14 Vegetarian Instagram Accounts to Inspire Healthy Eating Habits

Keeping up healthy eating habits—whether in the new year or during quarantine (when snacks are so, so tempting)—is easier when you surround yourself with people who inspire those habits, even virtually...

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Portofino - Superlative Pastas and Osso Buco as well as Chicken Parm worth "Strip Pricing"

by uhockey 6 years ago

Enjoyed a family style tasting here last week and was floored by what they are doing in such a tucked-away space. Possibly, and probably, the best Italian food in Vegas today and on par with what ...

Kitchen Vignettes for PBS | Food Blogs | PBS Food

by eatingjoy 6 years ago

I keep the PBS app on my iPad and check in on this show from time to time. The videos are fun and informative without much dialogue. The recipes always surprise me. Have you ever made Spruce Tip...

Metro Vancouver Blog Rolls

by LotusRapper 6 years ago

Well as we are still reeling from the dastardly changes to Urbanspoon now that they have been fully assimilated by Zomato, as discussed here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/1002227 There ...

Any Interesting Food Blogs on Bologna?

by Ziggy41 7 years ago

I'm not finding much. Nor I'm flooded with suggestions from the many discussions I've read here. I did get some ideas that are not exactly slam dunks tho. We have 4 days to fill on the last l...

Renting Bologna Apartment for Two Weeks...Need Advice

by yanks26dmb 6 years ago

Hi...will be arriving in Bologna next week and staying for roughly 2 weeks. Very excited to have access to a full kitchen. I would really like to find some authentic recipes relying on local ingr...

Who is behind U Magazine ?

by LotusRapper 6 years ago

Doesn't strike me as an indie blog site .... seems too slick, with corporate backings ? http://www.umagazine.ca/

Tabelog . . . now in English!!

by obenihk 6 years ago

I only just realised that the Tabelog site is now available in English! http://tabelog.com/en/ Sorry if I come across as a bit OTT about this but I thought this site was like the Holy Grail f...

Vancouver BC Food Blogs

by fmed 12 years ago

A list of Vancouver BC food blogs that I hope would be a useful reference for locals and visitors. I'll only include non-professional bloggers on this list: Chowtimes --- http://www.chowtimes.com...

Kind bars & nutrition

by thymeoz 6 years ago

http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2015/04/15/399851645/nut-so-fast-kind-bars-fda-smacks-snacks-on-health-claimsndards I found this interesting. I love Kind bars but have avoided them only in an a...

The Food Babe Says There’s Beaver Butt in Your Ice Cream

by ennuisans 7 years ago

Interestingly this is not the headline that appears on the web page (which saves me the trouble of changing it). Anyway, a few counterpoints to some of the claims we all see made from time to time.

How often do you use food blog for home cooking?

by cookmorphosis 6 years ago

As I've just started my own food blog about Asian food: www.cookmorphosis.com, there is one curious question popped up in my head that is do you use food blog for your home cooking? Or you will go ...

Who are the best food/restaurant bloggers in SF, and where do they eat?

by jjmcb08 7 years ago

I'm relatively new to San Francisco and am trying to identify the best local food bloggers to help guide my culinary adventure around the Bay area. Who are the best food/restaurant bloggers in the ...

There's healthy eating, and then there's the Hungry Girl blog. Have you ever seen it?

by Jessca 14 years ago

I love to eat and cook, but I'm also a big believer in doing so relatively healthfully, except for the occasional indulgence. HOWEVER, some people take this concept too far. Have you ever vis...

What Julia ACTUALLY THOUGHT about Julie's Blog

by missclaudy 12 years ago

Child and Powell never met, but Child did have a comment about her exploits: Judith Jones, senior editor and vice president at Alfred A. Knopf, and Child's editor and friend, shared Child's sen...

July/August 2008 DESSERT COOKBOOK OF THE MONTH: The Perfect Scoop and David Lebovitz' Website

by oakjoan 13 years ago

And the winner is..... The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz and Lebovitz' Website (http://www.davidlebovitz.com). He writes it from Paris and comments from readers are posted. I really like his we...

JULY-AUGUST Dessert COTM LEBOVITZ WEBSITE - All Other Desserts (Cakes, Pies, Cookies, etc.)

by oakjoan 13 years ago

Please post all comments regarding other (NON-ICE CREAMLIKE) desserts found on the Lebovitz WEBSITE here. There are links to online resources in the main post on this topic. Thanks! Oakjoan

JULY-AUGUST Dessert COTM LEBOVITZ WEBSITE - Ice Creams And All Other FROZEN Desserts

by oakjoan 13 years ago

Please post all comments regarding ICE CREAMS and all other FROZEN DESSERTS found on the Lebovitz WEBSITE here. There are links to online resources in the main post on this topic. Thanks! Oa...

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