Cafeteria food: What's your experience? Join the discussion on everything from elementary school lunches to workplace cafeteria options.

From Le Cordon Bleu to the Cafeteria: Mihoko Obunai Is Changing School Lunch for the Better

In honor of Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we're celebrating some of our favorite chefs and entrepreneurs. Chef Mihoko Obunai, winner of the Real School Food Challenge, spoke with...

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Latin American Cafeteria Mary Brickell Village?

by pvgirl 9 years ago

My husband and I will be in Miami next month - business trip. Staying on Brickell. He wants to have a Cuban sandwich/Cuban food one night. He also hates to drive in Miami. The concierge at the ...

Because cafeteria food gets old...

by WoahDomino 9 years ago

I love college. Everything about it. But sometimes, cafeteria food can...well be cafeteria food. I love to cook and cook for friends, and I'm looking for some simple recipes (breakfast, lunch, d...

Guatemala City: Patsy Pasteleria y Cafeteria - Like Denny’s … but mostly not as good

by rworange 9 years ago

This six restaurant chain does have some good features - lots of low-cal and healthier choice options - very good rice and good chicken - price The menu of the day is 34 quetzales ($4.25 USD)...

Hospital cafeterias

by AZGrandpa 11 years ago

It's about time to begin the spring migration from the SW to MSP & environs. Damissus and I have tried many different routes over the years, and we haven't found many good, convenient lunch spots ...

Cafeteria in Arena Stage

by Indy 67 9 years ago

The ambiance at Arena is better than that at the Kennedy Center cafeteria. The great majority of the tables are reserved so you don't have to cruise the dining room looking for an open table, often...

SF School Cafeteria Cookie Recipe Needed

by ChurchStKid 9 years ago

Hi - went to James Lick Junior High decades ago and enjoyed the cafeteria ladies' box lunches which came with awesome butter/shortbread type cookies. For years I have tried all types of variation...

NMH Cafeteria

by Querencia 9 years ago

The other day I had lunch at Northwestern Memorial Hospital's cafeteria for the first time in a couple of years and was amazed at the change. They must have an entirely new caterer running the pla...

REVIEW w/ pics: Clifton's Cafeteria

by pleasurepalate 12 years ago

If you've never visited Clifton's Cafeteria, LA's oldest cafeteria, than you definitely should put it on your to do list, because walking through this restaurant's portals will take you somewhere...

Swapping food in the school cafeteria: what were the favorite trades? Remember any fun experiences?

by FoodFuser 9 years ago

In Junior high, circa 1970, the lunch ladies made chocolate sheet cakes with thick chocolate icing. They sold them from a separate stand in the dining room, along with extra milks. A 4" square of...

Anyone's work cafeteria use D.J. Casmirri food service?

by jujuthomas 10 years ago

If so, what can you tell me about them? Our company is switching from Sodexo to Casmirri next week. Just wondering if we're in for the same dreck. (trying to be optimistic! lol!) All I can find on ...

Pupuseria & Cafeteria Centroamericana (Tampa)

by blitzchamp 10 years ago

This weekend I went with some friends so they could experience pupusas for their first time (a rare meal to have in Florida). We headed to the pupuseria at around 10am. The location might throw you...

Art Center in Pasadena's Cafeteria

by apple7blue 12 years ago

The Student Dining Room at Art Center College of Design's hillside campus serves great food. Careful driving up, Pasadena cops stand around corners with radar guns . . . Anyways, I love their q...

Uptown Cafeteria

by chadradchad 10 years ago

Sort of looks like a nightmare. Anyone been? We are checking it out tonight....looks like a little of this and a little of that. Read the short review in the Trib. Any other opinions? The pati...

Aramark office cafeteria food

by JugglerDave 13 years ago

I'm sure that hundreds of you must work in an office building where Aramark is the contracted cafeteria company; they run everything, may not actually "cook" anything but rather reheat all sorts of...

What's RightWrong In Your School Cafeteria?

stuck in Hartford County
by stuck in Hartford County 10 years ago

As a teacher, I have eaten lunch in MANY school cafeterias, and I thought it would be helpful for CH's to learn about what our kids are REALLY eating in school. You might be surprised! For exam...

Kentucky Diners,Cafeterias and Roadside Joints

by scrumptiouschef 14 years ago

I'll be travelling through Kentucky in August and need guidance on where to find the best of the region's food. I-75 through Northern Tennessee,Southern and Central Kentucky being of particular int...

Review: Mayo Hospital Cafeteria (Phoenix, AZ)

by ejs1492 10 years ago

The one glaring omission in the mind-numbing debate about healthcare reform is this: hospital cafeterias are the best bargains in town. I learned this lesson recently while visiting a relative dur...

Nena's Cafeteria, La Caretta, Luis Gandalias and Islas Carnarias

by popcornsutton87 10 years ago

So ive done my research and I think ive narrowed it down to the best cuban cuisine miami has to offer. Ive already been to palacio, enriqueta's, las culebrinas, Versailles bakery and I have the opp...

Latin America Cafeterias? Where'd they go?

by sandrina 13 years ago

Just got back from a quick vacation in Miami only to discover that my favorite cuban sandwich place, Latin America, has been closed. I also learned that the location at Coral Gables is closed. Do...