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Good places for thai, korean, vietnamese, burmese, and other asian places in outer boroughs?

by Min 17 years ago

Hello. This is my first time checking out the 'outer boroughs' section of this board. I would like to know what are the best inexpensive places for Thai, Burmese, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese food...

Good Burmese food in Manhattan or elsewhere?

by burma 17 years ago

Hello. Just recently discovered Burmese food and was wondering if there are any good inexpensive Burmese restaurants or dives anywhere in Manhattan or the outer boroughs. I'm willing to travel anyw...

Burmese food

by Gloomcookie 18 years ago

Does anyone know of a good Burmese restaurant in the greater Los Angeles area, particularly the east side, including Pasadena? Thanks.


by chowempress 18 years ago

Since I get to leave village life in upstate ny, with everything covered in tomato sauce and cheese, for the Holidays, can anyone recommend a terrific Vietnamese or Southeast Asian of any kind anyw...

southeast asian in manhattan -- cambodian/burmese especially

by david k 18 years ago

What are favorite authentic -- not fusion -- Southeast Asian spots in Manhattan? Would love to find great Cambodian or Burmese as well as Vietnamese and Thai.

best burmese food

by Tom 18 years ago

Has anyone heard of Mandalay Palace? It's a Burmese place on Broome between Mott and Mulberry (next door to Umberto's clam house) It's always empty, but the food is some of my favorite in the city....

burmese in boston?

by david 18 years ago

After trying Burmese food in New York and California, I'm craving more. Does anyone know of Burmese options here? Thanks.

Burmese Fun + Food Fair?

by Ivan Stoler 18 years ago

Last August via Big Dogs posting I found out about the Burmese Baptist Briarwood Churchs food + fun fair. I haven't heard anything about it and even drove by the church the other day but nothing......

Fresh Burmese green tea leaves

by Lacy 18 years ago

While in D.C. yesterday, I followed a Chowhound lead and went to a Burmese restaurant (as an alternative to the reportedly horrible food in the museum cafeterias). I had the most amazing green tea ...

Maureen's Fast Burmese Food

by Chandavkl 18 years ago

Maureen's Fast Food is a Burmese eatery that just opened up in Rosemead. I recall Burmese restaurants in the Bay Area, but I don't remember if there have been any in the L.A. area (the New Burma I...

burmese in philly

by jen kalb 21 years ago

visited Rangoon while on a flying visit to Philly. Its a nice place with tasty food - a solid cut above any burmese cooking I have had in NYC - the crispy fish in chili sauce was particularly g...

Why it's called Burmese Water Festival...

by Ellen 19 years ago

I was also a little perplexed at the Water Gun aspect of the Burmese Water Festival in Queens last Sunday. It was a pretty hot day, but still, not only were kids squirting those super sized guns, s...


by Tord 19 years ago

"Are there any Burmese/Myanmarese restaurants in the area?? I knew of one off the green line ("Huntington", was it?...it's been a while), but when we went to check, it was now a Shawarma joint." ...

Changes on Amsterdam in the 70s -- Burmese out, Mex in

by Alan Divack 20 years ago

Mingala West on Amsterdam near 75th is closed. It did not received much press on these boards, but I liked it a lot. Some wonderful funky stuff, esp. the salads (ginger, green tea leaf), rice bal...

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