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Searing Brisket

by CindyJ 5 years ago

The brisket recipe I use most often doesn't call for searing the brisket before braising. I'm using a different reci...


GourmetWednesday commented 2 days ago

Slow-Cooking Brisket in an Oven

by mborghese 5 years ago

Hi there; I just bought a whole beef brisket (10lbs). I created a Texas-style dry rub from a recipe I found on...


jeff3545 commented 1 month ago

Need to pare down TX brisket itinerary

by dwkayak 1 month ago

I'm going to be in TX for a few days just driving around and eating. Mostly it's a Tex-Mex trip but I want to try som...

Discerning1 commented 1 month ago

How long to cook a 14lb Brisket Packer in Oven?

by matt4200 2 months ago

So I picked up a Packer at Costco it's 14lbs and it's currently in the oven cooking at 275 (I usually do 225-250 but ...

rasputina commented 2 months ago

Brisket Without Fat---Doomed to be Stringy?

by DaisyM 5 years ago

I realize there are more pressing issues that the world is facing, but the brisket that I special ordered has zero fa...


annlea44 commented 3 months ago

Has anyone tried Ina Garten's Brisket?

by drewb123 9 years ago

Here is a brisket dish from Ina Garten has anyone tried it?,1977,FO...

monfrancisco commented 3 months ago

Too Much Leftover Smoked Brisket!

by thegirlwholovestoeat 6 years ago

We smoked a 14 lb brisket on Saturday (7/31) and have about 6 lbs leftover - any ideas for what to do with these left...


herrmc commented 3 months ago

12 pound "packer brisket" with a 2/13/2013 sell by...what would you do?

by Shrinkrap 4 years ago

From Lucky's in N. Cal, in cryovac,not labeled choice, but I liked the marbling. Sort of an impulse buy, $2.99/po...

Shrinkrap commented 3 months ago

The First Post is the Densest

by NewbieScum 4 months ago

I purchased a 14 pound (prime) packer brisket, which I plan to braise for pot roast. I'm thinking I will braise it fo...

Civil Bear commented 4 months ago

Lattuca Barbecue

by EaterBob 1 year ago

Finally, Triple Crown has some competition. Lattuca Barbecue at 15 de la Commune W makes a mean brisket. As far as I ...


JerkPork commented 4 months ago

What cut of beef is brisket? - Alternate name??

by traceym 10 years ago

In Canada we don't seem to have a cut of meat called brisket. Does anyone know another name for this cut of meat?


abrarcoq commented 4 months ago

Oven cooking a packer brisket 14lbs!

by matt4200 6 months ago

So I've only cooked Brisket flats (10lbs) before but now I have a packer weighing about 14lbs. I've seasoned it, mari...


Novelismo commented 4 months ago

Brisket - Oven vs. Slow Cooker

by TracyKaplan 3 years ago

Getting ready for Rosh Hashanah dinner on Thursday and I haven't been happy with my brisket the last two years (too d...


huntcarol commented 5 months ago

BBQ Brisket Packer in oven 11lbs

by matt4200 5 months ago

I've cooked flats and packers in oven before but usually heavier for the packer. It seems pretty thin on one end (...


matt4200 commented 5 months ago

Braised brisket in slow cooker question

by andrewesque 6 months ago

I'd like to make this recipe for braised brisket in tamarind-palm sugar sauce this weekend (it's from the excellent S...


Bada Bing commented 6 months ago

Freshly Ground Brisket & Sirloin in Main Line Philly Area

by dreamer54 6 months ago

Hello All - Does anyone know of a butcher/store that grinds fresh brisket and sirloin? I would like to attempt to...


Boognish commented 6 months ago

Where to buy whole brisket in NY?

by terasec 6 months ago

Been looking for years on where to buy Whole brisket in NYC socalled butchers will only have prepped flat, no point ...

_emilie_ commented 6 months ago

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Texas A&M researchers say beef brisket has health benefits

by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

"...Brisket has a high level of oleic acid which regulates cholesterol levels, according to Dr. Stephen Smith, a prof...

Burgers from Brisket - will it work?

by rjwellman 7 months ago

So, I have some cooked brisket in the freezer. I thought I might grind it up with some raw meat from some short ribs ...


rjwellman commented 7 months ago

BBQ, Smoking, & Grilling Be the first to comment

Brisket and Butt on the REC TEC

by woodburner 7 months ago

Don't remember doing both at the same time before. Gotta love this REC TEC.