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BYOB restaurants in Boston

by east 18 years ago

Anyone have a recommendation(s) for BYOB restaurants in downtown Boston or Cambridge. Any type of food other than fast. Thank you

BYOB article in today's LA TIMES

by tokyoastrogirl 18 years ago

Here is the link; also comes with a list of restaurants and policy. Link: http://www.calendarlive.com/dining/cl-fo-cork13nov13,0,7947966.story?coll=cl%2Ddining%2Dfeatures

ISO cheap, good byob in Philly

by Kevin 18 years ago

Just started dating someone and have been doing the whirlwind of higher-end restaurants in the city. This has taken it's toll on the flow and now I'm looking for affordable alternatives. The requ...

great little byob in Bucks County

by josh 18 years ago

Been going to a small byob in Richboro named Julianna Rose Cafe. Been open about a year, recently redecorated. The chef's a young guy from the CIA. Has been doing mostly breakfast and lunch until...

Take leftover BYOB home?

by Pipsqueak 18 years ago

I need some expert opinions. In Northern Europe and the low countries (and perhaps elsewhere), you don't take leftover food home from a restaurant. It's gauche. It's just, as a former fiance put...


by Scribbler 18 years ago

Am searching for BYOB places with excellent food, Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn. Any recommendations? thanks - S


by Scribbler 18 years ago

I am searching for places to BYOB that also have terrifc food - Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn. Any recommendations out there??

BYOB's - A Contrary View

by Michael 18 years ago

There's a not-so-hidden thread that underlies many postings here - a preference for BYOB's over places with liquor licenses. Dare I say it? I actually tend to avoid BYOB's. If I'm going out for a...

i'm on a byob binge

by nittany 18 years ago

how many byo's can she go to in 1 week? (i'm going to shao lang kung as partt of a batchlorette on saturday too!) so last night, to avoid the tv coverage of 9/11, we went to dimitri's (the one of...

2 fabulous inexpensive byobs last weekend

by nittany 18 years ago

i went to my 2 favorite byobs in philly friday and saturday night and had to share :) Friday night we went to Lauletta's at 11th and Morris. It was fabulous! We started with the salad with blue c...

Best Boston BYOB?

by SF Ed 18 years ago

I'm in Boston (actually Watertown) a bunch on business and am also a wine lover with a decent cellar. Being from San Francisco, I am accustomed to BYOB being OK in all restaurants, with the only v...

BYOB - somewhat long

by pdaane 18 years ago

Boy O'boy I've missed alot.....I bought an older building on Argyle and I've been in rehabilitation for the past two months. I'm restarting the thread on BYOB, so that others do not miss this impo...


by 9lives 18 years ago

I know this topic comes up from time to time. Link: http://www.newyorkmetro.com/restaurants/articles/02/08/winechart.htm

North San Diego spot that's wine group (byob) friendly???

by john gonzales 18 years ago

Looking for a spot to have a group dinner with a hoard of online wine afficianados. Looking in North County. Able to handle a group (20?) and corkage friendly, as well more than a bottle per pers...

Good BYOB Italian in Philly?

by Kay 18 years ago

What are the best ones? Which ones take reservations?Thanks for any help you can give us.

BYOB law and etiquette

by Bob Jones 18 years ago

I was under the impression that if a place is not licensed, you are allowed to BYO unless the precinct has been "voted dry". While having a casual bite recently, at the "Clark's" on Belmont, former...

BYOB in Carroll Gardens?

by Cheap N' Thirsty 18 years ago

Anybody know of any fun, low-key restaurants in Brownstone Brooklyn that are BYOB? I'm trying to organize a birthday party involving a dozen or so broke people who like to drink. A BYOB place wou...

Asahi Sushi in Baltimore--Great Value; BYOB

by asun 18 years ago

After an enjoyable dinner last night at Asahi Sushi on Broadway (just down from Ding How), I'm heartily recommending it. It's been around for three years, but I had developed a habit of going down...

Asahi Sushi in Fells Point--great value; BYOB

by asun 18 years ago

After a very enjoyable dinner last night, I'm heartily recommending Asahi sushi on Broadway (just down from Ding How). It's been around for over three years, but I had a habit of going down to Kaw...

I want to BYOB to Sripraphai, but what??

by Lana 18 years ago

Any suggestions on what kind of wine or beer to bring to Sripraphai? I don't know what goes with Thai food.

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