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New England Lobster Company, Burlingame

by hhc 7 years ago

I read the eatery part of the shop is now open. Chowhounds have eaten at the truck: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/862695 New England Lobster Company 824 Cowan Rd Burlingame, CA 94010 650...

Medallion Steak House, Burlingame

by Fine 7 years ago

Offers various cuts of grass-fed, organic beef. Has anyone tried it? Thanks.

Frank's Texas BBQ in Burlingame or Piccadilly for BBQ Catering?

by Candice 7 years ago

Hi. Looking to cater an office event and found Frank's on yelp. They seem to do a number of large events based on their FB page. Has anybody tried them? Also looking at Piccadilly. Very few rep...

San Mateo/Burlingame: Sports Bar - Good Food and Giants Game

by sariwari 7 years ago

Hi - My friends and I are looking for a sports bar to watch the Giants with good grub and good drinks with a fun atmosphere. Any suggestions in San Mateo/Burlingame?

Burlingame Hyatt Regency for a day and a half

by fisher 8 years ago

I'll be at the Hyatt Regency in on Bayshore Highway in Burlingame for a very short business trip. I'd love some recommendations for two dinners and one lunch. I will not have a car, but will...

Nice dinner near Milbrae / Burlingame

by FattyDumplin 8 years ago

Grabbing dinner with a co-worker before a flight. Any recs on a good spot (we'll be on expense account)? Open to any cuisine! Thanks!

Mokutanya yakitori in Burlingame

by Cary 8 years ago

www.themokutanya.com I do wish more "different" restaurants would open up in Burlingame, and strategically, this restaurant works on paper. Yakitori joints, following on the footsteps of the ram...

Shanghai Club Restaurant and Lounge, Burlingame

by Foodnut8 9 years ago

Shanghai Club Restaurant and Lounge opened this week in Burlingame in the spot that last saw Archipeligo. Focus is on Shanghainese food. They serve dim sum at lunch with the usual Cantonese dishes....

Vietnamese/Pho in Burlingame/San Mateo/Millbrae

by sf415 8 years ago

CH friends, I am picking up a friend at SFO and am looking for a Vietnamese/pho restaurant for dinner somewhat close to the airport. Any ideas? TIA!

Cheap Lunch Recs for Burlingame/San Mateo

by lanapinkerton 8 years ago

I work across the street from the Anza lagoon in Burlingame (Airport Blvd. at Bayview Pl.), and the lunch choices are dismal. I hit the Curry Up Now food truck when it's in the area, but that's on...

Rec for San Mateo/Burlingame Dinner for 12

by KatoK 8 years ago

I've been asked to research suggestions in this vicinity for next Tuesday. The requirements beside the group size are: some of our diners are not too adventurous, so we'll steer away from the A...

Looking for San Mateo/Burlingame restaurant for business lunch

by sf415 9 years ago

Hello! I am so out of touch with the Peninsula, but am trying to find a suitable place for a business lunch in San Mateo/Burlingame or very close thereto. I don't know everyone's tastes, so, un...

Terrific Burmese noodles at Mingalaba in Burlingame

by pointybird 9 years ago

I got the recommendation for this small, Burmese/Mandarin (what does that mean??) place from this board so I thought I'd report back. We started out with the paratha, which turned out to be a beaut...

Chinese food Burlingame area

by wendyostrow 9 years ago

I need some good chicken soup for a nasty cold, broth type used in wonton soup, good dumplings too...open dinner time. Thank you

Best place to buy a fresh turkey in San Mateo/Burlingame area?

by rednails 9 years ago

I am going to do a pre-Thanksgiving dinner on the Tuesday before T-day. I am working long days thru that Saturday, so I need to buy a fresh turkey, preferably brined, on Sunday. Any suggestions wh...

Looking for dinner Friday in Milbrae or Burlingame

by butterbutt 9 years ago

Hi I am looking to take my 23 year daughter 'foodie' and friend out to dinner.. I will be meeting them at the Bart. Looking for a nice place with inventive food,, not dastardly expensive.. H...

what's good by burlingame state park in RI? also, fave breakfast in (or on the way to) newport?!

by unocal 9 years ago

hello, my friend and i are heading up to the folk festival this wknd, and will be camping in burlingame saturday night. i am wondering what's good for an excellent, yet casual seafood dinner; i'm ...

Recipe for the Swedish pancakes at Copenhagen Bakery in Burlingame

by lol2g 9 years ago

I love the Danish pancakes at Copenhagen in Burlingame. I usually ask for the jam on the side so I can taste more of the crepe. I've tried to make it at home with different crepe recipes but can't...

Burlingame chow?

by mrnelso 10 years ago

Will be staying in burlingame over the weekend, near the airport and on foot, so am looking for chow nearby. Mostly hoping for economy and value, but open to the right splurge. Not so interested in...

Millbrae/Burlingame private dining room for business dinner?

by Ms. Fennelbulb 10 years ago

I am looking for a restaurant in Millbrae/Burlingame area with a (semi-)private dining room for business dinner. Not looking for fancy, expensive dinner. The room does not have to be completely s...