers, roadside stands, farmers markets are brimming with this iconic summertime treat. My family LOVES WATERMELON! Fat ones, skinny o...

Converting a refrigerator pickle recipe to water bath canned recipe

by ggeorgio 10 months ago

I LOVE candied dill pickles- the recipes use commercially prepared & bottled dill pickles (like you buy at the grocery store) that are drained of the pickle juice, salt-water brined overnight, rins...

Kroger Canning Supply Sale

by NonnieMuss 12 months ago

I have no idea if this was just one location or what, but my local Kroger has marked all the outdoor/grilling/summer stuff 70% off, and for some reason they included the canning supplies. I checke...

Whiskey Infused Honey--Can I BWB This?

by secondhandbookstore 1 year ago

I have a whiskey-infused honey recipe (1 cup honey, 1 bay leaf, 1/4 cup whiskey simmered on the stove and then stored in the fridge) that our family loves a lot. My sister asked if I could make it ...

Lemon marmalade recipe, fruit juice sweetened

by tigerlily16 1 year ago

I’m looking for a recipe similar to Fiordifrutta’s organic lemon spread (marmalade). The only ingredients are lemon peel and juice, apple juice and pectin. Does anyone have a recipe like this that...

Bad beans?

by fasttlane 1 year ago

I opened a can of kidney beans it was foamy and smelt sour... i put a bit in my soup but then fished them out quick. Some of the canning slim is still in my soup. Is my soup still safe to eat? Were...