The epicenter of hipster food, Brooklyn's got more great restaurants than we can count. Get top recommendations from Chowhounds in the area, plus bar ideas, don't-miss lunch spots, and more.

How One Woman Is Bringing Indian Flavors to American Ice Cream

Throughout Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Chowhound is celebrating some of our favorite chefs, cookbook authors, and entrepreneurs. Here, Pooja Bavishi, the woman behind Malai...

Rangoon - Nice Burmese in Prospect/Crown Hts

jen kalb
by jen kalb 2 hours ago

Its pretty amazing to eat Burmese food in ones own neighborhood. Finally COVID and all we made it over to this newcomer at Prospect and Classon Aves which presents its dishes with style and a menu...

First post-covid restaurant choice?

by vinouspleasure 28 days ago

We received our first shot last week, so about 4 weeks until full vaccination. We're not sure what CDC guidance will be at that point but at least starting to consider our first post-covid meal......

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Where in NYC can I find Mariage Freres tea?

by Bluecrabaddict 5 months ago

Hi, I’ve been purchasing the tea online but would like to know where it’s sold in NYC? Preferably Brooklyn or Manhattan. Thank you!

Dine with a celebrity mannequin at Peter Luger, Brooklyn...

by gutreactions 2 months ago

Patrons visiting legendary Peter Luger Steakhouse in Brooklyn may be surprised to see celebrities lurking around the restaurant. They have worked a deal with Madame Tussauds placing life-size wax f...

NYC Foodie wedding please vote!

by arnage 3 months ago

Hi chowhound experts! My fiancé and I would like to host a foodie wedding for 70-100 guests late summer/fall in nyc. Superb food is my priority. My fiancé prefers a party with a dance floor (vs a d...

Gold's Horseradish & Fox's U-Bet Syrups Long Island plant to close in March

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

This announcement set off a flurry on the West Coast where I am. Anyone else concerned that the private equity firm that owns these iconic brands does not yet have another facility under contra...

Mallomars are Coming!

by jayjay 7 months ago

Next week Nabisco will be releasing their 2020 vintage of Mallomars. Last year my local Shoprite had a display taller than me; and I'm six feet.

Cooking in Brooklyn: Alan Harding Crashes & Burns

by cherylk 17 years ago

Caught the new cable show Cooking in Brooklyn starring Alan Harding on Discover Home & Leisure. It was quite possibly the worst television show I have ever seen: a dramatization of Alan's madcap a...

Where to purchase good quality blue crabs in Brooklyn or long island?

by Bluecrabaddict 11 months ago

Hi, Trying to find good quality blue crabs in Brooklyn or will take a trip to Long Island to pick up fresh/live blue crabs. Please recommend markets. Thank you!

Whole Foods requesting shoppers to wear face coverings and May 1 strike

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 12 months ago

Amazon announced that it will be providing free masks to customers across the network and will ask them to wear face coverings while shopping. This is for the health and safety of its team members ...

Mrs. Krause Bakery

by FrankFurter21 1 year ago

Hi! My father always talks about the bakeries in Brooklyn that have now closed, and his favorite was Mrs. Krause. I am looking for any information such as address, pictures, or who owned it. Any...

Need a good Jewish bakery in Brooklyn (like Leon's or Teena's)

by dhammer53 8 years ago

Don't know if you've heard, but Teena's on Ralph Ave closed on January 2, 2013 due to health violations. So with Leon's and Teena's closed, I'm looking for a replacement bakery in Brooklyn (that's ...

Replicating the Tuna Sandwich from Almondine, Brooklyn

by mickeygee 1 year ago

Years ago when I was working in Brooklyn, I would have lunch at Almondine regularly. Their tuna salad on a croissant with swiss cheese was delicious, and I have tried, tried, tried, to replicate th...

Finding Carne Seca in NY area

by tinyraul 1 year ago

I'm looking for a Mexican grocery store selling carne seca from nothern Mexico in greater NYC. I can find very overpriced packets of carne seca on Amazon, but nothing in local groceries (the Mexica...

Seeking the REAL "Brooklyn Style" Cannoli Recipe

by vtheory 11 years ago

I have a serious Cannoli recipe problem, which I've been unable to resolve for several years. As many cannoli-philes have probably figured out, none of the recipes posted online or on this forum a...

Looking for a solid mid-range place in Brooklyn for 50 pax

by Agordo 1 year ago

Hi my girlfriend and I are eloping in early May. Afterwards comes the impossible task of hosting meals with various families. For my Haitian side (i'm all mixed up), I am looking for a place in Bro...

In Search Of A Cooking Class For A 50th Birthday Present In Manhattan Or Brooklyn

by sgny 1 year ago

Looking for a cooking/baking class in Manhattan or Brooklyn for a 50th Birthday present. I know and have been to DeGustibus at Macy’s so looking for something different. Thanks.

Request: Looking for Mock Duck and Scallion Pancake

by lkscheng 2 years ago

I am looking for Mock Duck and Scallion Pancake in the NYC area. Specifics: For Mock Duck, the closest one that i found and like is at Vegetarian Dim Sum House (24 Pell St). I am looking for an...