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These Cheap & Easy Meals Have 5 Ingredients or Fewer

The only thing we like more than delicious is effortless—and OK, affordable is a major bonus. These easy 5 ingredient recipe ideas prove you don't have to choose when it comes to cheap and easy dinner...

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Per person Thanksgiving cost

by KaimukiMan 7 years ago

Just wondering what most of you think your plate of food for Thanksgiving dinner cost. Under $10,more than 20, more than 30? I'm not including the cost of beverages, adult or otherwise in this.

Am I being too cheap? Splitting restaurant bill on family vacation

by Dinermite 7 years ago

I leave this Saturday for a trip to Disney with my GF and her family. It will be a total of 6 adults and 3 kids (kids are my GF's sister's). I haven't been the planner, just going along, although...

Need to feed 50 people on the cheap but good - ideas?

by baconspit 14 years ago

I am having a bbq/backyard party that has turned into quite a large one at this point . People are bringing items to share but I will provide a good portion. Any suggestions for something that pe...

Non-tomato pasta sauce recipes?

by Fida 16 years ago

Any suggestions for simple, inexpensive non-tomato pasta sauces, apart from carbonara variations? Preferably something that could be tossed together from ingredients that were already in the cupbo...

Blender that will liquefy kale for green smoothies

by akimaii 10 years ago

I'm looking for a cheap blender (under $100, ideally under $60) that will liquefy kale for green smoothies. I know Vitamix and BlendTec are amazing and will turn an old boot into soup, but has anyo...

Cheap, easy, really good dessert to bring to a dinner party -- does it exist?

by JohnSmith2 11 years ago

I'm looking for a signature dessert -- something to bring to dinner parties that is really good. The catch: it has to be (reasonably) cheap and easy. Any ideas?

Can " Poor People" eat healthy ?

by scunge 9 years ago

I was watching a panel of so called " Food Experts " with one remarking that the poor can't afford to eat healthy . She insinuated that the only options are fast foods with the deals ,coupons etc...

Rotterdam Eats

by Juniper 10 years ago

I realise there's not a rush for anyone to go to Rotterdam, but I thought I would post my thoughts on my year's worth of eating in the city. Since I'm a student here, I have not tried the Michelin...

Good, Cheap Cognac?

by HaagenDazs 15 years ago

I posted a similar thread about Port in the wine section, but I thought I'd ask what CH-ers enjoy in the Cognac category. I've been impressed with Hardy's Red Corner or Red Label, whatever it's ca...

Best Places to eat at The Domain

by Helind 11 years ago

What are the best restaurants at The Domain? I'm primarily interested in moderately priced to inexpensive places and like all types of food.

Eating well, while being poor.

by YAYME 12 years ago

I'm poor, I have a minimum wage job and I'm on SSI and food stamps. Thanks to the largess of the state and generosity of my family it's genteel poverty. I look around me at this board and I've begi...

10 best restaurants in Montgomery County

by qkalis 15 years ago

Greetings to fellow hounds out there! I am pleased to be a new "hound" to the Philadelphia area. My wife and I are looking for the 10 best restaurants in Mont CO to entertain our taste buds with a ...

Help, I'm feeding 60 people

by skit 12 years ago

Please give me some suggestions on feeding 60 people at my home. This is an engagement party (very casual) for my daughter and her fiance. I am on a very tight budget so I am planning to barbeque...

What Would You Serve For A Buffet Style Brunch?

by ctflowers 14 years ago

If you were going to have a buffet style (informal) brunch at your house, what foods would you serve? If you can, please narrow it down to four or five items. I actually am planning on having a...

Best non-expensive treat to bring to a party? Like- $10 or less?

by sloppydelicious 15 years ago

My new year's resolution is to be a bit more budget-conscious. So- I was trying to think of less-costly-but-still-tasty things to bring to a shindig. I'm thinking $10 or under. Like desserts, or fo...

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