Find the best restaurants in Boise. Get advice on where to find pizza, Asian food, low-key dinners, and more in the city.

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Boise Restaurants

by NewtoID 14 years ago

Hello, We just moved to Boise a month ago and would be interested in any recommendations for restaurants here. More specifically though I have heard that there are Bosnian restaurants here whic...

Baked Alaska in Boise?

by idafro 10 years ago

I'm a local trying to find a place that serves Baked Alaska. Google has failed me. Anyone have suggestions? thanks!

Favorite Asian in Boise

by Tripper 10 years ago

I have a few favorites...would appreciate to hear about yours as well. Chinese--Yen Ching in Boise Thai--Sa-wad-Dee in Meridian or Pat's Thai Kitchen in Boise Vietnamese--Dong Khanh or Pho N...

Some good Boise/Eagle/Nampa spots to try...

by Indigo9 10 years ago

The Boise restaurant scene has been "devolving" for some time, but there are still some spots well worth trying if you haven't already. The hidden surprise is Restaurant Eighteen 1 at Eagle Hill...

Great Vietnamese Sandwiches in Boise

by Tripper 10 years ago

Why did I wait so long to try this place? The sandwiches and fresh rolls were so good. The prices very reasonable. The Baguette Deli on 8th Street is excellent!

Boise Deli Days

by enbell 10 years ago

Probably the the best chance Treasure Valley hounds will have at getting some authentic Jewish food. Festival ends tomorrow. http://www.ahavathbethisrael.org/

Mott's Deli in Boise?

by Tripper 11 years ago

Has anyone tried Mott's Deli in Boise ID? Wondering if it is a real Jewish Deli...

Fork, Boise

by enbell 10 years ago

I am way overdue for a review of this restaurant but I really wanted to like it so I made sure to go there twice before posting my experience. My first visit was the Saturday night before Easter. ...

Salt Tears, Boise

by enbell 11 years ago

The owners of Milky Way opened a new place a while back. It has been on my list of places to try, but I am failing at that list lately! I thought I'd but it out there for anyone else, in case you...

good eating near boise airport?

by socceralan 10 years ago

After a long day driving I will be staying out near the airport. Is there any good food to be had near here? What about the Willow Creek Grill? Thanks.

Best Selection of Soda Pop in Boise Area?

by WikiAdam 11 years ago

I'm going to be in Boise over the weekend, and while I'm there I'd love to track down as many different kinds of sodas as I can. Does anyone have any recommendations for places to look for unique o...

Help -- In Boise for one night -- where to eat?

by js587 11 years ago

I'm looking for a good (regional or local) restaurant that chounders would consider a "must" in downtown Boise. All suggestions would be appreciated. I eat everything!

Yes, Boise is in the Pacific NW [Moved from PNW board]

by squaredge 13 years ago

It's the third largest city after Seattle and Portland. I moved to Boise in early 05. Lot's of restaurants have closed in the past 4 years. More have closed than have opened. There is a dearth of g...

Prime Rib in Boise ID

by Tripper 11 years ago

Anyone with a suggestion for a good place for Prime Rib in Boise? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Boise these days?

by jsaimd 11 years ago

I have read up on Boise on the board. I grew up there but things and my culinary tastes have changed in the many many years since. Haven't been back for 2 years and will be in town with my 3 kids. ...

New Burger Place in Boise

by Tripper 12 years ago

Has anyone tried the new french try/burger place in Boise...Idaho Fry Company? It is on Broadway near another new place...Ali Baba. If you have tried either restaurant I would appreciate your com...

Boise truck food

by devehf 13 years ago

Anyone check out these places mentioned in this Boise Weekly article on mobile food joints? http://www.boiseweekly.com/gyrobase/Content?oid=oid%3A313832 The Kilted Kod - http://kiltedcod.com ...