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Looking for amazing brunch in Burbank w/ Bloody Marys!

by timbodavid 7 years ago

Have some friends in town and looking for a great place to take them for brunch before heading to BUR. Definitely would like some great Bloody Marys as well! Thanks!

Food Near Burbank Airport

by craigcep 7 years ago

I will be flying out of Burbank Airport Monday night at 8pm. Any suggestions on where I can pick up dinner on my way? I guess I'd be looking in the Valley? I'll have a car and little time limita...

Need help: quick solo weekday lunch near Burbank Airport or near downtown LA?

by smiles33 7 years ago

I'm flying into Burbank right before lunchtime tomorrow but I have a 1:30 appt in downtown LA. I will have a rental car. Other than going to In-N-Out, are there any other quick options (less than ...

Local Organic Farmer's market (near Glendale/Burbank)

by chow_rk 7 years ago

Not sure if this is the right place for this question... Those of you who shop at local Organic Framer's markets, do you know of any close to Glendale/Burbank areas? Thanks, RK

armenian deli in glendale/burbank

by linus 7 years ago

folks: if you were going to take out some food, who has the best armenian specialties in the glendale/burbank area? i'd prefer a deli/bakery/grocery over a restaurant unless y'all insist. th...


Kitchen Queen
by Kitchen Queen 8 years ago

Hi there folks. Meeting my friend for dinner tomorrow. He's settled on the NoHo area. Ventura Blvd is ok too. Was looking at Federal Bar. Anyone been? What's YUR opinion. Sri Siam/...Have be...

Scared of awful Burbank restaurants....

by levbarg 17 years ago

OK, so Burbank isn't very high on the culinary ladder of Los Angeles (with a few carnivorous exceptions... the Brazilian BBQ at Picanha Churrascuria on Palm is expensive but is really good-- go for...

Picanha Burbank

by SIMIHOUND 8 years ago

I had a soon to expire Groupon so the wife and I went down there Sunday evening. I was very disapointed indeed. The food on the hot table was barely lukewarm. The cold food was fine. They droppe...

Best Pizza Places in Burbank & Glendale

by SoCal Foodie 8 years ago

Seeking suggestions for the best pizza places (any style) in the Burbank & Glendale areas. Thanks!

Inexpensive AYCE Sushi between Glendale/Burbank and Santa Clarita?

by tinnywatty 8 years ago

We're hoping to find a reasonably priced all you can eat sushi buffet place (less than 20/person, if that exists) for a weekday dinner. We're in the Glendale/Burbank area and our friends are in Sa...

Christmas Eve Libations (Studio City/NoHo/Toluca Lake/Burbank/Sherman Oaks area)

by gr8pimpin 9 years ago

Hi, all, racking my brain trying to find a casual place to hang out Christmas Eve (Saturday Night) with friends and drink up. Anyone know of a cool place or even a dive bar that's open Saturday ...

Quiet Restaurant in Burbank?

by busygirl 9 years ago

Friday night isdate night and I'm looking for a quiet restaurant or bar in Burbank or really any place between Santa Calrita and Thousand Oaks that is reasonably priced, has good food, and quiet en...

Pliny the Elder in the Burbank/NoHo area: any leads?

by ns1 9 years ago

hated dogfish, need to check out pliny before writing off IPA's forever. Any leads? I would prefer to buy bottled from a store, but on tap recommendations are also appreciated

N2O cartridges in Burbank/Studio City

by Ipso Facto 9 years ago

Just got a Mypressi handheld espresso gadget, and would like to know where I can buy the standard 8 gram N2O whip cream chargers in Burbank or Studio City...Thank you!

taking a friend from pasadena to burbank airport

by LuluTheMagnificent 9 years ago

any recommendations on places I should try. I leave at 1 today. feeling like burgers or pizza, but all suggestions are welcome. thank you.

restaurant delivery in burbank area

by jillebb 9 years ago

I am looking for a good restaurant that will deliver dinner to a residential home in burbank for a bereavement 'meal train' I need to be able to pay by credit card before the meal is delivered....

Decent pizza in Burbank for kids birthday party?

by rockhead 9 years ago

Looking for a decent-to-good affordable pizza place in Burbank that will deliver for a kid's birthday party. Need to feed about 25 kids. Costco pizza isn't an option due to the delivery issue. I k...