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7 Tricks for Perfectly Juicy Burgers Every Time

Summer has arrived and grilling season has commenced, and with the 4th of July on the horizon, that means plenty of burgers are coming off the coals. But how many of those will be overdone, leaden discs...

Gator’s Rustic Burgers... Petaluma, CA

by Cynsa 11 days ago

New menu today at Gator’s Rustic Burgers & his Creole Friends. 5 Petaluma Blvd. S. Petaluma, CA 94952

White Castle Hamburgers Frozen Review

by FriedChickenLover 9 years ago

I have had a number of times the White Castle Hamburgers when I lived in the Long Island area.They are all over the place. I have always preferred the fresh cooked to frozen. Since living in Conn...

Center City - burger lunch, what's new?

by urbanfabric 1 year ago

A friend and I celebrate our mutual birthday each August with a weekday burger lunch. We've done Village Whiskey, Butcher & Singer, Dandelion, and Shake Shack (we've repeated, I may have also misse...

Looking for a great boxed burger

by magic 21 days ago

Please don’t say: “Why don’t you just make your own?” Not interested in hearing how awful they are. Just looking for some helpful suggestions. Anyone?

Any Licks left in the GTA?

by Bigtigger 4 years ago

Forgive me for being a fan of Licks, but I thought their burgers were a lot tastier than much of the same-priced competition. Their website has not been updated for some time; and I noticed that th...

Donut Avenue in Calexico?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 30 days ago

After reading about the role this 24-hour doughnut shop plays as a safe hangout for workers in the community, I'm curious about the food. Besides doughnuts and coffee, apparently it also serves san...

Sauce on hamburger at Dolores's Drive-in in 60s-80s?

by arlinek 4 years ago

Used to love the Dolores' drive-in in Los Angeles. What WAS that "special sauce" they put on the hamburger - anyone know? All I recall was that it was white and a little chunky - wasn't tarter sa...

What's the difference between a Big Mac and the Bob's Big Boy Classic burger?

by ipsedixit 9 years ago

This recent thread on the Los Angeles board on a recent opening of a Bob's Big Boy http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/684870#comments not only brought back fond, nostalgic memories, but also got me ...

BurgersIM about to invade tri-state area...

by gutreactions 11 months ago

It's a franchise chain called BurgersIM out of Encino, CA. and Dallas, Texas. They are about to open franchises locally in Mamaroneck at 1137 W. Boston Post Road, the spot that formerly housed Gus...

Leno's Clam Bar (Greasy Nick's) still at it in New Rochelle...

by gutreactions 2 months ago

I started going to Leno's Clam Bar (more commonly known as: Greasy Nick's) along Pelham Road, New Rochelle, generations ago for their burgers, steamers, fried clams, grilled hotdogs, and corn on th...

the Texas ranger in Freeport

by chilihead9 5 years ago

Does any one remember this place, it closed about 20 years ago, they had the range burger and the chili cheese burger, the place was owned by John and Perry Pappas, there brother Al opened a litt...

How to recreate bacon short rib grind for burgers

by AGM_Cape_Cod 3 months ago

A store in NJ near my sister sells burgers made from a bacon short rib mix. They grill up very juicy and I am wondering how to recreate the grind. I have no idea of the proportion of bacon to short...

A mighty burger at Coal's, Bronxville...

by gutreactions 7 months ago

Their lovely thin-crusted coal-fired grilled pizzas were coming out of the kitchen as I sat at the bar, and they all looked appealing with their different toppings. As did their wings. But on this ...

Cooked hamburgers left out - can they be eaten?

by cackalackie 12 years ago

We grilled out burgers yesterday and set up the buffet inside the house. When I was putting things away a few hours later, I realised the leftover hamburgers were still sitting out. How long do you...

Awesome burgers: new thread

by Niblet 5 years ago

It's been a few years since rchudy's burger thread so I'm interested in latest best burgers. I recently had one that's been in my mind since, at Precinct at the Loews Hotel (the old Cuffs). It has ...

How are McDonalds hamburgers cooked

by cstumiller 7 years ago

I know they are in holding bins prior to serving but do they arrive at the location pre-cooked? Where does the raw 100% beef first cook because it certainly no longer looks like on a griddle i...

Minetta Tavern or DB Bistro Moderne?

by gargupie 3 months ago

I understand these are two different burger species, but I want to treat my mom this weekend and I can’t decide which burger to choose. Any recommendation? Thanks!

Chowdown Report: 4/20 @ Lagunitas Brewing Petaluma Taproom

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

Last weekend, four 'hounds gathered at the Lagunitas Brewing Company's Petaluma Taproom for the infamous 4/20 party. Maybe not so infamous nor radical these days now that cannabis is legalized. Und...

Anyone follow: Gotham Burger Social Club?

by gutreactions 4 months ago

Caught this group on TV recently. They are good friends, New York City professionals, who like noshing on burgers around the city, then rate them on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebo...

T & A Cafe in Salinas [Spreckels Historic District]

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 years ago

Today's the last day of the season for T & A Cafe in Spreckels. Open right now until about 2pm or the food runs out. Then on hiatus until April 2013 when the produce season ramps up again. This ...