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Obstler / fruit brandy / schnaps in the United States???

by teukros 6 years ago

I am talking about the clear beverage which is made from 100% fruit must. e.g. apple, pear, apricot, plum. Similar to...


kredman commented 4 months ago

Is there such thing as good cheap brandy?

by YAYME 5 years ago

If so is there anything you guys recommend? I usually like applejack, but I want a standard, not to pricy brandy for ...


BigG commented 5 months ago

Cherry Brandy - Cointreau?? Marnier?

by jochaima 10 years ago

My brother-in-law swears he once had a cherry brandy made by Cointreau...it was at a wedding in England. I've asked ...


Craigpmac57 commented 1 year ago

BOUKHA (fig brandy)

by Cheese Boy 9 years ago

Any comments on which Boukha is best to sample? The Tunisian Jewish Bokobsa family apparently have three kinds: (1)...

MOREKASHA commented 1 year ago

Fondue: Substitution for kirsch?

by Lat K 12 years ago

I'm making a fairly traditional fondue tomorrow night for a party, but I'm reluctant to buy a bottle of kirsch just f...


grannyduck commented 1 year ago

Brandy recommendations for cooking

by qwerty1 2 years ago

My knowledge of brandy (cognac, armagnac) is very limited. Any recommendations for a good, decently-priced brandy to...

MidwesternerTT commented 2 years ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Brandy? Rum? (which brand) for icebox cake

by Enso 2 years ago

I'm going to make a version of an icebox cake with some lovely figs I have. Planning to soak them in brandy or rum fi...

Cocktails & Spirits Be the first to comment

Where can I find Laine Rare French Napoleon Brandy V.S.O.P.?

by Jennewyork 2 years ago


Brandy suggestions?

by ted 9 years ago

I don't usually keep it in stock and generally know naught about brandy. But I made a couple batches of brandied cher...


Jennewyork commented 2 years ago

Brandied Cherries w/o sugar?

by marluce 2 years ago

Just got hold of some delicious sweet cherries, hoping to make them boozy. Most recipes call for making a brandy/s...


marluce commented 2 years ago

Which Brandy for Brandied Peaches?

by ladymadrian 5 years ago

So I'm getting ready to go out to the farmers' market to pick up some peaches to preserve for Christmas gift giving. ...


Wskris7012 commented 2 years ago

Eaux De Vie

by davis_sq_pro 2 years ago

Can anyone recommend either store and/or bars where I can find a large selection of fruit brandies that are not grapp...


A.A. commented 2 years ago

E & J XO Brandy - Gross and undrinkable

by rworange 6 years ago

I'm not a brandy drinker. I often use the regular E & J to brandy cherries or ... as in the past month to lace coffee...


deelikebrandy commented 3 years ago

Substitute for brandy?

by juliejulez 5 years ago

So I'd like to try my hand at this recipe, since I have some venison steaks hanging out in the freezer: http://www.co...

hotoynoodle commented 3 years ago

substituting different liquor in recipes

by Wendy Lai 16 years ago

Can any one tell me if it's okay to substitute different type of liquors in various recipes? I don't want to go out ...

BobB commented 3 years ago

Any recs for a nicer BRANDY that is sim to Christian Bros?

by christinaemcc 3 years ago

(Xpost since brandy is sorta wine & spirit) For a retirement gift. We know he drinks Christian Brothers as his eve...

zin1953 commented 3 years ago

Any recs for nice BRANDY that is similiar to Christian Bros?

by christinaemcc 3 years ago

For a retirement gift. We know he drinks Christian Brothers as his everyday but we'd like something nicer. Not cognac...


DavidT commented 3 years ago

review: Professor Cornelius Ampleforth Cherry Brandy, Master of Malt

by jochaima 3 years ago

review: Professor Cornelius Ampleforth Cherry Brandy Just tried this Cherry Liqueur Brandy, and thought I woul...


jochaima commented 3 years ago

Are there brandies/cognacs/armagnacs as good as French ones made elsewhere?

by gfr1111 3 years ago

Ever since I was in my twenties, my hard liquor of choice has been French brandy. By "brandy," I mean cognac, armagn...


susanl143 commented 3 years ago

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