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Help finding a place to buy Michigan style Lebanese pita bread in NYC

by jjaziz 21 days ago

I grew up in Michigan and whenever I ate middle eastern food (E.g., Lebanese) I always got pita bread that I've never...


foodwhisperer commented 8 days ago

Looking for Citron in Manhattan/Brooklyn

by qwerty1 1 year ago

Has anyone come across any citron in NYC? I've heard of people randomly coming across Buddha's Hand and Estrog in Chi...


gcw commented 9 days ago

Seeking the REAL "Brooklyn Style" Cannoli Recipe

by vtheory 8 years ago

I have a serious Cannoli recipe problem, which I've been unable to resolve for several years. As many cannoli-philes...


migmigmig commented 17 days ago

Bay Ridge: Best Restaurants/Takeout In and Around Bay Ridge

by tsbbklyn 2 months ago

Hi all, We moved to the area not too long ago, but haven't yet found any real gems. Karam is good, but all of...

Rmis32 commented 1 month ago

"Comfort" Type Food in Brooklyn

by biggerthenjen 1 year ago

I know it's late in the game but we're looking for a restaurant for Christmas Eve that has comfort food but is slight...


biggerthenjen commented 2 months ago

Italian Cookies in Brooklyn

by jen kalb 3 months ago

I need to put together a tray of Italian cookies for a party in Brooklyn. Wondering if anyone has an opinion on the ...

Steve R commented 2 months ago

Taeng Fong, Bay Parkway, Brooklyn

by rouenmom 12 years ago

Does anyone out there know when this wonderful traditional "old fashioned" Cantonese restaurant closed? And, did the...


davegre commented 2 months ago

Carroll Gardens

by bxgirl 3 months ago

Two couples are looking for a lunch place in Carroll Gardens. We will be going on a weekday and are not looking for ...


arp29 commented 2 months ago

Hot Kitchen in Flushing

by hoi lai 2 years ago

HOT KITCHEN Sichuan Style is Roosevelt Ave. in the location previously occupied by Little Pepper. It seems to be a fa...


chefdekoven commented 3 months ago

Best Restaurant in NYC Max $300

by justin_g1809 3 months ago

I was wondering about which restaurant I should go to for less than $300 including tax and tip, but without drinks. I...

sgordon commented 3 months ago

Restaurant/bar selling seasonal cocktail/drink by the bottle?

by loganholiday 3 months ago

Hi! I'm looking for a restaurant or bar that sells some sort of housemade cocktail or drink (e.g., spiked eggnog) by ...

thegforceny commented 3 months ago

Kazuo Yoshida?

by minichloe 3 months ago

I know he left 1 or 8 but does anyone know where he went after? Was he opening his own sushi place? Thank you!


foodwhisperer commented 3 months ago

Best General Tso's Chicken in Manhattan or Brooklyn- HELP?

by twan55 9 years ago

I know this topic has been covered before, but I haven't found really good info on it: where, pray tell, is the best...


sappidus commented 3 months ago

Beef Suet In NYC for Baking?

by jen kalb 3 months ago

I make mince pie for Thanksgiving each year but this year I wanted to make my mincemeat using a British recipe, that ...


shellybean27 commented 3 months ago

Fun Follow Up to EMP

by DrMantisToboggan 3 months ago

Heading to the city for a weekend in December to celebrate a 30th birthday. We have a Friday night reservation at EM...


Andy T. commented 3 months ago

Best Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup?

by roze 4 months ago

Having a serious craving for one and trying to find the best. All I can think of is the one at the Blind Tiger but t...

Ttrockwood commented 3 months ago

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Wedding Restaurant

by fgdfgdgdhhhguxdf 3 months ago

Hi. I’m looking for recommendations for a restaurant to hold my wedding in March 2018. There will be 40-50 people and...

Early morning breakfast in Brooklyn, Queens

by eateat22 4 months ago

Guys - any place you know of that's serve good breakfast (american, mexican, columbian, etc) as early as 6:30am in th...


gargupie commented 4 months ago