Once a year you get to eat as much cake as you want. Share your tips about the best birthday restaurants or your perfect birthday meal, and get recipe ideas for cakes, plus etiquette tips about birthday parties and dinner planning.

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3 Star Michelin for Wife's Birthday

by theoracle101 11 days ago

I am planning a special trip for my wife's 30th birthday this March. I'm trying to choose a special restaurant, one where atmosphere is not cold or austere. I'm ok with more traditional restaurants...

Best rustic restaurants at Lake Como?

by mnk 16 days ago

I'm going to Lake Como for the first time in mid-April to celebrate my birthday with a few friends, and since we only have two days there I'm nervous about which restaurants we choose. I prefer rus...

80th Bday Venue Needed - Sarasota

by stevenrj 2 months ago

Hi...looking for unique venue for 80th bday for father in law. Approx. 20-25 people. Nothing stuffy. Full bar would be ideal, with relatively affordable menu for a sibling split! Never done thi...

Catering a lobster bake

by sarawr 1 month ago

In 2009, I made myself an 80th birthday party in Harwich Port, MA. I had a lobster bake which I think was catered by a seafood place named George's. Now I want to repeat the party for my 90th birth...

Chicago steakhouse

by cwmcm54 1 month ago

So many wonderful steakhouses choices in Chicago. I need to find the very best for a small family 65th birthday dinner.

Help Me Make a Menu for My Birthday Week

by ZoeyCovey 2 months ago

I will be having a birthday week with the guy I am dating. We are getting an Airbnb apt so it will have a kitchen and I need ideas for breakfast lunch and dinners. it will be 7 days. He loves all s...

Is there a thing called Friday brunch?

by walkoffdinner 3 months ago

In any case, looking for a SF place that offers solid breakfast and lunch options for a birthday girl coming into town? Most of the Chowhound search info turned up posts from 8, 10, 15 years ago!! ...

Party of 20 for 40th birthday

by bkbk1969 3 months ago

Looking for a restaurant that can accommodate about 20 people for a birthday dinner, not necessarily private dining. I’ve been looking into private room arrangements and it seems to be too expensiv...

Birthday Trip to NOLA - Fancy but okay with a toddler?

by thrashingstick 3 months ago

Hi folks, long time lurker, first time poster here. We're heading to New Orleans for my birthday that's right after Christmas. We would like recommendations for a fancy foodie birthday dinner that ...

Quiet dinner restaurant for group

by unionpig 3 months ago

Looking for a birthday restaurant for 85 yo Mom who mostly wants something quiet. Could be SF or East Bay. Party could be up to 9 people including kids. I know that good for group doesn’t necessari...

Birthday in Austin with kids

by nessagr 3 months ago

My family is traveling to Austin from Minnesota after Christmas. It's our first time in Austin (and Texas in general), and I would like to have a birthday dinner somewhere typical and family-friend...

Restaurant Birthday Party- You're Invited But You Have to Pay

by Kat 6 years ago

So, my neighbor recently told me that she and her spouse were invited to a friend's birthday party at an upscale restaurant/nightclub. They attended. There were about fifteen people. Everyone orde...

50th Birthday Dinner - Group of 12 on or near strip?

by busterfood 4 months ago

A group of us are heading to Las Vegas for my husband's 50th birthday. We are looking for good food and fun. Group can be somewhat loud (not obnoxious but loud). No food preference and no $$ restri...

Seafood in Destin?

by outdoorboy 5 months ago

Does anybody have any suggestions for seafood in Destin for a birthday celebration that wont break the bank?

ISO Chinese birthday buns

by slee1230 4 months ago

I’m in Sydney for my dad’s birthday and apparently the place my mum used to buy the birthday buns (the peach longevity / lotus seed buns) has closed down. We won’t be going to a Chinese restaurant,...

what could be a good theme for a birthday party? trying to be creative and think of something yummy and fun...

by BLover33 9 years ago

any suggestions on what could be different and good. your typical hors de vors and cocktails pretty boring. can anyone think of any theme that would be fun? place too? Thanks


by WINDELLA 5 months ago

Every yr I have a family birthday party for my Aunt. This year, she'll be 83, she has a good appetite & likes all kinds of food, I always ask her what she wants for her birthday dinner & she always...

Paris in October for big birthday

by macigirl 6 months ago

We will be in Paris October with our grown children. My big :-) birthday is on a Monday night. Yamtcha would have been my choice because my husband and i loved it last year, but it is closed on Mon...

Lunch Birthday Celebration in South Bay

by meganforet 6 months ago

Looking for a restaurant to take my husband to for his 40th. Unfortunately the only time we have available is Tuesday lunch (due to childcare for a 2 week old baby and 2 year old toddler). Live...

NYC restaurant -- silly for kids

by lorax140 7 months ago

We are going to be in NY for one weekday night that happens to be our 4-yr old's birthday. He loves pasta and pizza. What's a good restaurant rec that is (i) downtown, (ii) silly/whimsical/memorabl...

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