Black Cod


Strangely mushy black cod - why?

by rcallner 10 years ago

One of our favorite dishes is black cod done Japanese style - kasuzuke - marinated with sake lees as the base and then broiled to fabulousness. We have fresh cod in these parts and it's a treat we...

Where to get Sablefish (Black Cod)

by chowda 13 years ago

Interested in finding a place where I can get some fresh black cod, and any other information such as price, if regular cod will do. I don't really know too much about black cod in terms of flavor/...

Difference between black cod (sablefish) and regular cod?

by jchong8250 11 years ago

Does anyone know the difference between black cod (aka. sablefish) and regular cod? I found a recipe for Nobu's black cod with miso but my grocery only had regular cod. I'm marinating the regular c...

Best Black Cod

by ctgarcialeon 15 years ago

Believe it or not I just discovered this dish very recently. Now I'm search for the Best Black Cod in the city. Any suggestions?

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