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Need a spot for a business dinner? Get recommendations from Chowhounds for the best restaurants in your area, and ask questions about the seating capacity, cuisine, and ambiance you need.

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business dinner for a party of 8 - 12

by lucy 19 years ago

Can anyone recommend a place for a large business dinner. A nice place that is not stuffy. Price is not an issue. Needs to have some staple options on the menu for a couple of non-adventurous eater...

Moderate priced business dinners in Seattle?

by D_DinDin 19 years ago

My DH is a frequent poster on Chowhound & we've enjoyed many excellent dining experiences thanks to all you guys' recs. Now I'm planning a visit to Seattle on business, staying at the Sheraton Towe...

Need a great restaurant in or near Farmington, Conn for business dinner

by Scott K 19 years ago

If anyone could reccomend a great restaurant in or within 20 min of Farmington, Conn for a business dinner, I would greatly appreciate it.

Need a great restaurant in or around Farmington, Conn for business dinner.

by Scott K 19 years ago

Could anyone please reccomend a very good restaurant in Farmington Conn, or within 20 minutes, for a business dinner.

recommendations for a business dinner

by DAK 19 years ago

I'll be in the city soon on business and need to find the right place to entertain two professors who are consulting for my employer. I'm looking for moderate-expensive (but not very expensive), qu...

Business Dinner in Toronto

by Kathleen 20 years ago

I am taking several business collegues out to dinner in Toronto, Canada. We're looking for either a great steak, seafood, or italian restaurant that's appropriate for a business dinner but still gr...

Suggestions for a business dinner in Boca

by Allison 20 years ago

My client is planning on hosting a business dinner for approximately 20 people this November. Since the dinner is being held during the same time a major financial industry conference in town, the...

Good restaurant for a fun business dinner

by Kirsten Armstrong 20 years ago

Hi, I'm making my annual trip from San Francisco to D.C. this September for TCT - a huge medical conference held every year - and I know I should make reservations soon if I don't want to find it i...

Business Dinner in Philly?

by Carol 20 years ago

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good place to go for a business dinner in Philadelphia? We are looking for a place that can accomodate a group of 6-8 people or so, that has great food (of ...

Business dinner around Park Avenue and 39th Street

by AllisonS 20 years ago

My company is hosting a business dinner for 16 people from around the world. I need a nice restaurant with a private room/area in the vicinity of 39th Street and Park. Some previous suggestions w...

Business Dinner for 35-40

by Nick Manning 21 years ago

I am going to be in Chicago for a Convention in early October. I am looking for a restaurant that can accomidate a dinner-meeting in the Downtown area. Must be a private type room, within a short...

Toronto - Business Dinners

by Jennifer Stott 22 years ago

I'm looking for chowhounds' recommendations for interesting restaurants for business dinners in Toronto. I usually have 8-10 (gastronically sophisticated) people in the party. Price is not really ...

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