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Jamming, Canning and Preserving 2017

by MmeFleiss 5 months ago

I just made my first batch for the year. My husband loves the pickled onions that he eats in London, so I decided to ...


rstuart commented 2 days ago

No water bath jam

by martak 6 years ago

Hello, I made my first batches of strawberry jam in the fall. I still have some jars left. The person who showed m...


ricepad commented 2 days ago

Where to buy bulk canning tomatoes in NJ?

by drdavidge 4 months ago

Hey, my family is from Italy and we have a tradition of canning (plum) tomatoes once a year in August to make sauce f...


MrKmart commented 2 days ago

Leftover Tomato Juice From Hot Pack Tomatoes

by Caiatransplant2 4 days ago

Hi all. I went through my garden and picked a bunch of tomatoes, followed guidelines for hot pack and canned them. ...

Ttrockwood commented 4 days ago

Help with canning!

by BobbieJ 4 days ago

I've been canning greeen beans for about 4 years. I have a new canner and for some reason when I canned the beans the...


ricepad commented 4 days ago

Can you hot water bathe dehydrated tomatoes in oil?

by Chandler114 13 days ago

So my bf has grown more tomatoes than I know what to do with and I started to put them in the dehydrator. I love stor...

babette feasts commented 10 days ago

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Pickling Vinegar 7%

by boratini 14 days ago

I have a new pickling book that has recipes requiring 7% acidity vinegar. I have been searching all sources here in t...

Canning pickles- 5% vs 7%?

by Smorgasbord 6 years ago

So I'm brand spankin' new to canning, and I'm starting with the safety of pickles. Most recipes call for regular 5% ...


boratini commented 14 days ago

Tomato relish, too vinegary!

by bluebean 11 months ago

I'm new to canning and just tried a batch of tomato relish and it's super vinegary! I have already sealed them but i...


mommae commented 1 month ago

Looking for people in the Toronto area who do Pressure Canning

by Fiz 2 months ago

I have just bought a Presto 23 quart Pressure Canner. I am looking for a 2-3 hour Pressure Canning class. Anyone exp...


Fiz commented 2 months ago

Processing pickles at 3400'?

by corpkid 2 months ago

Made my first dozen quarts of pickles ever, trying to replicate the McClure's Spicy ones and it didn't work out so we...

MelMM commented 2 months ago

Question about canning safety

by NonnieMuss 4 months ago

I'm in about my third year of canning - mostly jams, pickles, and salsa so far, but I have a soup recipe I'd love to ...

NonnieMuss commented 3 months ago

Re-canning commercial dill pickles

by caiatransplant 3 months ago

Hi All. I needed a 1 gallon jar for a limoncello project and couldn't find one that was a full gallon, so bought a g...

jen kalb commented 3 months ago

What is the acid or pH level of hot peppers?

by Caralien 8 years ago

I'm (again) considering canning or somehow preserving the hot pepper bounty I have. It appears that low-acid foo...


iyksusie commented 6 months ago

Canning question

by kydds4kids 7 months ago

I made homemade turkey soup and want to know if I can can the leftovers, but I don't know how or where to ask the que...

NonnieMuss commented 7 months ago

Garlic-free zucchini preserves?

by beagles8mydough 12 months ago

I have a bounty of zucchini and very much want to preserve as much as I can. I will blanche and freeze some and will ...


beagles8mydough commented 7 months ago

Pepper jelly

by JeannieB50 1 year ago

Sometimes my pepper jelly is too thin. Could it be from chopping peppers in FP? Or could it be from not boinging long...


Dogboa commented 8 months ago

Beginner's Guide to Canning?

by ilikepotatoes 9 months ago

I want to give out apple sauce for Christmas. I've read a few PDFs that say I need a pressure cooker and need to kno...


Mira55 commented 8 months ago

Jar and lid options for canning jams & jellies

by raccoonmario 9 months ago

Are there any other good jar and lid options for canning jams and jellies? I've been using the 8oz Ball & Kerr jars w...

rasputina commented 9 months ago

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