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BYOB Recommendations???

by Skip Sorvillo 18 years ago

We live in Michigan City, Indiana and make periodic "food runs" to Chicago. Some of our typical stops are: D'amato's Bakery on Grand for Pizza(so we won't starve) Casa Nostra Bakery on Belmon...

BYOB's overrated

by Tastebud Again ! 18 years ago

Damn, I wasnt trying to piss anyone off, just thinking out loud. here is the deal Lets look at Django for example....the menu is full of BS embellishments just to make it sound appetizing and the f...

Malaguetta in Astoria - Is it BYOB ?

by Dollar Bill 18 years ago

I will be having dinner at this Astoria Brazilian next week and picked up a menu outside the restaurant.I noticed taht on the menu under beverages it did not list either wine or beer. Does anyone ...

BYOB 's in vogue in Philly all Overrrated.

by Tastebud 18 years ago

I personally do not understand why people are going goo goo ga ga over BYOB's, I ate at Django , Pif Chloe , Azafran, Audrey Claire and the food was all very ordinary. It all sounded a lot better t...


by June 18 years ago

It is quite amusing to see how people get emotional about these postings, perhaps this will be some middle ground. In a limited way, I agree with those who think BYOB's are slightly overrated. I no...

Overrated BYOB's ??

by Church 18 years ago

I am 90 percent in agreement with tastebud. The Byob's are ok but the main attraction is price and not amzing food, you can get a good meal at a decent price but on the whole, I have found them to...


by Mikey 18 years ago

Chowhounds, I was reading recently about great BYOB restaurants in Philly and Montreal. This got me thinking -- are there any such places in Boston? I love great wine, but I despise paying the ...

BYOB places

by gil 19 years ago

Metromix has an article about the ten best BYOB restaurants, so I wanted chowhounds to sound off of their favorite BYOB places. I wish I could start, but I cant say I've been to any decent places. ...

Top Manhattan Bistro BYOBs

by BDS 18 years ago

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

sushi bar on UES -- Poke Restaurant -- Good sushi!!!! byob!

by crabby lobster 18 years ago

Saw a posting for BYOB places on here... I know a sushi bar on the upper east side... AMAZING SUSHI! better than Tomoe, but no lines, just as small and more quaint for uptowners... VERY nice!!! r...

BYOB restaurants

by Lulu 18 years ago

I did a search for BYOB on these boards and came across a thread about how BYOB is illegal in NY. I am posting this again to actually get a list of restuarnats that are BYOB. While I always en...

Osteria del Sole - Good food & BYOB

by Ari Ariel 18 years ago

A few nights ago I ate at Osteria del Sole, a new Italian place in the west village. The food was very good and they were byob. I just called information to get their number so I could call and see...


by Brendan 18 years ago

Does anyone know of a good restaurant downtown with BYOB.


by Vincent Fera 19 years ago

Additions, comments appreciated. The restaurants listed below have been suggested by members and friends of the New York Chapter of Tasters Guild. The information is correct as of February. 2002....

La Viola BYOB Report

by Bride of the Juggler 19 years ago

My husband and I went to La Viola Friday night, a new Italian BYOB on 16th street between Locust and Spruce. The room is small and simple, but warm and cozy with dim lighting. The crowd was 30s-5...

BYOBs with vegetarian selections

by CookieG 19 years ago

Hi y'all - I have a friend coming in next Friday and want to take him to one of the great BYOBs that I've heard mentioned on the board (Chloe, Django, etc.) He's a vegetarian tho. Which of these...

BYOBs without reservations?

by Bride of the Juggler 19 years ago

Is it reasonable to try to go to any of the great new BYOBs without reservations, say early in the evening and not on Saturdays? Thank you.

byob for my birthday

by jeannette 19 years ago

I'm looking for a nice, romantic BYOB for my birthday. I have been to Django, Chloe, and Azafran and loved them. I love the combination that those restaurants offer: cozy, relaxed atmosphere and ...

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