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Tacos Arabes in NYC?

by rjpra2 1 day ago

Anywhere to find legit tacos arabes in NY/Brooklyn/Queens? Plz let me know!


rjpra2 commented a minute ago

Only in New York... neighborhood restaurants you would head to first

by kayreed 2 months ago

DH and I will be visiting Manhattan (staying in the Upper West Side) and Brooklyn over Memorial Day weekend. We like ...


HeyImBack commented 2 days ago

Things I wish Trader Joe's would bring back (or begin)

by brooklynista 1 month ago

The green tahini sauce was amazing, but was tragicaly discontinued a couple of years ago. I can't find it anywhere el...


MikeG commented 4 days ago

Vegan Go-Tos in NYC (asking for a friend)

by burgeoningfoodie 6 days ago

A friend of mine is travelling to NYC (it has been 10 years) with a gal pal who happens to be vegan and wants to know...


gargupie commented 5 days ago

Where can I find queso costeño?

by frazxc 12 days ago

I have a crazy craving for pan de bono and want to make my own. Any idea where I can get this? Ideally in Brooklyn.


paulj commented 11 days ago

Pizza near JFK

by JonPi 19 days ago

I have to pick up European relatives at JFK, and I figured Brooklyn pizza would be a good first meal in the USA. Any ...


MOREKASHA commented 13 days ago

Mexican food in NYC?

by LC1995 20 days ago

I live close to NYC (in Nassau County) and I've been aspiring to become a foodie over the last few years. My favorite...


sgordon commented 17 days ago

Where within walking of the William Vale?

by willowan 28 days ago

Hi there I have four nights in Brooklyn coming up. All recs for breakfast and dinner within walking distance of...

jen kalb

jen kalb commented 19 days ago

Great Brooklyn dinner spot for group of 10

by colettenycla 24 days ago

We are looking for a fun spot in or near Carroll Cardens. $20 an entree would be perfect, open to almost any cuisines...


roux42 commented 22 days ago

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Spending 3 Days in Brooklyn

by shoefro1 1 month ago

Hi, my wife and I are going to a wedding in Brooklyn this weekend. The wedding is Saturday night. Want great recs for...

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Jewish Bakery in Brooklyn - Williamsburg area open Early (7am)

by staceywatanabe 2 months ago

I have a limited time on my last morning of a NY trip before we have to drive to JFK airport, and I want to find a Je...

Green (unripe, not heirloom) tomatoes?

by sgordon 3 months ago

Looking for a good source for unripe tomatoes... The only place I've seen them regularly is at Essex Market, where th...


small h commented 2 months ago

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Custom decorated cake

by miyagi 2 months ago

I need to buy a custom decorated cake for a party this Saturday. 4/28 I am in North Jersey. Would prefer to stay ...

NYC Best Italian according to Gambero Rosso

by erica 2 months ago

I thought this list, from the well-regarded Italian guidebook, was interesting. (Came across it while reading their s...


howdini commented 2 months ago

New York City For 10 Days

by delight64 2 months ago

Hey there ChowHounds, we are visiting NYC from Australia for my partners 50th next month, our short list at the momen...


jaqu commented 2 months ago

non homogenised milk in NYC?

by The Engineer 11 years ago

Where can I find some non-homogenised milk in NYC? There was a guy selling it at the Union Square greenmarket last ye...


acgold7 commented 2 months ago

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Subway sandwich shop closed?

by flacito 2 months ago

Did the Subway sandwich shop in Brooklyn Street change ownership?

Best beer menu at an upscale restaurant in nyc?

by wildfire1 2 months ago

Looking for a nice place to celebrate a birthday with a small group of 6-8. Must have a great beer selection. It coul...


sgordon commented 2 months ago

Spring Break Trip: Help us avoid Easter brunch, introduce teens to NY classics

by FrostysHouse 3 months ago

We're bringing the family to NYC in a week, staying four days in Williamsburg but planning excursions to Riverside an...


Ttrockwood commented 2 months ago

White Lily AP Flour in Manhattan or Brooklyn?

by davisesq212 4 months ago

I know this has been brought up before but its been a few years....has anyone found White Lily flour in Manhattan? I...


davisesq212 commented 3 months ago