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Once a year you get to eat as much cake as you want. Share your tips about the best birthday restaurants or your perfect birthday meal, and get recipe ideas for cakes, plus etiquette tips about birthday parties and dinner planning.

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Birthday for 24 year old with her friends

by shesallthat 8 days ago

I'm writing this for my daughter. She is looking for a place to go out with her friends for dinner and drinks. Usuall...

Curlz commented 7 days ago

Birthday dinner in NOLA

by dturner7772 20 days ago

So I've decided to take a solo trip to NOLA next weekend to destress. I want to have a great meal on Friday night to ...


j.ho commented 8 days ago

Need Private Space for 1st Birthday

by geli7 25 days ago

Looking for a private space in lower Westchester or Connecticut to host a first birthday party in the afternoon. Will...


rolise commented 11 days ago

Pescatarian or Vegetarian Main for 8 people

by pistachio peas 17 days ago

I'm having a few close friends over as an early, casual birthday celebration for my husband. All are omnivores except...


masha commented 12 days ago

Who selects the birthday dinner venue?

by thevalleyites 14 days ago

If you invite someone out for a birthday dinner, who should pick the restaurant? The inviter or celebrant? What is th...

thegforceny commented 13 days ago

Chez Ennio

by neetzer 17 days ago

I've been thinking of a place to celebrate my dad's milestone 90th Bday (he is still quite lucid, but in rapidly decl...


CaptCrunch commented 17 days ago

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Chinese Birthday Peach Fondant Request - within Los Angeles

by rinkatink888 19 days ago

Know this may be a long shot, but hope someone knows a baker that can do this. I'm looking for a baker, within the Lo...

Evvia vs Tamarine vs ??

by macdog 30 days ago

Need a spot in Palo Alto for a 6 person birthday celebration. Haven't been to Tamarine in a few years but used to lik...

macdog commented 27 days ago

Looking for an Italian pastry shop in Hudson County

by Multifoiled 1 month ago

I'm searching for a good Italian pastry shop for a birthday cake. I don't need the cake until September so this isn't...

Multifoiled commented 1 month ago

21st birthday dinner - post Sunday matinee - near-ish to 45th & 7th

by kjanetripp 1 month ago

Looking for a good restaurant to celebrate our daughter's 21st birthday. There will be 4 of us including a 16 yr old....

TrishUntrapped commented 1 month ago

Sit down ice cream sundaes

by Nate1212 1 month ago

Hi- looking to take my daughter and four friends to ice cream sundaes for her birthday. We'd love a place where we ca...


VaPaula commented 1 month ago

Manhattan/Williamsburg bday dinner for 20-something son

by hunger8struck 1 month ago

Last year we took him to River Cafe. He loved it, but doesn't particularly need or care about $$$$ dinner. I guess I'...

jen kalb commented 1 month ago

Restaurant for Private Event

by luckycaren 2 months ago

Looking for a cute restaurant with a private area/room for about 15-20 people. Nothing too fancy, maybe in the $25/pe...


IcemanLA commented 1 month ago

Birthday Celebration in Sonoma

by CindyJ 4 months ago

I have a "big" birthday coming up in August, and my family and I and a couple of friends have decided to celebrate in...

hallen_carina24 commented 1 month ago

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Fun Birthday Lunch Options

by JBG89 2 months ago

Hi folks! I'll be landing in for my SO's birthday and would love to have a birthday lunch/brunch on Thursday after...

My brother's 50th dinner -- his first visit to NY, please help!

by jc31 2 months ago

Hello New Yorkers, I’m bringing my brother to NYC for the first time for his 50th birthday. He loves great food and...


jc31 commented 2 months ago

Birthday recs?

by indelibledotink 2 months ago

last bd went to casablanca and had a blast. have been thinking about spicy pavilion for sichuan chinese, which I h...

indelibledotink commented 2 months ago

How to cook a birthday dinner for 1: ME

by Fyrefly 9 months ago

My birthday is in 4 weeks and I'm celebrating it by myself. What would a great restaurant quality yet simple 3 coars...

The_Libster commented 2 months ago

80th birthday dinner

by motl 2 months ago

Friends, My mother will be celebrating her 80th birthday in June, and we'd like to organize a festive family dinne...


burton commented 2 months ago