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The epicenter of hipster food, Brooklyn's got more great restaurants than we can count. Get top recommendations from Chowhounds in the area, plus bar ideas, don't-miss lunch spots, and more.

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Seeking the REAL "Brooklyn Style" Cannoli Recipe

by vtheory 7 years ago

I have a serious Cannoli recipe problem, which I've been unable to resolve for several years. As many cannoli-philes...


smilingal commented 2 hours ago

ISO Hard/Soft/Red/White Wheat Berries/Grain

by Velomec 4 days ago

Anyone have a suggestion for buying whole grain in the metro area - think wheat berries and Rye and possibly oat groa...

sgordon commented 3 hours ago

Kubbeh to go in New York?

by chefMolnar 7 days ago

Does anyone know where I can find pre-made dumplings for kubbeh soup in New York, especially Manhattan or Brooklyn? ...


SimonF commented 3 hours ago

Help me find excellent-but-not-fancy food/drink in Williamsburg, please

by watercress 15 days ago

Going to be there for a few days (mid-week) in April. We are food-loving old hippieish types with eclectic taste who ...


villainx commented 8 hours ago

Together Burmese Food, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

by EattheWorldNYC 16 days ago

On Friday, a new restaurant opened near the Bay Parkway N station with the cuisine of Myanmar. The chef was previousl...

jen kalb commented 11 hours ago

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The Monte's Venetian Room Cheesecake

by cheeseisheaven 2 days ago

I started thinking about Monte's cheesecake, the old Monte's, before it got it's face lift. Does anyone have the reci...

Looking for Citron in Manhattan/Brooklyn

by qwerty1 4 months ago

Has anyone come across any citron in NYC? I've heard of people randomly coming across Buddha's Hand and Estrog in Chi...


channingm commented 2 days ago

What is this dish at Tanoreen?

by Blumie 16 days ago

I was looking at the Tanoreen website tonight, plotting a visit. This photo caught my attention. Can anyone tell me...


Blumie commented 15 days ago

Still looking for a Good Old Fashion Jewish Bakery in Brooklyn or nearby

by Hydrin 2 months ago

I am craving good old fashion Jewish Rye, Salt Sticks, Rolls, etc etc etc. I know we have posted about this befor...


DQuinn commented 16 days ago

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Intense sweet craving during snowstorm in Sunset Park- help!

by luckiestduck 16 days ago

I'm in Sunset Park today during the snow storm. Don't know the area at all and having INTENSE sweet craving. I long f...

Great falafel at Queen of Falafel in Bushwick

by Blumie 1 year ago

Ok, let me first disclose my bias: I am a huge supporter of, and donated to the kickstarter campaign for, the adjacen...


emma20 commented 21 days ago

Good Salad (or other light lunch option) in Whitestone/College Point Area?

by abu applesauce 1 month ago

I recently started working in College Point/Whitestone. If I continue eating Little Pepper and or Legend of Taste dai...


birdsandtogs commented 22 days ago

Women Owned Restaurants in Brooklyn?

by mcline999 1 month ago

Anyone know of a great woman owned restaurant or food truck in Brooklyn? I'm looking to cater an office lunch to cele...

sgordon commented 27 days ago

Faun - for a special meal dining in Prospect Hts

by jen kalb 1 month ago

Somehow dining reports on this Board have become a thing of the past. Just wanted to say we were very pleased with a...


Dave Feldman commented 1 month ago

Best 'hood for daytime eating?

by JohnSmith2 1 month ago

We'll be visiting NYC during the day on Saturday and want to spend some time wandering around and eating. We have don...

sgordon commented 1 month ago

Looking for Wonderful Restaurant near BAM in Brooklyn

by haraliyaviner 1 month ago

Hi Fellow Chowhounders! I'm going to see African Music & Dance with friends @ BAM Howard Gilman Opera House @ 30 ...


haraliyaviner commented 1 month ago

$18.00 High Tech Cup of Coffee

by zackly 2 months ago

Saw this article today in the NY Post about the pricest cup of coffee in NY. The brewing machine is called "Steampunk...


poser commented 2 months ago

Non-Ronzoni bucatini/perciatelli in Park Slope?

by applky 6 years ago

A pretty specific question: I'm looking for bucatini/perciatelli in Park Slope that isn't the Ronzoni brand stuff. I'...


Barry Strugatz commented 2 months ago

Just moved to Bay Ridge - looking for advice (restaurants, provisions, etc)

by adam 3 years ago

Hi! I just moved down to Bay Ridge, and am very excited to do some exploring. I would love recs for anything and ever...


Oneon59 commented 2 months ago