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Once a year you get to eat as much cake as you want. Share your tips about the best birthday restaurants or your perfect birthday meal, and get recipe ideas for cakes, plus etiquette tips about birthday parties and dinner planning.

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Birthday dinner in Sevilla

by redgirl2 2 days ago

Itinerary almost set and we shifted our dates just a bit so instead of being back in NYC with my head spinning from j...

Birthday dinner; steak + duck fat

by mbcraw4d 3 days ago

Hi, all, Our daughter, an Emory student, has asked for a "steak and something cooked in duck fat" for her birthday d...


tc2012 commented 3 days ago

Birthday Celebration in Sonoma

by CindyJ 10 days ago

I have a "big" birthday coming up in August, and my family and I and a couple of friends have decided to celebrate in...

CindyJ commented 4 days ago

Special occasion for 8 serious food lovers in SF/East Bay

by OakTownHound 11 days ago

My mother-in-law's 70th birthday is coming up in a few months and she's coming to the Bay Area from the East Coast fo...


Ridge commented 9 days ago

Birthday Dinner in a trendy-ish/Modern Vibe Restaurant

by maria504 10 days ago

We are in New York for my birthday March 25th, looking for any restaurant recommendations. We live in New Orleans so ...


Blumie commented 10 days ago

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Special Occasion Dinner (Fiance's 30th Birthday) in Miami

by mobrien87 12 days ago

Hi All, My fiance and I will be spending his 30th birthday in Miami and I would love to take him out to a special ...

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Walmart to give birthday cupcakes to everyone March 12

by Melanie Wong 17 days ago

"...Walmart has declared Sunday, March 12, everybody’s birthday and will be giving out one free cupcake to each perso...

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A birthday lunch

by princetonchowhound 19 days ago

Next Saturday I will be in Nashville to celebrate my sister's birthday. Nothing too elegant - more of the casual chic...

40th birthday

by AndBoc 26 days ago

Not from town and looking for a fantastic/memorable restaurant for dinner to celebrate my husband's 40th birthday. P...

Cynsa commented 25 days ago

Paris Birthday Options

by Hoover13 1 month ago

Very excited to be spending my Birthday (40th...shhhh) in Paris. I've visited a couple times before and have had some...

Hoover13 commented 1 month ago

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Fancy place in Breckenridge for a 75th birthday?

by michelle71 1 month ago

My in-laws are taking us (we are 2 adults with three kids aged 10 and under, but they are well- behaved in restaurant...

Restaurants for Birthday Dinner

by Traveling Boudreaux 2 months ago

In January 2018, I'm gifting my wife, for her 50th birthday, a week in Oahu with a group of her closest friends. Wh...


UES Mayor commented 2 months ago

Birthday dinner, who should pay?

by cmoore29 2 months ago

In general, in the world of 2017 among a crowd of mid 20 somethings. If you invited some family and friends to a surp...


ricepad commented 2 months ago

Best Chantilly Cake?

by Hungry4Good 2 months ago

I need to get one for someone's birthday. I know Whole Foods is many times looked to for the "best" Chantilly cake i...


collardman commented 2 months ago

Foodie birthday weekend

by jesswatts 2 months ago

Hi all, I will be in Chicago on the weekend of April 22nd for a birthday celebration. We will be a group of 6 30-s...


jesswatts commented 2 months ago

Jackson Wyoming Rec Needed

by alexisbeall 9 months ago

We wil be in Jackson Wyoming in August and I need help with a restaurant for a birthday dinner. I'm turning 40! It's ...

prima commented 2 months ago

60th Birthday Party for 50 People - Italian Themed

by mmpott 3 months ago

We are at it again! Two years ago, my husband and I hosted a 60th Birthday Party for my father with a BBQ theme. We...

jill kibler commented 2 months ago

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by keithangus 2 months ago

Any restaurant recommendations please? Casual with great food but also one for special birthday meal ( budget around ...

Birthday dinner - prefer to avoid RW places

by aniatb 2 months ago

It's that time of year again. When my birthday *luckily* coincides with restaurant week. My husband and I have a sitt...

DiningDiva commented 2 months ago

Birthday Dinners... who pays? what is the etiquette?

by AmblerGirl 10 years ago

I have seen alot of diversity regarding the etiquette of who pays if a group of people go out to a restaurant to cele...


lighthouse21 commented 3 months ago