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Do You Know the Difference Between Hot Wings and Buffalo Wings (Besides the Blue Cheese Dressing)?

If you didn't have the blue cheese and celery there as a giveaway, could you tell the difference between hot wings and buffalo wings at a glance? They're both red, saucy, spicy, and deliciously messy...

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Buffalo Beef on Weck

by september 6 years ago

Looking for grrrreat Beef on Weck close to I-90. Staying in Buffalo overnight and usually eat at Curley's, but need to branch out

Boylan's soda

by Mangela 17 years ago

Had this soda recently during a New York trip...really good black cherry and grape. Looking to see if anyone has seen anywhere in Toronto, Niagara or Buffalo region so that I can buy. Thanks

Buffalo Bound!

by franpelyk 6 years ago

Heading to Buffalo for the weekend with 2 families including kids. We are from Toronto so we are exposed to a huge variety of restaurants and very varied themes. What im looking for is somewh...

Just one meal... (Buffalo,NY)

by carrotkates 6 years ago

I have time to dine out for one meal (breakfast/brunch/lunch) during a quick trip for a wedding. Is there a certain restaurant y'all would suggest? I really want to make it worth it. Thank ya!

Good Place for Delivery for Friend with Baby in Buffalo

by allfresh 6 years ago

A friend of mine in Buffalo just had her second baby. I want to get her a gift certificate for a place nearby so that she can get food delivered a few times to take some of the load off. I'm look...

Best fancy restaurants in Buffalo??Help for anniversary dinner

by londonmom 6 years ago

My husband and I are going to Buffalo for our 20th anniversary dinner. No joke. We went last year for a look around and thought Buffalo was a pretty cool place. We are staying at the Mansion on ...

best burger in buffalo?

by newtothegame 6 years ago

I am in buffalo for a couple days and want to get a fantastic burger for lunch. Prefer downtown but will drive within 30 mins for the best burg. Let me know your favorites! Thanks in advance

Trader Joe's (Buffalo) - freeze dried blueberries & strawberries

red dragon
by red dragon 7 years ago

Driving to Buffalo from Toronto for some good finds. I heard Trader Joe's sells freeze dried strawberries and blueberries but all I could find on their website was freeze dried apples. Has anyone...

Grass fed butter and cheese [Buffalo,NY]

by Lolipopcandy 8 years ago

Does anyone know where I can buy grass fed butter and cheese in buffalo, ny. I lived in Toronto and bought grass fed butter from a local farm at an incredibly insane price. Any suggestion is very m...

Best pizza in Buffalo

by veggielover 7 years ago

This question hasn't been addressed in a few years. Where do you suggest we get our pizza fix when we go to Buffalo next week? In my day, (50 years ago), Bocce Pizza was the best, but I am not sure...

A Philly Question for you Buffalo People

by cgarner 7 years ago

We are having one of those "it's not a real cheesesteak" discussions on the Philly board. The bastardization of the cheesesteak as it is recreated poorly through the country, and turned into a "fl...

Buffalo Area Restaurants - help me decide!

by TeacherFoodie 7 years ago

Hello hounds, I'll be making a two-night trip to the Buffalo area for some maternity and baby item shopping in a couple of weeks and would like some feedback on my choices. Hoping to eat some g...

Western Canada Hound Looking For Buffalo Recs

by kalbir 7 years ago

Hello Buffalo Hounds. I'm in the planning stages of a short trip to your area, possibly late summer or early fall, and am looking for recommendations on the following: foods unique/well-known...

BBQ & Breakfast in Buffalo?

by magic 12 years ago

Coming in from Toronto for a Sunday. Looking for good BBQ and breakfast. BBQ- Have heard good things about Kentucky Gregs. Any good? A friend of mine likes Smokey Bones. I've never been to eithe...

Buffalo - Rehearsal Dinner

by ClevelandRandy 7 years ago

Need a place to hold a rehearsal dinner in June, in or near downtown Buffalo. Probably about 20-25 people. Any thoughts? Also (and possibly off-topic for this board), need suggestions on caterer...

Thai ingredients in the Buffalo area...?

by zzjs5t 7 years ago

Does anyone know of a source in Western New York for fresh kaffir lime leaves? Lemon grass?

Where to eat in Buffalo?

by Vern Ryerse 11 years ago

Going on a shopping trip next week with my wife and looking for somewhere good for dinner in Buffalo. We are staying at the Mansion on Delaware (altho i dont know where that is) We like nice fo...

Price of butter in Buffalo?

red dragon
by red dragon 7 years ago

I always stop by Walmart (or Walgreens, Tops) when I go to Buffalo. I bake alot and like the butter in the USA as they cut and package it in sticks. In Toronto, it costs between $5-7! 1. Ca...

Casual & quick late lunch in Buffalo

by startsev 7 years ago

I have a group of 10 people looking for somewhere in Buffalo for lunch late Sunday afternoon. Need options for non-meat eaters. Needs to be quick and casual but would like decent food. We will be...