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'Profile' of Contributors

by estufarian 6 years ago

The Chowhound had a section which allowed me to view their profile (and of course, others could view mine). This helped in responding to posts e.g. if a poster's favourite meals were all French, I...

Beta Site: Odd Behavior

by hannaone 6 years ago

On the Home Cooking Community I scrolled down until the page loaded more posts, viewed one of these posts, then used the back button to return to the community main page. The top post now listed ...

Flag function issue

by EM23 6 years ago

I flagged a post of mine that's tagged incorrectly, toggled the button, left a comment and hit submit but it remains an open flag. This is in beta. I ended up flagging on the old site and it wen...


by foodieX2 6 years ago

Martha's Vineyard as a tag is still not returning any hits. http://beta.chowhound.com/tag/marthas-vineyard However if you search using Martha's Vineyard as key word tons come back. ht...

Disappearing tag text

by EM23 6 years ago

When I logged in just now, my locations and tags popped up as the page was loading. Then as the page finished loading the text disappeared. I reloaded the page and I saw them as it was loading and...

Panda Cloud Anti-Virus warning when I try to go to Chowhound main page

by RSMBob 9 years ago

After clearing my browser cache, I just tried to go to www.chowhound.com but it came up with a an error message and now is saying that Panda Cloud Anti-Virus won't let me go there because of Malwar...

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