How to Make the Summer Bloody Mary of Your Dreams

A fresh, light Bloody Mary recipe is perfect for summer, and starts with fresh tomatoes, but doesn't have to stop there. The Bloody Mary may be the ultimate brunch cocktail, and they're good all year...

Bloody Marys - finding the perfect mix or starting from scratch

by cstout 6 years ago

I would like to know what your favorite mix is or do you have your own recipe that you would prefer over anything purchased? How about the rim salt, make your own or purchase? Am thinking of using ...

bloody mary gin vs. vodka

by amdoyne 13 years ago

Now I know traditionally a Bloody Mary comes with Vodka but I feel like that leaves the drink watered down in flavor and lacking something. I've been recently taking all of my bloody mary's with gi...

Is there a GREAT Bloody Mary Mix?

by Chicago Mike 15 years ago

What's the best bloody mary mix you know of ? That isn't too difficult to prepare, that is... Is there a good "bottled" one ?? Like Major Peters or something ? I used to love the bloody mary'...

Bloody Mary curiosity

by munchkin1 5 years ago

I am interested in what everyone thinks of the trend for Bloody Mary's offered with a virtual salad bar in them. Thoughts? The Bloody Mary Bar seems to be gaining momentum here.

Gin versus vodka for bloody mary?

by ricodanles 12 years ago

and why? does your answer depend upon the recipe. (I am looking at a very interest recipe on p.32 of September Bon Appetit (take a look), wondering whether gin or vodka is best suited.

Best Bloody Mary in Philly?

by BigTBanshee 6 years ago

Where does everyone go for their favorite Bloody Mary? My favorite is from Grace Tavern on 23rd and Grays Ferry. Its very traditional with a good kick and doesn't have crazy things sticking out of ...

Best Bloody Mary

by rudeboy 6 years ago

I searched, and the last thread was from 08 I had a wonderful bloody mary at Taco Flats on Saturday ($5 for brunch). It was different....escabeche in the bottom (escabeche is house-made) and a v...

Great Bloody Mary on strip?

by 23dex 7 years ago

Hi folks - I am looking for a great bloody mary on the strip. Ideally in the vicinity of Venetian / Wynn. Have reservations at Tableau for a brunch, and there is something on the menu there that...

Fancy Bloody Marys

by LaureltQ 7 years ago

I work in a pretty loosey-goosey environment, and our small office staff has decided that since we have to work 4 hours on Xmas Eve morning, we'll make an event of it and do a bloody mary brunch. ...

30-35 guests expected for my son's 1st birthday lunch celebration. What alcohol should I serve?

by dwee415 7 years ago

This will be at my home and I'm expecting ~20 adults and ~15 young kids. What kind of alcohol should I provide to the adults for a Saturday lunch? I was thinking something like pomegranate champagn...

Top 3 Bloody Mary spots?

by mctavish 7 years ago

I will be visiting Ny next week, and I was wondering if there was any bloody mary fans out there that had their recommendations.

Sausage Bloody Mary?

by Tyzekiel99 7 years ago

What kind of sausage would you use if you wanted to put a whole link in your Bloody Mary? I love bacon in mine, just trying to expand and create new avenues of the BM.

Killer Bloody Mary Mix Recipe?

by kaleokahu 7 years ago

More interested in the mix than the entire recipe per se. Pickle juice? Horseradish? Aquavit? Clam juice? Beef stock/glace? What floats your Bloody boat? Mahalo, Kaleo PS I've alr...

Best premade bloody mary mix?

by AllisonS 11 years ago

I know bloody marys are easy to make and i would prefer to do that, but based on the volume i will need to make (and people that will be consuming them), I want to buy a premade mix. What's the be...

High School Harry's Windsock Lounge Bloody Mary Recipe

by mjalz 12 years ago

So I'm really craving one of High School Harry's Windsock Lounge Bloody Marys. This famous "Upstair' Lounge at the old Kaanapali Airport, had (as far I was concerned) the best Bloody Mary in the wo...

Homemade Bloody Mary

by EvergreenDan 7 years ago

I'm interested in recipes for a great homemade Bloody Mary. I am not talking about using any mix -- there's another thread for that. I'm referring to using fresh tomatoes and other ingredients. ...

Weekday Morning Bloody Mary?

by MeredithLA 7 years ago

Any recommendations for a great Bloody Mary obtainable a weekday morning in Manhattan? Yes, it's that kind of week.

BEST BLOODY MARY's along CT Eastern Shoreline??

by few 7 years ago

So - with the melting of the snow and a recent visit to Boston I have Bloody Mary's on my mind. We went to a brunch in Boston where they had the most outstanding make your own Bloody Mary setup!...