Thank the Scots-Irish settlers in early America for bringing their whiskey traditions to our shores. Barrel-aged bourbon became a Kentucky specialty and is distinguished by being at least 51% corn mash and being held in charred oak barrels. Join the conversation about it, and find more info and recipes here.

What Is the Difference Between Bourbon and Whiskey?

Bourbon and whiskey both taste great in a cocktail and, when mixed together, make for one hell of a hangover, but exactly what is the difference between bourbon and whiskey? And while we’re asking that...

Bourbon Suggestions

by zackly 9 days ago

I've been drinking bourbon for a couple of years. I drink it in a rocks glass with a single big ice cube. I've tried most of the popular brands that bars stock as well as some lesser known varietie...

Cocktail using coffee-infused bourbon

by mstrimel 1 month ago

My wife (who is normally a teetotaler) saw a dessert cocktail on a restaurant menu that called for "coffee-infused bourbon" and she wanted to try it. I now have some Evan Williams / coffee / vani...

“Bourbon Scotch” ornament

by valveeta300b 1 month ago

Every holiday season I run in to at least one magnificent specimen of poorly researched Christmas ornament. Last night I found my winner for 2019 as depicted in the photos. Last year the best one I...

"Why Ultra-Aged Spirits are Ripping You Off"

by patsully 6 months ago

"If you sip a 40-year-old Bourbon or 50-year-old Scotch, you’re basically sipping on oak tannins, bragging rights, a sense of history and little else." I've always assumed as much, but good to h...

Between a Manhattan and an Old Fashioned

tim irvine
by tim irvine 8 months ago

A favorite local restaurant makes a drink called “Please sir, may I have another” that is Bulleit bourbon, Dolin Rouge, Cardamaro, and Arancello. The proportions seem heavier on the whiskey than a ...

Bourbon and Triple Sec?

by sanjacinto 8 years ago

Just something that came to mind recently: I can't think of any cocktails that involve combining bourbon and triple sec. I don't know, in my mind it seems like a workable combination. Do such cockt...


by Apprentice 2 years ago

Hey Chicago hounds, I think I have a handle on the main cocktail bars recommended by fellow hounds (obviously with a city this size there are hundreds): Proxi Loyalist GreenRiver Berskhir...

Jack Daniel's is not Bourbon.

by therealbigtasty 13 years ago

It seems a little pompous on my part to say so, yes, but Jack Daniel's is not bourbon. We should protest calling it so based on the fact that it is a Tennessee whiskey. They are two different e...

Need a Make-Ahead Bourbon Cocktail - Pitcher Recipe

by rp17 2 years ago

I'm having a party next weekend and want to make a pitcher of cocktails that my guests can easily pour for themselves. Originally I was going to make a red sangria, but then decided I'd like a bou...

Vanilla beans

by nuraman00 2 years ago

If the description says "very dry", is that good? I also just read there's a difference between "extract beans" and "gourmet beans". Which one is preferred for baking? What about making a co...

Ah, Another Fix In Search of a Problem...

by kaleokahu 2 years ago

A taste of things to come? https://www.engadget.com/2017/11/29/jim-beam-smart-decanter-voice-commands/

Bourbon Whisky Tasting and Ranking Results... also Bourbon & Coke taste ratings

by Chicago Mike 13 years ago

Having a little extra time on my hands over the holidays I conducted an impromptu Bourbon Whisky tasting event this weekend. 12 popular and widely-available American bourbons were sampled. The tast...

Alternative to Buffalo Trace?

by Indy 67 2 years ago

The past two trips to a major liquor store, about three weeks ago and today, I've been told that Buffalo Trace is having distribution problems. They've created a priority list and the distributors...

Old fashioned cocktails, bourbon or rye whiskey?

by Jack2 5 years ago

I was originally going to get some bourbon but from reading this it seems like I'd like rye whiskey better. http://www.tastebook.com/blog/rye-vs-bourbon-old-fashioned-cocktails/

Rocca's Market | San Martin

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Last week I got out of southbound traffic in San Martin. I took the opportunity to check out Rocca's Market. Inside I found a lot of unique inventory for a small country store. Prime, dry-aged beef...

The Bourbon Barrel | Sonora Gold Country

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

After striking out with an uninspired dinner at Emberz, https://www.chowhound.com/post/jamestown-sonora-gold-country-options-1000834?commentId=10007634 I headed down the street to The Bourbon Barre...

Ben Milam bourbon

tim irvine
by tim irvine 2 years ago

Try this new bourbon. It is lovely. Double gold in SF. I have tasted the rye which is about to hit the shelves in Texas, and I like it even better.

Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon (Dallas)

by Kbice 10 years ago

Spirits in Deep Ellum used to carry this but not anymore. Does anyone know where I can find it in Dallas......thanks in advance.