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British Theme Party Suggestions?

by galka 10 years ago

I am planning a graduation party where the food will be grouped by foods from some of my favorite places, (France, Ru...


monty00 commented 1 month ago

Dessert Boiled in a Cloth?

by NShewmaker 4 months ago

Hey Everyone, This is going to sound ridiculous (and by that I mean stupid), but about 6 months ago I watched a vi...


sr44 commented 2 months ago

USA heavy cream vs UK double cream

by BevRS 5 years ago

I am British but sometimes spend a few weeks in the US. All I can get in stores there is "heavy cream" which is heat...

hotoynoodle commented 2 months ago

Teenager's First Trip to London - Restaurant Advice

by vlfrance 2 years ago

This is the first trip for our 17 year old outside of the country. He is a budding foodie. I'd like advice on...


Santarako commented 3 months ago

HP brown sauce... is A-1 sauce the same thing?

by Firegoat 9 years ago I've never found brown sauce here in the midwest, but a friend from England ...

HeidiCooksSupper commented 4 months ago

General Discussion Be the first to comment

British Bacon and Sausages

by dtm323 5 months ago

Where can I order real traditional highest-quality British meat, especially bacon and sausages? Thanks in advance!

Elusive Cheese

by Kenellen 5 months ago

Does anyone know of a retail source of Cheshire Cheese in or near San Francisco.


chocolatetartguy commented 5 months ago

An English Christmas

by Foxeyblue 6 months ago

For anyone who wonders what people do in England over Christmas I wrote it up as part of a comment on the Homecooking...


Bkeats commented 5 months ago

Markets & Stores Be the first to comment

Pasty Shack | East Sacramento

by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

On my rounds of East Sac last month, I stopped by the Pasty Shack before heading home. I got one of the Cornish and b...

South African/ British style meat Pies in Sarasota

by ezpiez 7 years ago

We have a new Pie Shop in Sarasota specialising in meat pies in a "puff" pastry pocket. A great easy and quick meal...


johnsizer commented 8 months ago

What is HP Sauce and what does it taste like?

by pikiliz 8 years ago

I have seen this bottle called HP sauce in my Publix grocery store here in Florida. Located in the ethnic section eve...


majorpane commented 8 months ago

Full English Fry-Up... Where?

by LotusRapper 8 months ago

Looking to impress a visiting mate from the UK who's gonna stay in town for 2 months. Preferably a place that offers ...

grayelf commented 8 months ago

Best online shopping post Brexit

by misakjes 8 months ago

So the pound is down down down and I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for best food related online shopping...


Foxeyblue commented 8 months ago

Peppers for Piri Piri Chicken

by rockycat 11 months ago

In looking at recipes (mostly all British) for Piri Piri Chicken, I find that they tend to call for "red chilies." No...

monchique commented 11 months ago

Anyone know where I can get flapjacks from England?

by nuyoricua 12 years ago

I have been craving these moist, delicious bars and cannot find them anywhere!


madyham commented 11 months ago

Where To Watch The Great British Bake Off?

by junglekitte 2 years ago

I've done a search on BBC, google, youtube, and here on chowhound and have had no luck. I've seen the most recent sea...

Multifoiled commented 12 months ago

Cooper Hill's cheese rolling competition

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

"... The cheese competition is held annually on the spring bank holiday near the Gloucestershire village of Brockwort...


Harters commented 1 year ago

Vinegar on Fries...a dying tradition

by golfer1 5 years ago

When I was a kid, born in 1956, everyone I knew had white vinegar on french fries. This was in North Bay, Ontario. ...


Ted Richards commented 1 year ago