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The epicenter of hipster food, Brooklyn's got more great restaurants than we can count. Get top recommendations from Chowhounds in the area, plus bar ideas, don't-miss lunch spots, and more.

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Faun - for a special meal dining in Prospect Hts

by jen kalb 4 hours ago

Somehow dining reports on this Board have become a thing of the past. Just wanted to say we were very pleased with a...

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Good Salad (or other light lunch option) in Whitestone/College Point Area?

by abu applesauce 1 day ago

I recently started working in College Point/Whitestone. If I continue eating Little Pepper and or Legend of Taste dai...

Best 'hood for daytime eating?

by JohnSmith2 8 days ago

We'll be visiting NYC during the day on Saturday and want to spend some time wandering around and eating. We have don...

sgordon commented 6 days ago

Looking for Wonderful Restaurant near BAM in Brooklyn

by haraliyaviner 8 days ago

Hi Fellow Chowhounders! I'm going to see African Music & Dance with friends @ BAM Howard Gilman Opera House @ 30 ...


haraliyaviner commented 8 days ago

$18.00 High Tech Cup of Coffee

by zackly 15 days ago

Saw this article today in the NY Post about the pricest cup of coffee in NY. The brewing machine is called "Steampunk...


poser commented 13 days ago

Still looking for a Good Old Fashion Jewish Bakery in Brooklyn or nearby

by Hydrin 13 days ago

I am craving good old fashion Jewish Rye, Salt Sticks, Rolls, etc etc etc. I know we have posted about this befor...


HeidiCooksSupper commented 13 days ago

Non-Ronzoni bucatini/perciatelli in Park Slope?

by applky 6 years ago

A pretty specific question: I'm looking for bucatini/perciatelli in Park Slope that isn't the Ronzoni brand stuff. I'...


Barry Strugatz commented 15 days ago

Looking for a good ole Mom & Pop Italian

by ronijeni 2 months ago

Hi! I'm visiting with my family next week and would like to find a Mom & Pop style Italian restaurant (think red & wh...


Oneon59 commented 15 days ago

Just moved to Bay Ridge - looking for advice (restaurants, provisions, etc)

by adam 3 years ago

Hi! I just moved down to Bay Ridge, and am very excited to do some exploring. I would love recs for anything and ever...


Oneon59 commented 15 days ago

Cheap in-office catering/delivery in Brooklyn

by rfleischer 20 days ago

Hi! I'm looking for places that will deliver something as simple as a plate of sandwiches for small office meetings/g...


rfleischer commented 16 days ago

Pardes has closed

by EmpireState 4 months ago



Twinsx2mom commented 27 days ago

Taeng Fong, Bay Parkway, Brooklyn

by rouenmom 11 years ago

Does anyone out there know when this wonderful traditional "old fashioned" Cantonese restaurant closed? And, did the...


DannyWong718 commented 29 days ago

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Outstanding sandwich from Frankel's (W'burg/Greenpoint)

by Blumie 1 month ago

Frankel's has been open a while now, and I've learned that they do a really nice bagel-and-lox sandwich. Nothing fan...

Daring and cutting edge restaurants, NYC

by bardamu 1 month ago

What are your favourite restaurants for daring and cutting edge food in 2017, any category and cost? I have been l...


foodwhisperer commented 1 month ago

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Live On Air Brooklyn, Prospect Heights

by Motosport 1 month ago

Before heading to Prospect Park for the NYE fireworks we went to a new restaurant in Prospect Heights called Live On ...

Antica Pesa

by trezor 4 years ago

Any reviews of Antica Pesa in Williamsburg out there? I am thinking of going, but it has been quiet about this resta...


small h commented 2 months ago

Looking to do a pizza tour of Brooklyn/NJ

by acewex 2 months ago

Coming from Philadelphia, we would like to hit up the best pizza places in NJ and Brooklyn. No upscale places, prefe...


david_the_iced_coffee_addict commented 2 months ago

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German deli cole slaw

by Gwenever 2 months ago

I was able to find a wonderful recipe for Brooklyn Potato Salad from metweezer on this site. I was wondering if anyo...

"Comfort" Type Food in Brooklyn

by biggerthenjen 2 months ago

I know it's late in the game but we're looking for a restaurant for Christmas Eve that has comfort food but is slight...

Bob Martinez commented 2 months ago