Once a year you get to eat as much cake as you want. Share your tips about the best birthday restaurants or your perfect birthday meal, and get recipe ideas for cakes, plus etiquette tips about birthday parties and dinner planning.

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Birthday Dinner - Casa Mono, Estela, Contra or USC?

by RichBinkle 21 hours ago

I realize one of these is not at all like the others. I also am aware that very soon I have to book a reservation as...

boredough commented 4 hours ago

Where would they make a big deal for a patron's 70th B-day?

by EB_picurean 8 days ago

Was considering Acquerello, French Laundry, Manresa or Restaurant @ Meadowood? Probably 4 of us. Not unlimited fund...


SeaEagle commented 7 days ago

Birthday dinner in Berkeley

by yummerz225 9 days ago

My friend's birthday is coming up, and I want to take her to dinner. What are some good spots to hit around Berkeley...


ML8000 commented 8 days ago

Who selects the birthday dinner venue?

by thevalleyites 5 months ago

If you invite someone out for a birthday dinner, who should pick the restaurant? The inviter or celebrant? What is th...


Foxeyblue commented 14 days ago

Restaurant Birthday Party- You're Invited But You Have to Pay

by Kat 5 years ago

So, my neighbor recently told me that she and her spouse were invited to a friend's birthday party at an upscale rest...

hill food commented 19 days ago

Dinner and live music/show for 2

by chocolatemint 1 month ago

Hello! I am looking for dinner (steak or something else?) and live music/show for two (her and a guest) deal in the...


wackoworks commented 27 days ago

If you invite does that mean you pay?

by cami8917 1 month ago

Hello, I’m currently dealing with a small dilemma and need some opinions. My wife’s birthday is coming up and I deci...


JoannaNYC commented 28 days ago

Big Group Dinner - help

by Francis 1 month ago

I am looking for a great space for a large group 10 + for dinner in mid November. I am open to any cuisine but must ...

nsxtasy commented 1 month ago

Special Birthday Dinner Recommendations

by hopeinmee 2 months ago

My husband wants a special dinner for his birthday. His mom always made him standing rib roast. I don't want to remak...


zackly commented 2 months ago

Hudson Valley Date Night Dinner

by mmrodent 2 months ago

Hi Chowhounders, The hubby and I are driving up from Philly to stay at Buttermilk Falls Inn. We’d like to eat out s...


jayjay commented 2 months ago

Help! Need fun/trendy restaurant for twelve 16yr old girls

by tonilyn1 2 months ago

So I'm taking my daughter and a dozen of her girlfriends to NY for lunch on a Saturday for her Sweet 16 bday. I'm try...


foodwhisperer commented 2 months ago

Crab Cakes Red Wine

by Carriejr 2 months ago

Big birthday weekend coming up for family. Having husband's favorite crab cakes shipped in from Maryland. I would l...

hotoynoodle commented 2 months ago

Sunday Lunch Lower East Side NYC

by parapraxis 2 months ago

Family with two preschoolers would like to take Grandma to lunch after a show (East 15th St) on Sunday mid-day in NYC...


GaryUES commented 2 months ago

Special Dinner in SF

by saraeanderson 3 months ago

My spouse's birthday is on Tuesday, and I'd like to take him out to a fun place in SF. We've been on the peninsula f...

smatbrat commented 3 months ago

80th Birthday Restaurants

by WestsideLisa 3 months ago

We are taking my mom from Los Angeles to Chicago (to visit family) for her 80th birthday. I am looking for 2 restaura...


WestsideLisa commented 3 months ago

Birthday Dinner Wine Pairing Suggestions for Challenging Menu

by mpcarney 3 months ago

Hi Wine Folks, I'm co-hosting a combination birthday dinner Saturday Aug 26, 2017 for 3 celebrants - all of whom e...

hotoynoodle commented 3 months ago

21st birthday dinner - post Sunday matinee - near-ish to 45th & 7th

by kjanetripp 5 months ago

Looking for a good restaurant to celebrate our daughter's 21st birthday. There will be 4 of us including a 16 yr old....


small h commented 3 months ago

Help finding a restaurant in Philly (and cheesesteak)

by DCRandy 4 months ago

We will have an opportunity to spend an evening and most of the following day in Philly on August 23. We would reall...


Bigley9 commented 3 months ago

Birthday Cake: Wegman's or Costco?

by jllc30 6 years ago

Saturday is my husband's birthday and I wanted to order a sheet cake from either Wegmans or Costco. I'm going to...

Bob W commented 3 months ago

Last-minute (Friday night) special occasion restaurant recommendation

by theboywonder 3 months ago

hi all, celebrating a birthday this friday and could use some recommendations for great restaurants that might still ...


theboywonder commented 3 months ago