Looking for authentic Cambodian food? We've got your guide here, with advice on where to find Cambodian restaurants, ideas for Cambodian recipes, and discussions on the finer points of Cambodian cuisine.

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Lukshon Culver City

by bigelectriccat 8 years ago

Lukshon has officially opened and I will tell you all about it now. Eating spicy foods gives you Technicolor dreams. Trust me I know from global experience. West side fans of the San Gabriel Val...

Golden Lake Eatery--Cambodian in L.A. Chinatown

by Chandavkl 5 years ago

Unless you were in the back parking lot of Ai Hoa Supermarket in Chinatown, you'd never know there was a restaurant next to the back entrance of the market. More recently home to Jenny Mai Fast Fo...

Visiting San Jose -recommendations dimsum/szechuan/bbq/cambodian/etc

by hargau 4 years ago

Will be visiting San Jose area from Boston and am looking for recommendations for: 1) Best Dim Sum 2) Best Szechuan 3) Best inexpensive seafood 4) Any notable Cambodian in the area? 5) Best BB...

Best Cambodian restaurants in the east bay?

by boghollow7 4 years ago

I have a friend coming from out of town. They are interested in tasting the best Cambodian lunch the east bay offers. Any ideas?

Cambodian Markets of Lowell

by EATTV 5 years ago

Next time you're hungry in Lowell or nearby, or out of your way bypass the sit-downs and visit some of the to-go's. Wise cooks and excellent eaters have steered me to Lowell for a while so yesterda...

Cambodian restaurant recs?

by juliachildish 5 years ago

Hey, all. My partner and I are lucky enough to live a few blocks away from Khmer Kitchen, the rightly lauded Cambodian restaurant in South Philly, but, after spending an hour waiting for food last ...

Cambodian dinner in Twin Cities

by debbypo 5 years ago

Hi... will be visiting from Chicago for a few days. Staying in downtown Minneapolis but will have a car. We love Asian but live near many great Vietnamese places. We've heard that Cambodian (not av...

REVIEW w/pics: The Downs, Ups and Sideways of My Cambodian Dining Journey

by pleasurepalate 10 years ago

What I love about LA are the enclaves of ethnic neighborhoods scattered all over the county where certain populations will settle and as a result, restaurants featuring the cuisine follow suit. I t...

Cambodian Noodle King (Newmarket)

by randomthoughts 6 years ago

Since it was only mentioned in passing in other threads (thanks dory and davwud), I thought it should be a new thread. Great food, inexpensive, friendly family service. A few flaws didn't detra...

Lao Hmong Cambodian Grocers - Oakland

by RWCFoodie 6 years ago

Today after lunch at Sticky Rice Cafe, we went off searching for Lao/Cambodian grocers based on directions from our server at the restaurant. If you're looking for frozen Lao Hmong or Cambodian ...

Cambodian Beef Bone Soup

by MissBubbles 6 years ago

Any recommends on where to get this? There used to be an amazing place that served it in Long Beach but they have closed. It's basically an amazing broth with a huge bone in it. The marrow falls ou...

Cambodian New Year celebration 4/20 10am-3pm @ Oakland's Peralta Hacienda Historical Park 2465 34th Avenue

by zippo 6 years ago

few details other than "music, dancing, great food and much,much more!" http://www.wherevent.com/detail/Peralta-Hacienda-Historical-Cambodian-New-Year#description https://www.facebook.com/eve...

Pls help me choose 1 stop for Cambodian in Lowell!?!

by dameems 7 years ago

We are road-tripping thru Nashua-Lowell area this summer and I'm trying to ferret out best option for a Cambodian dinner in Lowell. 10 years ago, pre-kids, our Bostonian friends treated us to a min...

Cambodian Restaurants in the GTA?

by Farmer759 12 years ago

Went out to Kingston last week and tried Cambodian food for the first time. There seemed to be a Cambodian Restaurants everywhere over there. Does anyone know any in Toronto/Markham/Richmond ...

Simply Khmer, Cambodian in Lowell

by sekelmaan 7 years ago

Holycrapwhatafind!! We went up to Lowell on a recommendation for Super East Asian buffet or something, but once we got there it just didn't look good. It was dead and really run down. I did a qu...

Cambodian Catfish Amok at Chez Sovan (San Jose, Lunch Only)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 8 years ago

Besides the outpost in Campbell, Chez Sovan has a lunch-only branch in San Jose that’s open weekdays from 11am to 1:30pm. On Monday I was finally on that stretch of 101 at the right time to check ...

Compare and Contrast: Cambodian vs Korean fried spicy wings

by justbeingpolite 7 years ago

Has anyone had both the Angkor Wings at a Cambodian place, for example at Simply Khmer in Lowell, and the Bon Chon wings, say in Harvard Square? How do they compare? I've been drooling over desc...

Cambodian/Lao cookbooks?

by Emmmily 8 years ago

I'm just wrapping up a trip to SE Asia, and the food's been fantastic. I'm already pretty familiar with Thai and Indonesian, but Lao and Cambodian were both new to me - I was particularly blown awa...

Eggroll Paradise - New Cambodian in Lancaster

by ahab 7 years ago

Wow! What a great surprise! Just got takeout from here and I'm impressed. Vegetable (eggplant and sweet potato) curry stew with chicken was outstanding and the eggrolls were great, especially th...