Watching your wallet? Chowhounds discuss the best cheap eats in your area, plus recommendations and tips for eating and cooking on a budget.

These Cheap & Easy Meals Have 5 Ingredients or Fewer

The only thing we like more than delicious is effortless—and OK, affordable is a major bonus. These easy 5 ingredient recipe ideas prove you don't have to choose when it comes to cheap and easy dinner...

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Plan a month's menu on SNAP benefits.

Kris in Beijing
by Kris in Beijing 7 years ago

Jumping off the discussion http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/977713 concerning the potential for government restrictions on what could be purchased with food stamps, I'd like to present an exercise....

Milan on a budget

by theramstoss 6 years ago

I am going to be in Milan for 4 nights, and I need help to narrow down some choices.. I am on a budget and would like to spend as little as possible, 20 to no more than 50 euro a meal. I am looking...

If You Were Broke For The Week, What Would You Buy?

by sisterfunkhaus 9 years ago

I had to cut back to part-time hours at work because I am getting my master's degree, and we are having one of those weeks where we don't have much until payday--$50 for food to be exact. I already...

Visiting Pittsburgh: seeking bars, sandwiches, and more

by guenevere51 6 years ago

Hello, Pittsburgh hounds! My husband and I are visiting your city from Baltimore for the first time next week and could use some guidance on a few items. Quick rundown: we’re in our mid-30s and enj...

New Orleans in July

by kmnorthstar 6 years ago

Hi everyone! I'm going to New Orleans from July 21-28 for a work conference, and bringing my partner along. We are staying in the French Quarter. We want to experience the classic New Orleans fo...

Lunch recs: Tower of London/20 Fenchurch Street vicinity

by Indy 67 6 years ago

Planning for our trip, we realized that my previous visits to the Tower of London occurred on trips while my husband was in meetings (and those were decades ago), but my husband has never been to t...

Afternoon Tea in Toronto

by Chelseabells 8 years ago

Hi, I'm going to be visiting Toronto for a few days this summer and want to have tea with some friends. I love a good scone and finger sandwiches but I'm a travelling college student and on a lim...

Bay Area Wine Bargains [split from Kermit Lynch bargain bin thread]

by ernie in berkeley 12 years ago

Maybe this topic should be expanded to include other Bay Area wine bargains. K&L is having a big clearance sale, 500+ wines listed here: http://www.klwines.com/content.asp?N=34&Nr=OR(OutofStoc...

Columbia Student with foodie aspirations

by iruag1 7 years ago

Hi all! I'm a grad student at Columbia looking to experience some of the city's best food. I live on campus and boyfriend lives on the upper east side (around 1st and 79th). I'd like to keep it...

East 70s lunch?

by rosie62 6 years ago

I just started an internship in the waaayy east 70s and I'm looking for some lunch options. I know it's not exactly a hotbed of gastronomic activity but I maybe thought there might be something ove...

Modern Kitchen Outfitting on a Budget

by nerdonfire 6 years ago

Hi All, After hopping from apartment to apartment for the last several years, I am finally about to have some stability. I start grad school this summer, and with the prospect of being in one ci...

Looking for cheap priced Dim Sum after 1pm

by KenZS 7 years ago

Hello I have searched up these forums, many great places have been mentioned downtown toronto, markham, richmond hill for the best our city offers most of the places have early bird specials, bef...

Oaxaca for dummies

by OakTownHound 15 years ago

It seems that things have calmed down, so we've changed are plans and the girlfriend and I will be going to Oaxaca in mid-January. There's a lot of overwhelming information about eating in Oaxac...

I am in your town. I have 100 USD and an afternoon off. Food crawl. Where do I go??

by hyde 6 years ago

For my birthday in April (24th, same as Barbara Streisand and Shirley MacLaine) I spent the afternoon traipsing between 5 separate establishments eating and drinking in a town about 10 miles north ...

cheap eats Naples

by lamejun 7 years ago

I'm new to Naples and would love recommendations of the best cheap eats places that are favored by locals. I eat everything except Indian food.

Uncrowded lunches in tourist areas on May weekend

by JerushaP 6 years ago

First ever trip to Boston on Saturday and Sunday. We'll be doing tourist things like the Freedom Trail, not sure what else. No kids will be with us and we enjoy most foods. One non-fish eater but...

Brunch for 20, lower Westchester HELP

by moreeatsathome 6 years ago

Someone dropped the ball, now I need to find a suitable place for Brunch for 20 people; Mom's 90th Birthday on June 14. Since I now have to host, it needs to be in lower Westchester. Not too expens...

Solo Lunch, Plateau

by Kat 6 years ago

Greetings - I am planning a day of solo shopping on the Plateau during our upcoming trip as the rest of the family are non-shoppers. Where do you suggest stopping for lunch? Somewhere with a terras...

$100 for two, all in.

by dlw88 7 years ago

Tax, tip, one or two drinks each all included. The list is dwindling. Where can an enjoyable sit-down meal be had at this price in Toronto today? ...and don't suggest tacos or hamburger...

Favorite burger for $5 or less?

by ipsedixit 6 years ago

Out the door $5 or less. As in with tax and/or tip included. Mine would be Yuca's. At just a shade over $3 (actually 3.25 to be exact if memory serves me right) I'd have enough to spare aft...