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Not All Guinness Is Made in Ireland: 5 Surprising Facts About the Official Suds of St. Patrick’s Day

Having left behind the green face paint and “Kiss Me I’m Irish” buttons of morally dubious St. Patrick’s Days past, perhaps this year you’re thinking of simply settling in for a quiet pint of Guinness...

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Skagit River Brewery

by Redhead 19 years ago

Mike and Leper, thanks for your earlier recommendations regarding Tacoma but, due to bad timing, we ended up having dinner in Mt. Vernon and instead. The Skagit River brewpub turned out to be a nic...

The Return of the Potrero Hill Brewery

by Duke Dee 19 years ago

Unfortunately for beer hounds though, it returns as as a glam niterclub catering to "the bridge and tunnel crowd"The WHISPER crew removed all the brew tanks- including the rooftop-and installed an ...

Route 66 Brewery on Watson - St. Louis

by par38lamp 19 years ago

How is it now-a-days? When I was there over three years ago, the food was boring, and the beer a little better. While surfing this board (and missing my hometown of St. Louis), I thought of it. ...

Terminal Gravity Brewery, Enterprise, OR.

by Tim Gray 19 years ago

Just returned from a week's work in Enterprise, one of the lovely high mountain towns in the Switzerland of America - Wallowa County - and have to rave some about Terminal Gravity Brewery. Set in ...

Manhattan Beach Brewery / Pub / Casual Dining

by Kara Elise 20 years ago

Looking for an informal place to reunite with some old grad school pals that harks back to our wilder days... Manhattan Beach is preferred as it's equidistant from us all. Maybe a somewhat more ...

Shaky Blast-Off at Eldo's Grill and Brewery

by Duke Dee 20 years ago

The failed Golden Gate Brewpub has reemerged as Eldo's Grill and Brewery and opens to the public Weds. 1/16/02 The venue premierd at several "families and friends" dinners this week. The stainless ...

Brooklyn Brewery's Summer Beers & Brooklyn Restaurants

by Abbylovi 20 years ago

Did anyone else go to the Brooklyn Brewery’s “Medal-Winning Summer Beers & Brooklyn Restaurants”? There was a $50 charge for sampling various beers and food from Brooklyn Restaurants. I’m usually...

Park Slope Brewery/Ale House

by Zephyr 20 years ago

I had not been since the changeover. I welcome the dismissal of the Park Slope Brewery beers, which I found (at best) inconsistant, and usually lacking in quality and freshness. The new beer sele...

Park Sloper Brewery has become Park Slope Ale House

by George Lynch 21 years ago

I don't know if anyone noticed, but the Park Slope Brewery has parted company with the owner(s) of the two beer establishments formerly known as the Park Slope Brewery. They are now known as the P...

The Amoskeag Restaurant & Brewery in Manchester NH

by Alicia Talanian 21 years ago

I found a unique little restaurant in Manchester NH!My husabnd and I love beer, this brew pub was exceptional. Some of the best brew we have ever had. most brewery/restaurants we visit have so-so f...

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