Candy Thermometer

Go Beyond S'mores with These Marshmallow Recipes

Marshmallows are sweet pillows of chewy, gooey heaven. Their fluffy, elastic texture and hit of sugary ecstasy make us crazy. Often relegated to a children's campfire treat, adults want in on this ethereal...

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Where to find the best TOMATOES and a good Candy Thermometer?!

by bbeline 12 years ago

I am hoping someone can help me find some good fresh tomatoes in Montreal. I love the Jean Talon Market... and there is a stand there that sells the best tomatoes I have ever tasted; but as a resid...

Candy Thermometer from Surfas

mochi mochi
by mochi mochi 13 years ago

I just bought a candy thermometer from Surfasonline. By looking at the online picture, I didn't realize it was so big.(abt. 14 inches long) I also thought that it would come with some kind of liter...

Recommendation for good candy thermometer?

by AppleSister 13 years ago

I'm not interested in making really elaborate, difficult desserts, but I do want to make custard-based ice cream right, and was thinking I should invest in a candy thermometer. I'd appreciate any ...

Candy Thermometers??

by j2brady 13 years ago

Hello all, I have a question about candy/dep fryer thermometers. I usually just use the drop of candy in the water bowl trick to decide what stage of carmelization the sugar is at but today I...

Candy Thermometer

by Katie Nell 14 years ago

Is it necessary to get a candy thermometer if you are making candy or can you use a regular thermometer, like you would use for meat?

candy thermometer

by Ilana 15 years ago

Hi. Looking for a really good (not necessarily expensive) candy thermometer. Is the high-priced digital from Williams Sonoma worth it? I appreciate your feedback.

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