Can Opener


I bought an EZ-DUZ-IT can opener

by MaximRecoil 5 years ago

I recently found out that the classic American Amco Swing-A-Way can opener is now made in China, and has been since 2008. Usually that's the end of a story like this, and the only way you can find ...

Brilliant Invention Will Change The Way You Drink Canned Beer

MplsM ary
by MplsM ary 6 years ago

http://www.foodbeast.com/news/draft-top/ That's a compelling video, especially the instant "Bloody Mary" in a V8 can.

Manual Can Opener?

by liu 9 years ago

What is a GREAT manual can opener? Our Zyliss Lock-n-Lift just broke; I didn't love it anyhow. There have been many others before it that I also haven't loved...so what should I get next? S...

Electric Can Opener help - thoughts on the Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch opener?

The Oracle
by The Oracle 6 years ago

I'm looking for an electric can opener for someone with arthritic hands who can no longer press down to pierce a can using a manual opener. They also have limited grip strength and can't open lift...

Are electric can openers worth it?

by DonShirer 11 years ago

Our manual can opener is showing signs of old age (as are we) and considering that arthritis may show up one of these years, we are considering replacing it with an electric model. Never having ha...

Need a new manual can opener

by BluPlateSpec 11 years ago

I have to get a new can opener. I want a manual one that's easy on the hand/wrist to use, cuts well and cleanly and is durable. Your suggestion? Thanks.

What's the best can opener?

by walker 7 years ago

For years, I've used Swing-a-Way; I'm sure they've lasted 10 years but the last two don't seem to work after about 10 cans .. just feel they are not made as well as before. (Especially hard to open...

Manual Can Opener Needed but...

by Breadcrumbs 8 years ago

so mr bc injured his wrist and now he struggles with our decades old and much loved Swing-Away can opener. I'm hoping to avoid having to go the electric route and wondered whether anyone could...

Left-handed can opener -- best one?

by SunnyCal 8 years ago

I am looking for a good left-handed can opener for a holiday gift for a family member. Her previous one bit the dust. Would appreciate any ideas from lefties who have ones that they like. Many ...

Manual can opener?

by BeeZee 13 years ago

I'm sick of the electric can opener taking up space on the counter when it's used at the most once a week...plus I can't ever clean all of the gross gook off the blade area. What's your favorite h...

Does the One Touch Can Opener Work?

by Querencia 15 years ago

Does anybody here have actual experience using the new One Touch can opener that, supposedly, you just lay on top of the can and let 'er rip? Does it open a can entirely and cleanly? I have grown v...

Looking to buy a new Electric Can Opener

by emeraldjules 9 years ago

Back in February my cheap $10 electric can opener died after 10+ years of service. In March I had to put everything in storage, so I have not really worried about having to replace it until now. ...

Manual Stainless Steel Can Opener

by JuniorBalloon 9 years ago

Anybody own a good one they can recommend? Sheesh. You wouldn't think it would be hard to find, but either the gears don't work well, the handles are made of plasitc or the cutting tool is zinc coa...

Manual can opener- which to buy? Such a disparity in pricing.

by kimeats 11 years ago

So over the past 4 years or so we've owned 2 cheap-o manual can openers and one mid-range opener. All have died and failed. Mostly we use these for opening large tins of tomatoes in the off-seas...

Looking for can opener, electric or manual, good for arthritic hands

by mtpaper 11 years ago

Title about says it all.... Manual or electric free-standing for my husband for valentine's day.... Thanks!

Is there a can opener that you can rely on?

by Neta 12 years ago

I'm not sure if this is the correct site since it really isn't cookware but here goes. I have yet to find a can opener that lasts for long before it loses it's ability to open every size can witho...

A can opener that can open Thai curries and Mexican menudos?

by xox 12 years ago

I have an OXO ergonomic opener that will BARELY (if at all) open my canned goods from Thailand and Mexico - cans that have a shorter metal top that American cans. I've tried other openers and thro...

One-Touch Can Openers?

by Justpaula 13 years ago

I need a new can opener. I don't want a big electric one,and despite my left-handedness have put enough years of practice behind me to use the standard manual kind. But, as I am essentially restoc...

paint can opener tip

by mortarNpestle 13 years ago

I don't know if this is as amazing for you all as it was for me but I had to share. On a recent trip to home depot to buy paint the guy working the department gave me one of these paint can openers...