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In the mood for Mexican? Get recommendations on the best burritos in every area. Also ask Chowhounds for tips and recipes for making your own at home.

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Sushi burritos?

by meiamdrew 9 months ago

Was just in Vegas and finally got to try a Sushi burrito for the first time, and I am in love. Is it possible to get ...


thezeta commented 20 days ago

DC metro area - looking for CALIFORNIA BURRITO place

by parjlarsson 4 years ago

Moved to DC area (Alexandria/DC) from San Diego and I miss my delicious California Burrito from Santana's (sadly boug...


mjanssen commented 4 months ago

Best Burritos North County Coastal Area

by hcwo 6 years ago

I will be coming to Encinitas soon. Whenever I come to CA. I've got to get my fill of burritos. Please direct me to y...

chris2269 commented 4 months ago

Looking for good breakfast burritos and egg salad sandwich in south bay

by obik 5 months ago

I'm in Mountain View and I'd like suggestions for the above. Since Togo's stopped selling their egg salad for reasons...


marilees commented 5 months ago

Freezing scrambled eggs?

by callmijane 8 years ago

Hey chow. I want to make and freeze some breakfast burritos so that those early school mornings are a little easi...


TerryGB commented 5 months ago

Frozen Burritos-Do You Eat Them?

by bbqboy 6 years ago

You can tell me your secret. Do they reside in your freezer? Do you have a favorite brand? I've lately noticed sever...


esotericeating commented 5 months ago

Dos Toros recipes in NYC

by gmoon1905 8 months ago

I would like to know all the recipes of Dos Toros in New York. Where do they get flour tortillas (if they make em, w...


gmoon1905 commented 8 months ago

Lynn Wilson's burritos

by Jim 13 years ago

SEATTLE--Lyyn Wilson's burritos. Ever had 'em? They're the best. About 69 cents in the frozen foods section and in...


granderojo commented 9 months ago

Burritos, tacos, mexican foods journey

by gmoon1905 9 months ago

Hello, all best ppl. With all my passion for burritos, I will fly out to the States from Korea to try best burritos ...

Ttrockwood commented 9 months ago

SFBA Dish of the Month May 2016 - Mission Burrito

by marssy 11 months ago

ML8000 nominated Mission Burritos (Al Pastor), but you can do other kinds of burritos as well. What’s your favorite one?

marssy commented 9 months ago

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Travel for Burritos

by gmoon1905 10 months ago

Since I will open up a burrito restaurant in Korea, I would like to travel for burritos from San Francisco to Baltimo...

The Least Chowish ISO Ever: Reser's Red Hot Beef Burrito

by Jacquilynne 4 years ago

As a teenager, I ate about a zillion of these, slathered with vast quantities of sour cream to counteract the spicine...

Googs commented 10 months ago

Best Burritos in Mexico

by gmoon1905 11 months ago

Hi, I would like to open up a burrito restaurant in Korea. Before I start it, I would like to taste and learn about r...


gmoon1905 commented 10 months ago

[Burritos, Chipotle] Start a Tex-Mex Restaurant

by gmoon1905 12 months ago

Hi, I am a Korean guy who is thinking of starting a Tex-Mex restaurant in Korea with a concept like Chipotle, Moe`s...

Ttrockwood commented 12 months ago

Free Burrito Raincheck from Chipotle Today

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Chipotle is offering a raincheck today (you have another hour to claim one), if it messed up your lunch plans while i...


JRC14 commented 12 months ago

Rancho Steak Burrito

by Romanmk 9 years ago

I'm trying to remember what was in the taco bell rancho steak burrito. Steak, beans, cheese, flour tortilla. Was ther...

nieten7642 commented 1 year ago

Best Burrito San Francisco

by Gusto 9 years ago

Ok, I know burritos in San Francisco draw some fierce loyalty. My wife and I will be visiting from LA this upcoming ...


mdpilam commented 1 year ago

Convenience store burrito

by dd57chevy 2 years ago

Hi , I'm new here & am looking for resident "burrito experts" to help with a frustrating problem : I used to buy ...


dd57chevy commented 1 year ago

Tejano BBQ Burrito, Saint-Henri.

by SnackHappy 2 years ago

Tejano BBQ Burrito just opened at 511 De Courcelle in Saint-Henri. It's just north of Notre-Dame behind Bar De Cource...


CaptCrunch commented 1 year ago

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